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Virtual Mid-Autumn Crafts, Tales And More In Hong Kong

2020 Jan 14

Virtual Mid-Autumn Festival Workshop

Take part in your first ever digital Mid Autumn celebration at the Wan Qing Digital Mid-Autumn Festival hosted by Singapore’s Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall! This festival is free admission and hosted online. From September 14 to October 11 in 2020, a series of fun and exciting activities for families will take place.

Check out the festival’s online itinerary:

– 10 Crazy Myths About the Moon will take place on September 16 as an animated video.

– Fun with Lantern Riddles will take place on September 19 as a multi-photo.

– The First Virtual Guided Tour will take place on September 20 as a video.

– Mid-Autumn Tales: ‘Happy Mooncake Festival, Elena!’ will take place on September 21 as a video.

– In the Kitchen with Chef Donny Tan: Sweet Union Pear will take place on September 23 as a video.

– Music at Monuments – NHB x SCCC will take place on September 24 as a video.

 Mid-Autumn Crafts: Create Your Own Moon Gazing Binoculars will take place on September 26 as a video.

– The Second Virtual Guided Tour will take place on September 27 as a video.

 Mid-Autumn Tales: 《中秋节快乐》will take place on September 29 as a video.

 What Kind of Mooncake Are You? will take place on October 1 as a static image.

– The Third Virtual Guided Tour will take place on October 3 as a video.

– In the Kitchen with Chef Eric Neo: Pulot Hitam Snowskin Mooncake will take place on October 4 as a video.

– Mid-Autumn Crafts: Create Your Own Bunny Lantern will take place on October 7 as a video.

– The Fourth Virtual Guided Tour will take place on October 8 as a video.

– Wan Qing Yuan Gives Back: Mid-Autumn Edition will take place on October 9 as a video.

– The Festival Summary will take place on October 8 as a video.

To access the festival’s activities head over to the memorial hall’s Facebook page (@sysnmh). This is a great way for the kids to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in a crowd safe way.

Click here to find out more!

Celebrate Mid-Autumn festival with exciting digital activities that are perfect for the family!

September 14 to October 11, 2020.

Held virtually via the memorial hall’s Facebook page (@sysnmh), www.sysnmh.org.sg/en/whats-on/events/wan-qing-mid-autumn-festival-2020

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