Your Guide To Hong Kong Public Holidays & Maximizing Your Annual Leave In 2024/25

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hong kong annual leave and public holidays

Luckily for us, Hong Kong, where East meets West, enjoys one of the highest counts of public holidays globally. This rich blend of Chinese and Western influences offers a unique calendar filled with diverse festivities. This guide is designed to help you strategically plan your annual leave, allowing you to maximize your time off by aligning it with Hong Kong’s public holidays.

In addition to leave planning, we’ve also included some tailored travel itineraries and destination recommendations based on the duration of each holiday and the season. Whether you’re seeking a quick escape or a more extended vacation, we provide insights to ensure you make the most of every holiday!

Let’s explore how you can turn your public holidays into extraordinary experiences and travel the world!

  • Full List Of Public Holiday In Hong Kong 2024-2025

    Holiday Date Day of the Week
    Tuen Ng Festival 10 June 2024 Monday
    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day 1 July 2024 Monday
    The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 18 September 2024 Wednesday
    National Day 1 October 2024 Tuesday
    Chung Yeung Festival 11 October 2024 Friday
    Christmas Day 25 December 2024 Wednesday
    The first weekday after Christmas Day 26 December 2024 Thursday
    The first day of January 1 January 2025 Wednesday
    Lunar New Year’s Day 29 January 2025 Wednesday
    The second day of Lunar New Year 30 January 2025 Thursday
    The third day of Lunar New Year 31 January 2025 Friday
    Ching Ming Festival 4 April 2025 Friday
    Good Friday 18 April 2025 Friday
    The day following Good Friday 19 April 2025 Saturday
    Easter Monday 21 April 2025 Monday
    Labour Day 1 May 2025 Thursday
    The Birthday of the Buddha 5 May 2025 Monday
    Tuen Ng Festival 31 May 2025 Saturday
    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day 1 July 2025 Tuesday
    National Day 1 October 2025 Wednesday
    The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 7 October 2025 Tuesday
    Chung Yeung Festival 29 October 2025 Wednesday
    Christmas Day 25 December 2025 Thursday
    The first weekday after Christmas Day 26 December 2025 Friday
  • Tuen Ng Festival Or Dragon's Boat Festival 2024

    June 10, 2024

    When a public holiday lands on a Monday, it guarantees a long weekend! Kick off your summer with a bang by booking a trip to these top destinations for June.

    • Date of public holiday: Monday June 10, 2024
    • Vacation period: 6/7 June - June 11, 2024 - 4/5 days
    • Total days taken off: 1/2

    Where to spend your June public holiday:

    • Bali, Indonesia: book your Thursday and Friday off and whisk the kids away to Bali for a few days during their dry season. Ideal for beaches and outdoor activities. Explore our family-friendly Bali guides here.
    • Koh Samui, Thailand: June is one of the driest times, so make the most of it! Check out our guide here.
    • Tokyo, Japan: The weather is perfect for exploring this fabulous city with the kids in tow!


  • traveling to seoul south korea

    The Day Following The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

    September 18, 2024

    The kids may have just started school but it doesn't mean the family doesn't deserve a break! Check out these top destinations to escape to for after the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

    • Date of public holiday: Wednesday, September 18, 2024
    • Vacation period: September 14 -19 or September 18 - 23 - 5 days
    • Total days taken off: 1/2

    Where to spend your September public holiday:

    • Macau: If you're looking to make the most of the public holiday, consider a quick trip to Macau! The city is alive with festivities during the Mid-Autumn Festival and offers plenty of activities for children. Depart on Tuesday and enjoy an overnight stay at one of the many fantastic family-friendly hotels. Check out our 48-hour travel guide here.
    • Shenzhen: this dynamic city is just a short hop away thanks to the high-speed train! We have just updated our family-friendly guide and it's full of fun things to do.
    • Hanoi, Vietnam: it's just starting to cool down so perfect to make the most of the summer days.
    • Seoul, South Korea: the beginning of fall ushers in a cool climate perfect for exploring.
  • National Day 2024

    October 1, 2024

    Not a fireworks fan? Escape the city for a quick getaway for National Day and make the most of your time off! The September destinations still apply here, but we've added some goodies below!

    • Date of public holiday: Tuesday, October 1, 2024
    • Vacation period: September 28 - October 2, 2024 - 5 days
    • Total days taken off: 1

    Where to spend your October public holiday:

    • Beijing, China: explore this beautiful city during the cooler months, so much to do! Explore our top family-friendly hotel picks here.
    • Taipei, Taiwan: warm with a chance of showers, but still good for touring with the family!
    • Busan, South Korea: pleasantly warm, perfect for visiting beaches and temples.
  • Cheung Yeung Festival

    October 11, 2024

    The Cheung Yeung Festival falls on a Friday, so it's perfect for a short-haul getaway!

    • Date of public holiday: Friday October 11, 2024
    • Vacation period: October 10 - October 13, 2024 - 4 days
    • Total days taken off: 1

    Where to spend your October public holiday:

    • Kyoto, Japan: Enjoy the vibrant autumn leaves, particularly in temple gardens like Kiyomizu-dera and Arashiyama's bamboo grove. The Jidai Matsuri (Festival of the Ages) is also a significant cultural event in mid-October. Check out our family-friendly guide here.
    • Jeju Island, South Korea: Visit Hallasan National Park to see the autumn colors and explore the volcanic landscapes and beautiful coastlines. Looking for a great place to stay? Explore our guide here.
  • Christmas & New Year Public Holidays

    December 25 & 26, 2024 & January 1, 2025

    The festive season is upon us and there's so much to do and explore! Whether you're returning home for the holidays or want to explore somewhere new with the kids, we've got you covered!

