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Savor SunnyHills’ Legendary Cakes At Jewel Changi Airport

Stock Up On Delicious Treats From The Iconic Taiwanese Baker!

Pineapple Cake Sunny Hills Singapore

One of Taiwan’s most celebrated producers of pineapple cakes and other delicious treats, SunnyHills’ pineapple cakes are crafted according to an authentic recipe by their Head Baker, who has more than 60 years experience in the kitchen. Using only the finest natural ingredients and organic native pineapples, their products not only deliver on taste but also contain no preservatives or artificial additives.

Visit their store at Jewel Changi Airport or check out their outlet on Orchard Road!

Created to uplift farmers out of poverty, their crops are grown sustainably, devoid of harmful pesticides and growth hormones. Even if each pineapple takes 18 months to reach full maturity and can only be used to make five pineapple cakes, SunnyHills believes in letting nature take its course, allowing the fruit to mature naturally by the sun.

By working directly with the farmers and reinvesting in the land, this initiative not only safeguards the land’s topsoil but also encourages the younger generation back into farming. By championing farmers, SunnyHills is championing the environment.

With more than 25 million pieces sold annually, savor the taste of sunshine with every bite of a delicious SunnyHills pineapple cake – or why not try apple, or even durian?

  • Apple Cake Sunny Hills Singapore

    Amazing Apple Bites

    Japanese Kougyoku apples boast a delightful sweetness with a hint of tanginess. Utilizing SunnyHills’ expertise, the natural sweetness and crisp texture of the apple bits is perfectly retained in a rich, deep red apple jam without any artificial additives. Topped with a snow-like lemon glaze, it delivers a refreshing experience for apple lovers.

  • Banana Waffle Cookie Sunny Hills Singapore

    Banana Puzzle Treats

    Elevate your snack game with the latest Banana Waffle Cookie from SunnyHills! Sourced from the lush mountains of Taiwan, these slow-maturing bananas develop a uniquely rich aroma thanks to the large temperature fluctuations. These cookies come in various playful puzzle shapes that you can hang on your coffee cups after separating them.

  • Jewel Store Sunny Hills Singapore

    Forbidden Fruit

    SunnyHills Singapore has recently expanded its presence with the introduction of "FORBIDDEN," a durian-themed brand, at Jewel Changi Airport. Visitors can also get blast-frozen premium Mao Shan Wang durian from Pahang. A special skin-wrap technique is used on the durian before sealing the box, ensuring that there's no smell, making it safe for travel!

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