Ultimate Family Adventure: Top Summer Holiday Destinations!

Family-Friendly And Jammed Packed With Activities!

Top Summer Holiday Destinations For Families

Planning a summer vacation for the family and can’t quite decide which holiday destination to visit this year? The choices are endless depending on what type of activities you’re interested in and what kind of weather you’d prefer! Here’s a compiled list of some of the most enjoyable summer vacation countries and why they’re perfect for a holiday with the tots or kids.

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  • BALI, INDONESIA *Best Summer Holiday Destinations For Families

    Tropical Holiday With Lots Of Activities

    Bali is a pretty popular tourist spot in Asia for couples and families, and there's so much to explore there! Besides their beautiful beaches and padi fields, you can all also enjoy water sports at Bali Wake Park, like wakeboarding and waterskiing. If skating and biking is more of their thing, take the kiddos to Amplitude Skate And Bike Park where they can try cool tricks or simply pick up the basics. To explore more of Bali you can also sign the family up for eco-educational tours!

  • JEJU ISLAND, SOUTH KOREA *Best Summer Holiday Destinations For Families

    Enjoy Beaches And The Warm Sun

    Jeju island is a beautiful place to holiday during summertime. Book a car and drive the family around from one end of the island to the other, exploring lovely tourist spots along the way. Besides their beaches and waterfalls, you can also walk around Dongmun Traditional Market and try street food as well as seafood. For kid-friendly activities, drop by the Snoopy Garden or 9.81 Go Kart Racing for some adrenaline and cool photo opportunities.

  • MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA *Best Summer Holiday Destinations For Families

    Cooler Temperatures During Summer

    If you and the family are not really fond of the heat nor tropical temperatures, head to Australia for cooler weather. Bring the kiddos to Melbourne Zoo or SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium if they like animals, and spend the day there learning about cool new information. For nature lovers, visit the Royal Botanic Gardens for a slow stroll or picnic lunch - it's super convenient since it's located right in the city. Other amazing tourist spots you can visit include Queen Victoria Market, Yarra Valley and Flinders Street Railway Station.

  • OSAKA, JAPAN *Best Summer Holiday Destinations For Families

    Enjoy Japan's Summer Festivals

    Japan has numerous summer festivals happening throughout the summer season, and one location you can visit with the family is Osaka. They hold the Tenjin Matsuri festival annually, and it's one of the big festivals in Japan. The kiddos will be so excited experiencing something like that while being surrounded by a celebratory atmosphere. Universal Studios Japan is also located in Osaka, and the theme park is one of the top spots for families to enjoy a fun-filled day  with popular mascots and fun rides.

  • NORTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND *Best Summer Holiday Destinations For Families

    Another Country With Cooling Weather

    If you're looking to escape the heat during the summer season, New Zealand is another country that's perfect for a family holiday. North Island itself has plenty of activities that'll keep your kiddos entertained, starting with the Auckland Zoo. If you're traveling with children 10 years old or older, you can even sign up for a Sky Walk or Sky Jump. Fans of The Lord Of The Rings will enjoy visiting Hobbiton, where some of the movie's scenes were filmed. Kids might also love exploring the Waitomo Caves, where they'll be able to see glowworms.

  • STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN *Best Summer Holiday Destinations For Families

    Nice Weather In Summer

    One of the best times during the year to visit Sweden is in summer, Stockholm has relatively cooling temperatures and is perfect if you and the family are looking to escape the tropics. There are many beautiful sighs to see, including The Royal Palace, Drottningholm Palace and Gamla Stan. The family can also join a Stockholm food tour if the little ones are keen on exploring Swedish cuisine, or you can bring them to Gröna Lund, an amusement park where they can have fun.

  • ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA *Best Summer Holiday Destinations For Families

    Unique Family Holiday Destination

    Although Mongolia is one of the more unconventional holiday destinations for families, it's great for adults and children who want to enjoy something a little more unique and adventurous. There are many magnificent sights you'll be able to see here, like Lake Khovsgol and the Jalman Meadows. You can even stay in a Mongolia yurt and experience what life is like out in the meadows by helping to gather firewood or try your hand at using a bow and arrow. It's also great during the summer months as the weather is warm enough (but not too warm!) to enjoy your stay at the meadows. For more information, you can even reference our 1 Week Itinerary For Families Traveling To Mongolia.

  • VANCOUVER, CANADA *Best Summer Holiday Destinations For Families

    Beautiful Sighs In A Beautiful City

    A popular vacation spot, Vancouver has many scenic sights and activities that the family can enjoy together. For starters, there's the VanDusen Botanical Garden and Queen Elizabeth Park, where one can be immersed in greenery. There's also a Vancouver Aquarium for kids and adults who love sea life and want to learn more about creatures that live in our oceans. Food and shopping can also be enjoyed at Granville Island, and you can even drop by Richmond Night Market that tends to be open from May to October and gives you the feel of an Asian night market.

  • HAWAII, USA *Best Summer Holiday Destinations For Families

    Learn Surfing And Relax By The Beach

    If you're looking for a holiday destination that has chill summery vibes, Hawaii might be perfect for you. Here, you'll be able to visit so many beaches and national parks, including Waikiki Beach and Haleakala National Park and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It's also a wonderful place to pick up surfing if that's something the family and you love being in the water, and there are also snorkelling tours that you can all join. Basically, you'll be feeling very refreshed enjoying some time on this beautiful island with its beautiful people!

  • NEW YORK CITY, USA *Best Summer Holiday Destinations For Families

    City Vibes With Cooling Weather

    If the family loves the hustle and bustle of city life, why not visit New York City, where everything seems bigger and brighter? You can drop by Times Square at night to marvel at lit up billboards, or watch plays on broadway if it's something the kids fancy. There are countless activities to do as tourists in NYC, but some favorites for kids and families include a nice picnic at Central Park, learning adventures at the American Museum of Natural History, and enjoying roller coasters at Coney Island. The weather during the summer period is pretty cooling as well, so it's a great place to holiday should you wish to escape the tropical heat!

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