Looking for some family-friendly fun over the weekend? Why not head out to Scientia Square Park where there is a tonne of fun activities! Taking up an area of 1.2 hectares including an amphitheater and water features area, Scientia Square Park is a burst of green for the whole family. 

Favorite activities include horse riding, wall climbing, skating in the skate park, jogging, swing in the playground, remote control car fun and much more. Hungry? The park is connected to food village...score!

Other highlights include:

*  O`Splash Water Playground - great for kids under 12, with cool slides

 Koi Farm - the park provides food for the kiddos to feed the fish.

*  Petopia - meet and greet their furry family any day of the week

*  Butterly garden - learn about metamorphosis.

*  Pet the alpacas - pet the adorable baby alpacas

*  Paddy field - learn how to grow rice!

Click here for their list of daily activities.