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15 Kid-Friendly Ski Resorts In South Korea That Families Love! *UPDATED

Thrilling Fun For Ski-Loving Families!

2018’s Olympic Winter Games held in North and South Korea left snow lovers from across the globe in awe, eager to hit Korea’s rad slopes! Till then, the Asian country wouldn’t typically come up as a skiing and snowboarding destination. Luckily, that’s changing as fast as you gear up for the ultimate winter adventure! So if you’re heading on a ski trip or a short visit to Seoul over the wintertime, check out this guide to the top family-friendly Ski Resorts in South Korea!

Travel To South Korea

As of 1st of October 2022:

  • Quarantine is lifted for ALL travelers regardless of vaccination status
  • Application for K-ETA is compulsory (if your nationality is eligible) if you are going to Korea for tourism, business meetings, discussions, conferences or short-term study
  • All travellers including children below the age of 6 are encouraged to register for Q-Code prior to departure to streamline the arrivals process
  • An On-Arrival PCR Test may be performed for symptomatic travelers.

More information on entry to South Korea HERE.

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  • Top-5-Ski-Trips-In-South-Korea-Yong-Pyong-Ski-Resort

    YONG PYONG SKI RESORT: Korea’s Very Own Ski Mecca

    200 km from Seoul, tucked among Gangwon-do’s mountains, lies the most famous and renowned ski resort in Korea. It may be that ski enthusiasts feel drawn to its 28 ski slopes or that parents could easily keep the kiddies entertained for weeks in here but –oh boy!- there’s really something for everyone at Yong Pyong!

    Winter season runs from mid-November to early April and boasts a wide range of snow sports as well as indoor leisure facilities –from karaoke rooms to a bowling alley and a water park- plus well-deserved indulgences like a spa and a variety of shops!

    You can get a day pass for 80,000 KRW and join an English-speaking lesson for 300,000 KRW.  If you are planning to stay, just book your accommodation through the resort’s website!

    If visiting from Seoul, you can either drive, take the local shuttle bus –which operates only during the winter season- or the Public Express Bus. Piece of cake!

    Yong Pyong Resort,

  • Top-5-Ski-Trips-In-South-Korea-High1-Ski-Resort

    HIGH1 SKI RESORT: High-Quality Snow And Inclusive Facilities And Lessons

    The High1 Ski Resort takes pride in featuring the puffiest snow in all Korea! Though there are just 6 lifts and 7 gondolas at the resort, its modern facilities –including a 360-degree revolving restaurant- and lift system are quite efficient and easy to use! What we love the most about the resort is that they offer lessons designed specifically for skiers with mobility issues and disabilities –rad!

    There’s a wide array of accommodation options, some of them designed to charm the little tykes with colorful and exquisite interior design. As these are located outside the ski area, you’d have to take the free shuttle if staying overnight, which we highly recommend!

    Located in Jeongseon, just a 3-hour drive from Seoul, you can get here by booking a day tour or catching one of the shuttle buses that run during the winter season.

    High1 Ski Resort,

  • Top-5-Ski-Trips-In-South-Korea-Phoenix-Pyeongchang

    PHOENIX PYEONGCHANG: Perfect Snow And Beautiful Scenery

    Located 2.5 hours away from Seoul, the Phoenix Pyeongchang Ski Resort is the second-largest ski area in Korea boasting 21 slopes for rad downhillers! Also known for being the freestyle skiing and snowboarding venue for the 2018 Winter Olympics, the resort caters to winter sports enthusiasts of all levels and will make the delights of even the pickiest guests!

    But it’s not all just pro’s thrill in here! Kids get their fair share of fun at the Blue Canyon’s waterpark plus, they can also enjoy a 90m-long sledding slope at the Snow Village, yay!

    Check out their website for booking your accommodation and start planning your trip! The best way to get there if you are not driving is to take the brand new Gangneung KTX bullet train line that stops nearby and then hop on the free shuttle bus!

    Phoenix Pyeongchang,

  • Top-5-Ski-Trips-In-South-Korea-Elysian-Gangchon-Ski-Resort

    ELYSIAN GANGCHON SKI REOSRT: A Kiddies’ Favorite, Just One Hour From Seoul

    A Little Step Asia’s favorite for a day trip from Seoul! The Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort is “the only ski resort in Korea that can be reached by subway”, as stated on the resort’s website. But that’s not the only reason to visit! This ski resort caters mostly to beginners, so everyone can enjoy its smooth and gentle slopes –quite different from some of the Olympic resorts that focus mainly to advanced and expert downhillers!

