Pack up the wee-hikers and take a jaunt to Sai Kung Country Park for an afternoon where nature abounds and adventures are plenty! The Sheung Yiu Family Walk is a gem for the season!

Start the hike in Sheung Yiu where you will find signs pointing to the Sheung Yiu Family Trail. Cruise along the paved and shaded path for about twenty minutes until reaching the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum. Let the kids explore this fortified Hakka Village complete with little rooms to showcase life in the village during the 19th century.  

For Strollers: Walk to the museum & back. Easy and stroller-friendly.

For Kids: Walk to the museum, explore, then walk 200 meters and go up an easy hike on the family trail. It loops back around ending at Tai Mong Sai Road.

For Older Kids & TeensTake it up a notch and head to High Island Reservoir and walk back via the service road.