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Secondary Education In Hong Kong Local Schools

secondary schools in hong kong guide 2022

In Hong Kong, there are several great options to choose from in terms of secondary schooling. If you’re looking for a local secondary school alternative to an international school then we have the pick of the best for you.  Here is our guide on the best local secondary schools in Hong Kong.

  • best local secondary schools in hong kong

    St.Paul's Co-Educational School, MacDonnell Road

    Best Local Secondary Schools In Hong Kong

    Frequently ranked as one of the top schools in Hong Kong owing to its strong academic performance (IB score and performance is the highest in the territory), St Paul's has English as its medium of instruction, however Chinese, Cantonese and Putonghua are also taught and to a very high level. The school offers dual courses: the IB and the DSE. Its spirit of "faith, hope and love" aims develop future leaders in their students, by instilling in them a culture of excellence, high moral values, an altruistic spirit, a passion for lifelong learning and a global outlook. Besides its stellar academic, St Paul also has a strong extra-curricula program of art, music, sports, leadership programs and more.

    St Paul's Co-educational College, 33 MacDonnell Road, Central, Hong Kong, +852 25231187, adminoffice@spcc.edu.hk, https://www.spcc.edu.hk/

  • best secondary schools in hong kong little steps 2022

    Creative Secondary School

    Best Local Secondary Schools In Hong Kong

    Creative Secondary School (CSS) is a progressive, English medium direct subsidy (DSS) school. Their philosophy and values embrace the essence of Chinese and international educational ideals. CSS is an IB World School as well as a recipient of the Inviting School Fidelity Award awarded by the International Alliance for Invitational Education (IAIE). They of course offer the Hong Kong diploma as well as the HKDSE. Throughout the secondary years, students follow a personal growth programme to develop their social and emotional learning, as well as an experiential learning program, which focuses on extra-curricular activities, sports, study tours and more. Students at CSS achieve strong official exam results and obtain university placements abroad in excellent universities in the UK (mostly), the US and Australia.

    Creative Secondary School, 3 Pung Loi Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong, +852 23360233, admissions@css.edu.hk, https://www.css.edu.hk/

  • best local secondary schools in hong kong

    Diocesan Girls’ School

    Best Local Secondary Schools In Hong Kong

    Diocesan Girls' School is a local grammar school with an international outlook and was founded in 1860 by the Anglican (Episcopalian) Church to provide secondary education for girls in Hong Kong. Their mission is to promote a holistic Christian environment based on moral values and to build a community of young women with strong leadership skills who are global citizens. They have a strong academic offering in the liberal arts, science and technology, as well as non-academic, with a special focus on physical activity, especially swimming. All students study English as the medium of instruction, alongside Chinese and Putonghua - Japanese and Spanish are offered too. The school adopts a 3-year preparation syllabus for the HKDSE. Alternatively, students can opt for the GCE Advanced Level Curriculum in Secondary 5 and 6, studying 3 to 4 advanced level subjects, together with English and Chinese.

    Diocesan Girls' School, 1 Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 22779100, info@dgs.edu.hk, https://www.dgs.edu.hk/

  • best local secondary schools in hong kong

    St Mary's Cannossian College

    Best Local Secondary Schools In Hong Kong

    Steeped in history, St Mary's Cannossian College was founded in 1900 and has a population of about 1000 students from Secondary  1-6. An all-girls school, English is the medium of instruction and Chinese language and Chinese history are taught in Chinese. They also provide support for non-Chinese speaking students. St. Mary's has a population of around 1000 students, from Form One (Secondary 1) to Form Six (Secondary 6) who prepare for the HKDSE.  It has strong academics and most of St. Mary's students qualify for local degree programs, although many opt to study abroad either in the UK., U.S., Canada or Australia at prestigious universities.

    St Mary's Cannossian College, 162 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, +852 27242771, info@smcc.hk, https://smcc.hk/

  • best secondary schools in hong kong 2022

    La Salle College

    Best Local Secondary Schools In Hong Kong

    Founded in 1932, La Salle College promotes a student-centered approach to learning and highlights the value of community. It is one of the best all-boys schools in Hong Kong and promotes high academic achievement,as well as a good balance of extra-curricular activities like athletics, swimming, football, art and theatre. The focus is on preparing students for the HKDSE, and performance is very high, especially for subjects like English, Math, and the Sciences. English is the medium of instruction.

    La Salle College, 18 La Salle Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 23387171, info@lasalle.edu.hk, https://www.lasalle.edu.hk/

  • best secondary schools in hong kong 2022

    Queen's College

    Best Local Secondary Schools In Hong Kong

    Priding itself as being the oldest Government secondary school in Hong Kong, Queen's College's mission is to educate brilliant boys and shape them to become future leaders. Indeed many of its alumni have done exactly that like Sun Yat-sen and other famed medical doctors, businessmen and academics. It prepares students for the HKDSE to a very high level and performance at the latest round of examinations (2022) was stellar - especially in Mathematics, Chemistry and English. English is the medium of instruction.

    Queen's College, 120 Causeway Road, Hong Kong, +852 25761992, info@qc.edu.hk, https://www.qc.edu.hk/

  • best local secondary schools in hong kong 2022

    Heep Yunn School

    Best Local Secondary Schools In Hong Kong

    Heep Yunn School is an all-girls school which aims to cater to a wide range of learners, as well as a sense of leadership, flexibility, tenacity and perseverance among their students. English is the medium of instruction and Chinese is used for Chinese language classes, Chinese Literature, Chinese History, Putonghua, Family and Life Education. Other foreign language classes like Japanese, Spanish, French & Korean are also available. The school also has 20 sports teams, four orchestras, four choirs, debating teams, a drama club and over 60 other co-curricular programs relating to languages, humanities, visual arts, science, community service and leadership training. Performance at the DSE is also high especially for select science subjects.

    Heep Yunn School, 1 Farm Road, Ma Tau Wai, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 27110862, hys-mail@hys.edu.hk, http://www.hys.edu.hk/

  • best local secondary schools in hong kong 2022

    Maryknoll Convent School

    Best Local Secondary Schools In Hong Kong

    An all-girls school, Maryknoll Convent School aims to provide quality and affordable education; many students are offered scholarships. They have an English medium of instruction, in addition to Chinese language. They value student well-being and mental health highly. Otherwise, performance at the HKDSE is higher than average.

    Maryknoll Convent School, 5 Ho Tung Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 23362378, sch_head@mcs.edu.hk, http://www.mcs.edu.hk

  • best local secondary schools in hong kong

    Diocesan Boys' School

    Best Local Secondary Schools In Hong Kong

    Founded in 1869, the Diocesan Boys' School (DBS) is a day and boarding boys' school and one of the oldest and most prestigious secondary schools in the city. The school's aim is to provide a liberal education based on Christian values much like its girl counterpart. English is the medium of instruction, and they offer the HKDSE as well as IB. Students excel at official examination as well as sports (in particular archery, athletics and badmington) and have won awards for their performance beating choirs and orchestras.

    Diocesan Boys' School, 131 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong, +852 27115191, http://www.dbs.edu.hk

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