From playdates to parties, Origami Kids Cafe is the perfect place for little ones to get together. This space is located on the rooftop of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal which is perfect for those looking for a combo outing of indoor and outdoor fun.

The highlights:
* PLAY: The space offers an educational and well-designed play zone complete with an indoor sandpit, a reading corner, loads of imaginative play areas, and a wooden jungle gym.

* LEARN: Check out their unique event schedule of creative workshops for kids and the family.

* EAT: Enjoy a cute dining and cafe area featuring creative Chinese fusion food (they hired the chef from a Michelin restaurant). Kids love the open kitchen too – watch the master chefs in action.

* PLAYDATES: It’s a great space as each of the play areas is in view of the tables. Parents can enjoy yummy food and drinks (wine and beer too), while their little ones play.

* PARTIES: There is a well-designed party space – just ask them for more details.

* OUTDOOR FUN: After you visit, play on the expansive outdoor rooftop garden which sits atop Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and allows little ones to get closer to nature.