    For the tiniest of the tiniest snow babes, there’s a sledding slope admitting children 3 years up –can you imagine anything cuter?

    Join a lesson with the whole fam! As 8 of the 10 courses are designed for beginners and intermediate skiers –plus, the resort has an extremely efficient ticketing system-; it doesn’t get that crowded! Have fun as you hone your skills!

    Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort,

  • Top-5-Ski-Trips-In-South-Korea-Alpensia-Ski-Resort

    ALPENSIA SKI RESORT: Top-Notch Facilities And Chilled Vibes

    Located next to Yong Pyong Ski Resort, the Alpensia Ski Resort may be way smaller than its mega-famous neighbor, but it’s a top choice for families who enjoy skiing in style. Amongst the resort’s main features are a ski jump slope, facilities catering to handicapped skiers and 5-star accommodation hotels with direct access to the slopes –ski-in ski-out peeps!

    To get there, you can easily book a comprehensive package from a private operator, take a public bus, or the Gangneung KTX train. From Jinbu Station, you can catch a free shuttle bus to Yong Pyong that also stops at Alpensia.

    This resort is perfect for families that prioritize a more intimate, less crowded atmosphere over having a slew of course options.

    Alpensia Ski Resort,

  • VIVALDI PARK: One Of The Most Popular Ski Parks In South Korea

    Vivaldi Park is a rather trendy ski location that’s pretty popular in South Korea — and for good reason. It has state-of-the-art facilities which are updated regularly and is also rather close to Seoul. Just 90km away from the capital city, it takes around 2 hours to get to the ski park.

    It’s the perfect place for the entire family to indulge in some fun, because each slope is named after a music genre, such as Jazz and Reggae, and music is played throughout the course according to the genre it’s named after. Cute, right? The kids can enjoy grooving to the music as they spend hours skiing together with you guys.

    Children can also enjoy Snowyland, the park’s own winter snow village where families can try tube sledding and spend hours at their snowy play zones together. Ski season typically starts towards the end of November.

    Vivaldi Park,

  • JISAN FOREST SKI RESORT: Good For A One-Day Ski Trip + Near A Major Theme Park

    If you’ve only got one spare day on your itinerary for skiing, Jisan Forest is perfect because it’s pretty near Seoul. Since it’s only a 40-minute drive from the city, it’s also popular as a night skiing location — something you and your family can consider! They also have beginner courses for skiing and snowboarding for guests who want to ease into it.

    What’s more, the resort is also near Everland, a kid-friendly theme park that the family can visit on the way to make it a more worthwhile trip out of Seoul! Incheon Ceramics Complex is also located nearby if you’re looking for a quick activity before or after skiing.

    If you’re planning to add a visit to Jisan Forest Ski Resort to your itinerary, do note that their ski season roughly lasts for three months, from the beginning of December until the beginning of March the following year.

    Jisan Ski Resort,

  • YANGJI PINE RESORT: All-Season Recreational Complex With A Variety Of Amenities

    The whole family can enjoy a few fun days together at the Yangji Pine Resort. There is much to do at this all-season recreational complex, starting with its various ski runs. The resort is also equipped with modern snow-making facilities, as well as top-notch ski-ground care and amusement facilities. They even have a sled hill where the little ones can have fun together with the family.

    Because of the variety of facilities available here at the Yangji Pine Resort, rest assured all family members will have enough activities to entertain them throughout their stay. The resort has got a golf club (27 holes), indoor swimming pool, supermarket, children’s playground, and even a selection of restaurants serving different cuisines. Anyone interested in sports will also be pleased that they’ll find a soccer, football, and basketball field as well as an archery center within the compound.

    Yangji Pine Resort,

  • WELLI HILLI PARK: Luxurious Resort With A Variety Of Recreational Activities

    Located in Gangwon-do, the park experiences heavy snowfall, which is perfect for winter activities! There are 20 different slopes for guests to try out, with gondolas that can transport around 20,000 skiers per hour. You’ll be able to clock in countless hours of skiing at this high-quality ski resort, and they also have a large-scale half pipe and fun park if you’re planning on snowboarding.

    You can all also try out the snow sledding slope for some family fun, racing through the pure white snow and laughing with one another! Within the resort itself, there’s also an indoor aqua-zone where kids can enjoy an entire day of water activities, including their Bubble Play Kids Pool and Lazy River.

    Be prepared for a relaxing time at the park because they’ve also got a sauna and recreation center within the compound for adults. Condo rooms and youth hostel rooms are available for families who wish to stay the night. Ski season usually begins at the start of December and lasts roughly around three months, concluding in March.

