Out with the old and in with the new. Whether you are redecorating, moving or just do not have a need for that piece anymore, Green Dot Home is an earth-friendly solution, helping those in need at the same time. Green Dot Home collects used furniture and homeware, applying the 4Rs process (renew, restore, revitalize, and recycle) to minimize the amount of waste we send to our landfills. Their objective is to promote the value of sustainable living by increasing the acceptance of these used items into our society. Go green!

Green Dot Home collects a variety of furniture and homeware, which they then donate to those in need or to the second-hand market. To promote the collection of used furniture and homeware, and to help educate society about the value of sustainable living, Green Dot Home has partnered with Friends of the Earth (FoE). Part of the sales proceeds of the used items will go to FoE Hong Kong as a gesture to support their environmental protection work. So what do ya say? Call Green Dot Home and recycle those old dining room chairs!