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Family-Friendly Guide To Jeju Island, South Korea

Accommodation, Car Rental, Family-Friendly Activities & More

Guide To Jeju Island With Kids Korea

If you’re thinking of escaping the hustle and bustle of city life during your vacation, Jeju Island might just be the perfect holiday destination for you and your family. Not only is it beautiful, the island is also filled with ample activities that you and the young ones can indulge in. Here’s our comprehensive family-friendly guide to traveling within Jeju Island!

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  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY ACCOMMODATION ON JEJU ISLAND *Family-Friendly Guide To Jeju Island, South Korea

    Includes Hotels & Lodges

    If you're intending to explore the entire island, there's a big possibility that you'll have to book several accommodations on different parts of the island. The most popular areas to visit (and stay) include the eastern part of Jeju Island, Seogwipo-si that's down south, and Jeju city itself.

    Eastern Part of Jeju:

    There are a few attractions located in the Eastern part of Jeju Island, and it may take two to three days for the family to finish exploring them all. It's best to stay in the area, and here are a few properties you can consider.

    Ocean Square Resort is a beachfront accommodation that can house your entire family. They've got large enough suites and even rooms with a beautiful garden view. For somewhere more cozy, you can book the quaint Jeju Bille Log Pension, where you'll occupy the entire house.

    If you're big on aesthetics, you might want to book a loft at Around Follie, an outdoor stay concept that's rustic and modern-looking. Despite having airstreams and campsites on their grounds, their lofts are larger and a fully indoor accommodation that's perfect for families. You can even have your own backyard barbecue while staying at this accommodation, and the staff will help set it up or you.


    When you travel down south towards Seogwipo-si, it might be a good idea to stay there for a couple of days and explore the sights in the area. You can opt for a family-friendly hotel, like Casaloma Hotel that has rooms with a city view or even ocean view, or Hotel Rest Seogwipo, a simple hotel with family-friendly rooms.

    Family-friendly apartments are also available for rent via Airbnb, like this beautiful and spacious house or this modern and minimalistic apartment.

    Jeju City:

    It's relatively easy to find a family-friendly hotel in Jeju City, like Grand Hyatt Jeju and Lotte City Hotel Jeju. They're all located within the city center and it's convenient if you wish to head to the shopping district or other popular tourist areas.

  • WHERE TO RENT CARS ON JEJU ISLAND *Family-Friendly Guide To Jeju Island, South Korea

    Fuss-Free and Easy Application

    It might be a little bit difficult traveling around Jeju Island via public transport, and it is usually recommended that you rent a car if at least one person in your travel party can drive.

    Renting a car is relatively easy and fuss-free in Jeju, but do note that you do need to have an international driving permit prepared beforehand, along with your passport, driving license as well as credit card prepared.

    You can rent a car at more renowned South Korean companies such as LOTTE Rent-A-Car and SK Rent-A-Car, or you can even book via the Klook website itself where they have an array of different cars available for rent.

  • SIGHTSEEING ACTIVITIES ON JEJU ISLAND *Family-Friendly Guide To Jeju Island, South Korea

    Family-Friendly Activities For All Ages

    There's a wide variety of family-friendly activities to do on Jeju Island, ensuring that the whole family will be occupied and entertained throughout your stay.

    Eastern Jeju Island:

    The sightseeing activities located here might take around two to three days to complete. For starters, there's Aqua Planet Jeju, an aquarium that's perfect for kids who love animals and sea creatures. Seongsan Ichulbong peak provides a nice view at the top, and is suitable for older children who don't mind a bit of a climb.

    Here, you can also watch the Jeju 'mermaid' divers in action or learn more about them at the Jeju Haenyeo Museum. There's also a Snoopy Garden catered to kids and families where you can snap cute photos and make memories together!

    Southern Jeju Island:

    As you drive towards the southern part of the island, you might want to stop by the Seogwipo Forest of Healing for a calming experience filled with lush greenery. Besides taking a nice stroll among the tall trees in the forest, there are also benches inside for you to nap on or simply lie down and close your eyes while you soak in the calming atmosphere.

    In the Seogwipo area, you can also drop by Jeongbang Waterfall and the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market, where the family can try seafood and Korean street food.

    Western And Northen Jeju:

    Towards the west side of the island, you can drop by the Osulloc Tea Museum where they have exhibits about green tea, and you can even take a stroll through their little tea plantation. At the end of the visit, enjoy some tea or matcha ice cream at the cafe.

    Towards the north of Jeju is where Jeju City is located, and the family can do some shopping at Jungang Underground Shopping Centre or Chilsungro Shopping Town. Aewol-eup is also located nearby, and is perfect for cafe hopping as you enjoy a beautiful ocean view. Hallasan is also accessible from Jeju City should you wish to hike up the mountain with the family.

  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY RESTAURANTS ON JEJU ISLAND *Family-Friendly Guide To Jeju Island, South Korea

    Seafood, Pork Barbecue & More

    Jeju Island is well known for their abundance of seafood, so visiting restaurants that serve seafood is a must.

    Noraba, located near the airport and Jeju City serves delicious seafood ramen that the whole family is bound to enjoy. Mungae Hangari Aewol also serves seafood and seafood broths among other dishes.

    For noodles, you may like to try Jamae Guksu, where they have noodles served with pork broth and pork meat itself.

    You'll also be able to find many restaurants serving the famous black pig in Jeju. One of them is Sukseongdo Restaurant, and they're one of the most popular black pork restaurants that's even been visited by famous celebrities.

    Jeju Island Grill, located in the Seogwipo area has amazing black pork barbecue, and they provide different sauces and salts for different pork cuts.


  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY CAFES ON JEJU ISLAND *Family-Friendly Guide To Jeju Island, South Korea

    Lots Of Cafes Within The Island

    It's not difficult to find your daily cup of coffee or daily desserts when you're in Jeju. There are numerous cafes located all around the island, and each one is unique.

    Most cafes are located in the Aewol-eup area, including Bonmal Cafe that's right next to the sea, allowing you a spectacular view as you sip on your afternoon tea. Cafe Knotted is also in the area, serving a nice array of donuts that might please the kiddos.

    Aewol The Sunset is another cafe you can visit for a nice ocean view, and they do serve brunch food as well if you'd like to have a nourishing meal there.

    Cafe LowHigh is perfect if you want somewhere quieter, and the interior is really pretty as well with beautiful sunlight shining inside.

    Other notable cafes on Jeju Island include Seogwipean Bakery located at a beachfront on the eastern side of the island, and they serve delicious bakes and pastries. The view is great as well and you can take a stroll along the beach when you're done.

    Veke is another beautiful cafe located along the south side of Jeju, and it sits within some lush greenery, providing a very serene atmosphere as you enjoy some coffee and desserts.

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