The Flower Market is one of the most underrated markets in Hong Kong.  Imagine rows and rows of every flower and plant you can imagine at prices that scream 'go green with me!'  Kids enjoy strolling through over fifty bright shops and helping Mom and Dad pick out flowers, pots, plants and more.


*HOW TO GET THERE?:  Start your journey off at any entrance to the Flower Market in Mongkok.  You can take the MTR, a taxi, or self drive (For parketing - we recommend parking at Mongkok Stadium directly behind the bird market and walking straight through to the Flower Market).

*FLOWERS+PLANTS GALORE:  Explore shop by shop and take your peek into both Chinese favorites and imported finds.  Kids love picking out their own flower or plant which can be something they can take care of (green edu-tainment).  All shop keepers will give you instructions on how to take care of your purchases.

*HOT CHOCOLATE BREAK:  After making a loop around the market, you can take a stop at the groovy Hayfever Cafe.  This adorable hot spot offers a menu of rockin' coffee (including ice drip coffee), hot chocolate or hot lemonade for the kids, and teas galore.  They also have a selection of treats and sweets. 

*LOCAL DESSERT CAFE:  For those seeking a local treat, visit  which serves up only 1 dessert - ginger milk pudding.  The stylish cafe hosts a few tables and also offers a selection of healthy honeys, peanut butter, and  spreads to purchase.  This hub makes for great gifts!