    • Date of public holidays: Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 of December, 2024 & Wednesday January 1, 2025
    • Vacation period: December 21 - January 2, 2025 - 13 days
    • Total days taken off: 5

    Where to spend your Christmas holidays:

    • Rovaniemi, Lapland: Discover the magic of Christmas in Rovaniemi, Lapland, where you can meet Santa Claus any day of the year at the enchanting Santa Claus Village. Marvel at the Northern Lights, embark on a traditional reindeer or husky safari and stay in a unique snow hotel carved entirely from ice. Rovaniemi offers a quintessential Arctic holiday experience, perfect for celebrating the festive season.
    • New York City, USA: Witness the iconic ball drop in Times Square, enjoy the festive lights and decorations, ice skating at Rockefeller Center, and the Christmas window displays along Fifth Avenue. Explore this amazing city thanks to our family-friendly guide!
    • Sydney, Australia: Experience summer in December, watch the world-renowned fireworks display over Sydney Harbour, explore the beaches, Zoo and more family-friendly activities.
    • Paris, France: The City of Lights shines even brighter with Christmas decorations, the Eiffel Tower at night, festive markets, and the spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration on the Champs-Élysées.
    • London, UK: Explore Christmas markets like Winter Wonderland, enjoy the Christmas lights in Oxford Street, catch a panto or Christmas show, and experience the New Year’s Eve fireworks along the Thames. There's so much to do for the kids!
    • Vienna, Austria: Visit the traditional Christmas markets, enjoy a New Year's concert by the Vienna Philharmonic, and stroll through beautifully decorated streets.
    • Reykjavik, Iceland:  Enjoy a white Christmas, experience the Northern Lights, and soak in the geothermal hot springs. The city has a vibrant New Year's Eve celebration with community bonfires and fireworks.
  • Chinese New Year 2025

    January 29-31, 2025

    Chinese New Year in 2025 offers the perfect opportunity for an extended holiday, with public holidays running from Wednesday to Friday! This is the ideal time to take advantage of the long weekend. Be sure to book your travel soon, as airfare tends to skyrocket as the festival approaches. Explore our recommended holiday destinations below (excluding Niseko!) and start planning your getaway!

    • Date of public holidays: Wednesday 29  to Friday 31 January 2025
    • Vacation period: January 25 - February 2, 2025 - 9 days
    • Total days taken off: 2

    Where to spend your Chinese New Year holidays:

    • Costa Rica: January is one of the best times to visit due to its dry season. Enjoy lush rainforests, abundant wildlife, and pristine beaches. Activities include zip-lining, hiking, and surfing.
    • Zermatt, Switzerland: A premier destination for skiing with breathtaking views of the Matterhorn. This car-free village also offers exquisite Swiss cuisine and cozy chalet accommodations.
    • Cape Town, South Africa: January is in the middle of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, making it a perfect time to visit Cape Town's beaches, vineyards, and Table Mountain.
    • The Maldives: Ideal for a tropical beach holiday with crystal clear waters, luxurious overwater bungalows, and excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities. Check out the best family-friendly resorts and kids' clubs here.
  • Ching Ming Festival

    April 4,2024

    Another public holiday lands on a Friday this April! Make the most of the extended weekend by exploring our top picks listed below.

    • Date of public holiday: Friday 4 April, 2025
    • Vacation period: April 4 - 6, 2025 - 3 days
    • Total days taken off: 0

    Where to spend your April holidays:

    • Singapore: Universal Studios for thrilling rides, the interactive ArtScience Museum, and the Singapore Zoo with its Night Safari. The Gardens by the Bay also offers a fantastical garden experience. Check out our family-friendly guide here.
    • Cebu, Philippines: beautiful beaches, all-inclusive hotels, tons of kids activities, and only a short flight away from Hong Kong. Explore this beautiful destination here.
  • Dubai With Kids Guide

    Easter 2025

    April 18 - 21, 2025

    Easter is a wonderful time to explore new destinations, as the weather is pleasant in many parts of the world and the spirit of the holiday adds a festive touch.

    • Date of public holiday: Friday April 18 to Monday 21, 2025
    • Vacation period: April 17 - 22, 2025 - 6 days
    • Total days taken off: 2

    Where to spend your Easter vacation

    • Dubai, UAE: Dubai, a city known for its towering skyscrapers, luxurious shopping, and world-class entertainment, is an exceptional place to visit during Easter. Key attractions include the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain, complemented by special Easter brunches and festive activities in hotels and resorts. With April weather being warm but comfortably mild, explore all it has to offer here.
    • Kyoto, Japan: Kyoto offers a breathtaking family spring experience with its cherry blossom season. Visit ancient temples, stroll through the blooming gardens, and enjoy traditional tea ceremonies during April.
    • Bangkok, Thailand: Famous for its vibrant street life, ornate shrines, and thriving food scene. The weather in April is hot, which makes it a great time to explore the city's numerous indoor shopping centers and night markets.
    • Siem Reap, Cambodia: Home to the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, a must-visit for history enthusiasts. April, though hot, is a popular time for families to visit these iconic temples.


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