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Port Dickson With Kids

Located a little over an hour’s drive south of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, Port Dickson is a quiet coastal town in the state of Negeri Sembilan, popular with the locals looking for quick access to sandy beaches and sea views.

Considering its proximity to the Klang Valley, it is a great option for a short getaway to catch some sea breeze, indulge in water sports, or let the kids roam free, building sandcastles and flying kites. As direct public transportation is not available, the most convenient way to get there is to self-drive from Kuala Lumpur using the North-South Highway. Or, you can also get there by driving from Singapore. Little Steps has compiled the best things to see, eat, and where to stay in this family-friendly guide to Port Dickson!

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  • Port Dickson Hotels


    Cozy Homes Away From Home

    Accommodation in Port Dickson is mainly affordable, with many budget to mid-range hotels to choose from. At the top of the range is Grand Lexis Port Dickson, featuring Balinese-inspired villas with private pools, and Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, a sprawling resort with pool villas and a kids’ club offering a number of activities such as helicopter rides, archery, water cruise, cycling and more. There’s also Avillion Port Dickson, a resort designed to look like a traditional Malay fishing village. With a petting zoo, bird aviary and spa, it's perfect for families. For large groups, consider Villa Lot 1638, a small, private modern villa consisting of duplex suites and rooms with a pool. Find out more below!

    Grand Lexis Port Dickson –

    • If soaking in the pool with the family is your kind of vacation, Grand Lexis Port Dickson is the perfect choice for you! Not only will you get your own private pool, but the beachfront hotel also has a bevy of activities to explore, such as volleyball, horseback riding and archery.

    Lexi Hibiscus Port Dickson –

    • One of the more luxurious options at Port Dickson is Lexi Hibiscus. The 5-star villa boasts spacious rooms, interestingly shaped in the form of a hibiscus flower to live up to their name. With options for private pools, it’s the perfect choice for both romantic getaways or chill family time!

    Avillion Port Dickson –

    • Feel right at home at Avillion Port Dickson, where you might be tempted to not even leave the vicinity considering there’s bathtubs and a private beach at your doorstep. Both parents and kids can also sign up for activities within the compound, organized by the experts at the hotel.

    Villa Lot 1638 –

    • If you want to splurge and fully soak in vacation vibes, consider Villa Lot 1638. The villas here will truly make you feel off the grid, and can fit a huge party so even your extended relatives or friends can come along. There are BBQ areas and an outdoor pool too – the perfect setting for a fiesta late into the night.

    Thistle Port Dickson –

    • Sunrise and sunset are extra special at Thistle Port Dickson, where their cozy rooms can be your home away from home. The hotel resort also features spacious swimming pools, and even a camp where families can partake in team building activities. Look out for their promo deals to get discounted rates on their rooms!

    D’Wharf Hotel & Serviced Residence –

    • Smell salt air from your bedroom at D’Wharf Hotel & Serviced Residence. The beach resort has a multitude of facilities to enjoy, as well as beach and garden spaces to relax and unwind. You’ll also be near shopping areas like Port Dickson Waterfront and  Regina Mall.

    Avillion Admiral Cove –

    • Avillion Port Dickson might be a classic, viable option for families, but Avillion Admiral Cove is an alternative, especially if you love waterfront views. The rooms here are modernized with access to the Admiral Marina & Leisure Club, so you can get a taste of the high life while you’re here.
  • Family Friendly Activities Port Dickson


    Animal Farms, Obstacle Courses & More!

    As with most other beach destinations, Port Dickson will appeal to those looking for some wholesome family fun including water sports and beach camping. Public beaches such as Teluk Kemang, Blue Lagoon Beach and Seri Purnama Beach tend to be popular with visitors, as they offer amenities such as gazebos, public toilets and food trucks. But don’t rule out indoor activities either – from museums to an amusement park, there’s also plenty to check out.

    PD Maze –

    • Open your eyes to the wonders of a maze garden, sculptures and art installations at PD Maze. The relatively new tourist attraction looks straight out of a fantasy world, and is 4000 square meters of hedges for hours of fun. There are plenty of photo spots too, and the best part is that kiddos 5 years and below enter for free!

