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Family-Friendly Guide To Visiting Busan With Kids

Accommodation And Fun Activities For The Entire Family!

Thinking of stopping by Busan for a couple of days while you’re holidaying in South Korea? There’s so much to see and do there that you’ll be spoiled for choice! We’ve compiled a list of family-friendly accommodation and activities that both the adults and kiddos will love.

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As of September 3, 2022:

  • All inbound travellers are exempted from presenting a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result during entry into South Korea
  • All travellers are still subjected to an on-arrival PCR test within 1 day of arrival
  • Application for K-ETA is compulsory (if your nationality is eligible) if you are going to Korea for tourism, business meetings, discussions, conferences or short-term study
  • All travellers are required to register for Q-Code prior to departure

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  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY HOTELS AND APARTMENTS IN BUSAN *Family-Friendly Guide To Visiting Busan With Kids

    From Seaside Hotels To Cozy Apartments

    Since it's a port city, Busan has stunning views of the sea, which you can wake up to when staying at Park Hyatt Busan. This luxurious hotel has all the amenities you and the family may need, including an on-site restaurant, pool and spa. You can also request for room service and laundry and dry cleaning if needed. Their Park Premium Family Suite is perfect for the entire family and comes with a separate living room. You even have unobstructed views of the ocean and Gwangan Bridge in the suite!

    If you want an oceanside hotel, Hotel 1 is right by the beach. The interiors of their rooms are also completely minimal, perfect for picturesque family shots. With floor-to-ceiling windows all around, you get beautiful sunlight streaming in and a spectacular view of the ocean from here. Their premium room — the biggest available room at their hotel — can accommodate four people in total.

    For some peace and tranquility, book Arban Hotel, a beautiful and luxurious hotel with a rooftop garden right next to their restaurant. This means that you’ll be surrounded by greenery as you’re having breakfast in the morning — the perfect way to start the day. They’ve got a variety of different room types, ranging from Superior Double to the large Royal Suite.

    Paradise Hotel Busan is a gorgeous luxury boutique hotel that’s right by the ocean. The rooms, restaurant and reception have all been furnished to look modern and upscale, and they even have a kids area where your children can play. Popular tourist attractions Gamcheon Culture Village and Haeundae Beach are also nearby.

    If you prefer apartments to hotels, there are also lovely Airbnb homes that have been furnished and decorated nicely for tourists. This lovely villa is great for families because of how big the space is. It’s also very pretty inside and outside, with a pebbled front yard and minimalistic interior. There’s also a kitchen and breakfast nook where you and the kids can enjoy a hearty meal in the morning before heading out to explore Busan. At night, take a soak in their gigantic tub — the kiddos can even splash around inside during bath time.

    For a cozier apartment, this private house has a slightly Scandinavian vibe mixed with light, pastel colours in some spots. There’s ample space for the whole family as this accommodation consists of three bedrooms and a rooftop garden. The neighbourhood is quieter than the typical touristy areas, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for some tranquility on your trip.

  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY RESTAURANTS IN BUSAN *Family-Friendly Guide To Visiting Busan With Kids

    Traditional Korean Food And Fresh Seafood Dishes

    For one of the classic Korean dishes, visit Choryang Milmyeon, where they serve delicious Korean cold noodles. It’s not only visited by tourists, but also frequented by locals themselves — so you know the the food is definitely going to taste authentic. There are two types of cold noodles you can try here: the multiple naengmeyon, a soup-based noodle dish with cold broth and bibs naengmyeon, a dry noodle dish with spicy dressing.

    For the best seafood in town, visit Jagalchi Market! It might also be an eye-opener for kids, as they get to see how a fish market in Busan operates, with all the seafood laid out at each stall. What’s fun is that you can literally choose which restaurant in the market you’d like to eat fresh seafood from and simply enjoy it there! It’ll be an interesting experience for the kiddos, especially if they love seafood dishes.

    If you’d like a lighter meal, drop by Leegane Tteokbokki for some Korean rice cakes. It’s one of the most popular tteokbokki restaurants in Busan, and you can try a variety of different tteokbokki dishes here. They also serve other items like tempura, fishcakes and hotdogs — so you can mix and match and enjoy a street food feast with the family! Although they serve mainly street food here, it is a restaurant, so there’s comfortable seating where you can slowly devour your meal.

