Rugby At Rugbees In Hong Kong *CLOSED

For Toddlers & Kids

Rigby Classes Toddlers Hong Kong

Buzz your busiest bees over to RugBees to get in on the scrum! If your your little athlete can walk, you are good to go. RugBees classes are divided by age group, all following a similar structure, including warm-up, obstacle courses and fun activities, yoga exercises, then end with a warm down. Maul, punt and ruck em’ kiddos!

RugBee sessions have it all, interlaced with music, stories and animal play to get everyone into action. All activities are designed for parents to participate, as well as for the kids to try on their own, allowing everyone to play with new buddies and learn new things. What a great idea for our little RugBees!

  • Basic co-ordination, listening and focus skills, inspired by the classic game of rugby, are the focus with these mighty TinyBees. Using animal and fantasy based themes, colorful equipment and music, your little athletes take a fun journey through class while learning the very important skills of independence! *More information here.

  • Imaginitive fun themes and creative characters emerge to guide your little one through this class. Your TippyBee’s confidence will grow, as they continue to learn to be independent while practicing key motor skills in a fun and safe environment, accompanied by action songs to encourage communication. *More information here.

  • More independence… Woohoo! Adventurous rugby skills, social skills, teamwork and more is enhanced with the ToddlerBees group. Whether your little star has experienced TinyBees or TippyBees or a brand new RugBee, the ToddlerBee stage is guaranteed to allow maximum exercise through fun, playful activities. *More information here.

  • Core rugby principals are introduced to improve your mighty TopBees’ ball skills, footwork, coordination and loco-motor abilities, stetching your child’s ability physically and mentally. TopBees Activities are designed to encourage children to make decisions, focus on targets, whilst practicing their skills and learning the importance of team work. *More information here.

  • RugBees

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    RugBees classes are held at various schools, sports centers, private clubs and residences around Hong Kong. The term kicks off mid-September with limited spaces so book now!

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