    Welli Hilli Park,

  • BEARS TOWN SKI RESORT: A Good Place For Beginners To Practise

    Bears Town Ski Resort is not as well-known, but it’s one of the most convenient ski resorts to get to because of its proximity to the city — only 40km (approximately 1.5 hours) away from Seoul. It’s also perfect for tourists who are beginners at skiing; the resort has a Little Bear Ramp with a very gradual incline for beginners to practice in comfort. This means neither you nor your kids have to fear your first attempt at skiing! Parents can also spend time with their young ones at the 400-meter-long toboggan run.

    The resort is a large leisure complex that has ten slopes in total and eight lifts that can transport around 15,200 people per hour. There are also separate slopes for lessons and sledding, and once you’re done with all the fun in the snow, why not try out their other facilities like a swimming pool, sauna, karaoke room, arcade and more.

    If you’re planning to visit Bears Town Ski Resort, do note that their ski season begins roughly around the middle of December, and concludes roughly around the beginning of March the following year.

    Bears Town Ski Resort,

  • O2 SKI RESORT: Located In A City With The Longest Snowfall

    What’s great about O2 Ski Resort is that it’s located in Taebak, Gangwon-do, the first city in Korea to receive snowfall. It's also the city with the longest winter — allowing guests to have a longer skiing season compared to other ski resorts around the country.

    Since it’s close to the Hanging and Nakdonggang rivers, the snow is also fairly soft, making it wonderful for skiing. The resort is not only suitable for beginners with its 3.2km ski area, but it’s also great for families since the place has sledding slopes and playgrounds for kids. Other facilities around the ski resort include a restaurant, business center, and spa. The ski resort usually experiences its strongest snowfall during the first week of March.

    O2 Ski Resort,

  • OAK VALLEY SNOW PARK: Premium Ski Resort With Quality Facilities

    An eco-resort that’s located within a gorgeous natural landscape, Oak Valley is a premium, family-friendly ski resort that has fantastic facilities. Although it’s not as commercial as the more popular ski resorts around South Korea, this place is suitable for tourists because they have signages in both English and Korean. It’s also perfect for a day tour because it’s a mere 1.5-hour drive from Seoul itself.

    They have slopes that are wide with gradual inclines, making it a good place for beginners who are trying out skiing for the first time. Since it’s not as commercial, you can expect fewer crowds, fewer queues, and a quieter atmosphere where you and the kids can feel relaxed while you ski. The ski season lasts around two months at Oak Valley Snow Park, beginning during mid-December and concluding around mid-February the following year.

    Oak Valley Snow Park,

  • MUJU DEOGYUSAN RESORT: Situated Within One Of The Most Beautiful Nature Parks In South Korea

    Located at the base of the famous Deogyusan mountains, the Muju Deogyusan Resort is one of Korea’s most popular ski resorts and spans over seven million square meters. Be totally immersed in nature, with the resort situated within one of the most gorgeous national parks in the country — it’s a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life for the entire family.

    The resort is known for having one of the longest ski slopes, around 6.1km long, and they’ve also got a total of six different slopes that cater to different levels, from beginner to expert. Their ski season roughly runs from the beginning of December until the end of February the following year.

    Muju Deogyusan Resort,

  • KONJIAM RESORT: Luxurious Ski Resort Located Near The City Of Seoul

    This pretty luxurious ski resort is located just 40 minutes away from the heart of Seoul and comprises a variety of facilities within the compound that will make for a good ski vacation. For starters, they’ve got large-scale ski slopes that are suitable for both beginners and intermediate-level skiers, as well as guests who prefer to snowboard.

    Besides the slopes, the resort also has a complex, a spa, and a beautiful botanical garden complete with ecological streams. Ski season typically lasts almost three months, beginning in mid-December and ending at the beginning of March of the following year.


  • JEONGSAN ALPINE CENTRE SKI RESORT: 10km Of Ski Trails For Beginners And More Advanced Skiers

    Located in Gwadong, the Jeongsan Alpine Centre Ski Resort has a peak elevation of 1370m, so it’s a suitable pick if you and your family are looking for a place to ski or snowboard. They’ve also got you covered whether you’re a beginner or have reached a more advanced skiing level, with 10km of marked trails covering varying difficulty levels. After a tiring day out in the snow, visit their spa or karaoke room to wind down. They also have other facilities within the area like restaurants, jacuzzis, and hotels.

    Jeongsan Alpine Centre Ski Resort,

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