    If you’re a fan of dumplings, be sure to visit Sinbalwon, a famous dumpling restaurant at Chinatown! It’s so tasty that there’s often a queue outside the restaurant, so you know it’s definitely worth it. They offer both steamed and fried dumplings on their menu, with different fillings like shrimp, pork and chives. After the meal, the family can also order a soy milk with fried dough sticks to share.

  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY CAFES IN BUSAN *Family-Friendly Guide To Visiting Busan With Kids

    Wonderful Seaside Views And Beautiful Cafe Interiors

    For families who love chilling at cafes during the day, why not drop by Gemstone, a really popular cafe with a unique look. The cafe actually used to be an old swimming complex, and they kept most of the interior intact, including the tiled floors of the swimming pool and tiled walls inside the complex. Cafe tables and chairs now occupy what was once the swimming pool, so it looks really cool, and they even have seating for diners in the locker rooms.

    Waveon Coffe House is also a must-visit cafe because of its spectacular views. It's a multi-story cafe located right next to the ocean, so you not only get to enjoy some tranquility as you sip your coffee, but also get to soak in a pretty view and watch the waves. They also have outside seating on the ground level, where there are mattresses and blankets that patrons can use while they're there. If you're dropping by the cafe in the evening, get cozy under the blankets as you witness a beautiful Busan sunset.

    If one of the stops of your itinerary is Haeundae Beach, you might want to visit Cafe Rooftop on the way. It's located at the fishing port of Cheongsapo, just a little over ten minutes drive from Haeundae Beach itself. The space has floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you a wondrous view of the sea while you dig into your food and beverages. If the weather isn't too hot nor cold, we'd recommend sitting at their balcony area for the best view and breeze.

  • THINGS TO DO WITH KIDS IN BUSAN *Family-Friendly Guide To Visiting Busan With Kids

    Cultural Activities, Chilling By The Beach, And More!

    One of the most popular places to visit in Busan is Haeundae Beach. It's also frequented by locals during summer, so you'll see many beach mats and beach umbrellas along the beach, as well as families having fun under the sun. If you're feeling up for it, why not bring your bathing suits so that the kids can enjoy some time in the water. If not, even simply strolling down the beach will allow you to feel a sense of calm and joy as you watch the waves and the locals enjoying their summer. If you're lucky, your visit for Busan might even coincide with certain festivals they hold at Haeundae Beach.

    Located on Haeundae Beach itself is the Sea Life Busan Aquarium, an attraction that the kids will surely adore. They'll get to see and learn about a wide variety of marine animals and sea creatures, such as sharks, jellyfish, otters and penguins. They also have shark and stingray feeding for families who are interested, as well as a Glass Bottom Boat experience where you get to see marine life up close in the main tank during a ten minute ride on the boat.

    Families might like to also visit Gamcheon Culture Village, a beautiful tourist attraction that was once a settlement for refugees. The whole village has since then been painted a myriad of different colors, so the place is really colorful with pretty signs located all over the area. It also houses shops where tourists can browse through and buy little knick knacks to bring back as souvenirs. Gamcheon Culture Village is a very photogenic spot, so we'd suggest visiting in the daytime so that you can take pictures of the place and also use the colorful structures as beautiful backgrounds for your family photos.

    Take a slow walk together at Yongdusan Park, where you get to see and learn about the different monuments placed there, as well as enjoy nature because the area is surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees. Within the park you'll also find the Busan Diamond Tower, an attraction that provides you with a stunning view of Busan from the top.

    For a little rest and respite, stop by BIFF Square, a cultural tourist attraction that promotes Korean's film industry. If the family wants to simply kick back and relax for a couple of hours, visit one of the movie theatres in the area and watch a movie of your choice. It's also a leisure and shopping district of sorts, so families can also purchase a couple of skincare products or small souvenirs. When you're tired, there are many coffee places and doughnut stores you can visit for a drink and snack.

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