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Ipoh With Kids Sunway Lost World Of Tambun

Ipoh, the capital city of Perak has plenty of charm and old-school nostalgia juxtaposed against hipster cafes, street art, and trendy boutique hotels. Historically a tin mining city, Ipoh is typically favored as a stopover for day trips on the way up north to Penang.

Today, this city is beginning to attract holidaymakers looking for a short escape to experience the natural hot springs, limestone caves, outdoor activities, and a taste of the famous Ipoh chicken rice. If you’re feeling adventurous, venture further to the surrounding towns of Taiping, Kampar, and Pangkor Island to explore what they have to offer.

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  • WHERE TO STAY IN IPOH WITH KIDS *Guide To Ipoh With Kids

    There’s something for everyone from solo travelers to couples and families. Honeymooners and those looking for a luxurious experience can stay at Malaysia’s first luxury natural hot springs wellness retreat, The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, but do note that the resort only allows children 12 years and above.

    Alternatively, pamper yourself at the stunningly gorgeous Pangkor Laut Resort, a luxurious private island resort for ultimate relaxation located further away from Ipoh city.

    For families, the Lost World Hotel tops the list as the Lost World theme park is right across the road.

    Adventure seekers looking to connect with nature in the lush rainforest of Perak can head to Sementra Nature Resort in Gopeng where thrilling activities such as white water rafting, waterfall abseiling, jungle trekking and caving await.

  • THINGS TO DO IN IPOH WITH KIDS *Guide To Ipoh With Kids

    A must-visit for families with small children is the Lost World of Tambun where the many attractions including the petting zoo, amusement park, water park, adventure park, and hot springs - all of which will keep the little ones busy.

    Stop by the ruins of Kellie’s Castle, a partially completed castle built-in 1915 by a Scottish planter and was one of the locations used for the 1999 movie, Anna, and the King.

    Wander around Ipoh city to check out the street art concentrated around the Old Town and Mural Arts Lane, and visit the unique Sam Poh Tong Buddhist temple built within a limestone cave.

    Animal lovers, make your way to the Taiping Zoo or check out the Bukit Merah Orangutan Foundation on Orang Utan Island, a conservation facility for the endangered Borneon Orangutans accessible by ferry from Bukit Merah. For visitors keen to extend their stay for some sun and sea, head to Lumut which is about 85km from Ipoh and hop on a ferry that will take you to Pangkor Island, where you can explore the fishing villages, meet the locals and soak up some sun.

  • WHERE TO EAT IN IPOH *Guide To Ipoh With Kids

    Food hunters, when in Ipoh, the local food is a must-try. You'll find a number of local dishes from Cantonese and Hakka origins due to the large Chinese population here.

    Be sure to sample the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice served with bean sprouts at Lou Wong and Restoran Onn Kee. Another local favorite is dim sum at Restoran Foh San, and Restoran Chooi Yue Dim Sum but go early for breakfast as hot sellers tend to run out quickly.

    Other local delicacies to try are Hakka Mee and Kai See Hor Fun, aka Chicken Kuey Teow Soup. Coffee lovers, find the original Ipoh White Coffee at Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong. Don’t forget to try the smooth, silky Tau Fu Fah or soybean curd for dessert at Funny Mountain Soya Bean.

  • WHICH CAFES TO VISIT IN IPOH *Guide To Ipoh With Kids

    If you need your daily cuppa, Ipoh has no shortage of cafes. For starters, there's Kommons, a minimalist coffee house which serves handcrafted coffees and specialty coffees like their tiramisu coffee. Pair it with their array of small pastries and desserts for the perfect afternoon snack.

    If aesthetic desserts and interiors are your kind of thing, visiting Purple Moon Lover is a must. Not only is the inside of the cafe photo-worthy, so are the grounds outside. You'll pretty much be surrounded by endless spots for your Ipoh holiday OOTD. While you're there, enjoy their adorable desserts - imagine duck-shaped and Totoro-shaped cakes.

    Tea lovers, you'll be pleased to know that there's a cozy gem in Ipoh where you can enjoy a slow day while sipping on tea. Called Seong Man Teahouse, its interior is a mix of oriental and minimalist, with an overall modern vibe - the perfect setting for relaxation. If you feel peckish midway, they have several traditional snacks like red bean cake and agar jelly that you can enjoy with your pot of tea.

    Ipoh has so many amazing cafes that there's even catered to Potterheads! Fans of the Harry Potter series can head to Platf9rm Coffee Cafe to get your fix of Potter-inspired food and beverages. The cafe has also been renovated and decorated to make you feel like you're part of the magical world, with interiors that mirror some of Harry Potter's movie sets. All in all, you and the family can expect a fun-filled, mystical afternoon.

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