    Army Museum Port Dickson –

    • The Army Museum Port Dickson houses a number of outdoor exhibits, including military aircrafts, armored vehicles, artillery pieces and tunnels for children to explore – perfect for those with interests in fast jets and fighter planes. Take this rare chance to get up close with some super cool sights.

    Port Dickson Ostrich Farm –

    • At the PD Ostrich Show Farm, visitors can feed animals like ostriches, donkeys, goats, rabbits and more, or go on an ostrich ride. Don’t worry about safety – professional animal keepers will be available to guide your experience. You can also look forward to other animals like rabbits and goats, as well as ATVs suitable for kids too!

    Segar City Wild West Cowboy Theme Park –

    • You don’t need to travel halfway across the world for a theme park experience. In fact, Segar City Wild West Cowboy Theme Park in Port Dickson has plenty of thrills for all ages. Various attraction zones feature highlights like the Rider Boat, Cowboy-Go-Round carousel, and Wild West Desert Explorer mobile car ride. There are also escape rooms and cinema rides for more laughter all around.

    Segar Recreation Eco Park –

    • If challenging yourself to high adrenaline situations is on your agenda, make a visit to Segar Recreation Eco Park. The obstacle course is great for the whole family, with physically challenging amenities like a flying fox, rock climbing wall and high elements trail. Besides working up a sweat, it’ll also build relationships together!

    Uncle Wong Happy Farm –

    • Those with a need for speed can check out Uncle Wong Happy Farm, which is actually an ATV race track suitable for beginners too. Follow an instructor to learn the ropes of an ATV, and race alongside your family or friends down the track while taking in the sights of palm trees and lakes.

    Alive 3D Art Gallery –

    • Featuring over 50 art paintings and illusions, Alive 3D Art Gallery will challenge your brain to see things in different perspectives. The fun walkthrough is great for a family bonding session, where you can slowly explore the various artworks that span from cartoons to illustrations.

    Also check out:

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    • Upside Down Art Gallery
    • Wan Loong Chinese Temple
    • Cape Rachado Lighthouse
  • Port Dickson Restaurants


    From Casual Eateries To Breakfast Spreads

    Forget fine dining if you’re planning on having meals away from your hotel, as your options are limited to seafood, local food or fast food. For a late morning snack, stop by Lucky King Bun or head over to the local coffee shop PD Fung Hai Kopitiam for lunch.. For dinner, there are a number of Chinese seafood restaurants in a row of wooden shacks, such as Restoran Fatt Kee, which has cheap yet delicious seafood. Don’t mind the flies and ask for the house specials, including steamed fish and crabs.

    Lucky King Bun –

    • A must-try on many people’s list is Lucky King Bun. The Chinese restaurant is renowned for their curry chicken and meat filling, uniquely plated and wrapped in paper. Beware though – the buns are huge and filling so you and the family can share together.

    PD Fung Hai Kopitiam

    • PD Fung Hai Kopitiam is a popular Hainanese joint famous for their chicken chop. Filled with green peas and savory brown onion gravy, it’s definitely a hit among young and old. Other highlights include the Fried Mee Hoon, Charcoal Grill Bread and Mee Hailam – truly a local affair.

    Kafe Kampung Kaw –

    • A breakfast spot that is favored by both locals and visitors is none other than Kafe Kampung Kaw, located a 20 minute drive from Grand Lexis Port Dickson. Look forward to plenty of mouthwatering dishes, alongside wallet-friendly prices.

    Gim Men Teppanyaki – /

    • While Gim Men Teppanyaki is actually not a Japanese restaurant, they do boast Chinese dishes and barbeque seafood like crabs, fish and squid. While it’s non-airconditioned and a roadside place, it has an old school charm to transport you back in time.

    Roselle Coffee House –

    • Suitable for casual family meals or a romantic date, Roselle Coffee House is an air conditioned restaurant where you can have breakfast or dinner. Look forward to breakfast spreads prepared by experienced chefs, as well as extensive dinner menus that will work up your appetite.

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