As more people become virtually connected, the need for our kids to be global citizens becomes more essential than ever. Learning a new language is a terrific way to give our kids this edge. At the same time, it also delivers a myriad of benefits such as improving memory, boosting brain power, and improving overall academic performance. Although often an expensive task, the italki app for making language learning affordable, fun, and super-easy to schedule – ideal for busy parents.

The handy app connects you to professional teachers and community tutors around the world at incredibly affordable prices – perfect for kids and teens trying out something new!

You’re given the option of booking 3 trial lessons at a discounted price so that you can find the perfect teacher for your little or not-so-little one. There are also a few ways to connect to teachers – go with your preference either via Google Hangouts, Skype, or their italki classroom.

Some of the languages taught are Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, French, Italian, German, Japanese, along with plenty more! Once you’ve sorted your teacher, you can either book individual lessons or packages, where multiple lessons are confirmed, often at a discounted price.

Languages are a fantastic way to bridge cultural and social gaps, and italki is helping us bridge that gap with affordable and personable learning.