Cool School Bags For Kids And Toddlers In Singapore

Ergonomic, Trendy, and Functional Backpacks For Kids

School Bags For Toddlers And Kids In Singapore

As kids today juggle between school and extracurricular activities, an ergonomic and sturdy backpack is the solution to keeping the kids happy as they carry their load. Backpacks are also a perfect way for the kids to showcase their personality! From quirky patterned bags to themed and colorful backpacks, there are plenty of bag options for your kids. We have narrowed down some of the best hardy, ergonomic and jazzy-designed bags for the kids to pick and choose!

  • Cool Backpack For Kids And Toddlers In Singapore


    Kids of all ages would absolutely love Smiggle’s trolley backpacks. This backpack doubles up as a trolley bag when the load gets too heavy for the little ones. It features 4 different zipped components to store everything that the kids need before heading out. With padded adjustable shoulder straps, its guarantees maximum comfort the little ones as they go out and about.

    How much: From SG$99

    Where to get: Smiggle, www.smiggle.sg

  • Cool Backpack For Kids And Toddlers In Singapore


    If you have a little adventurer on hand, then Ergobag’s Prime School Backpack is the ideal backpack. The design of Ergobag ensures that the backpack “grows” along with the kids, making it suitable as they transition through their childhood. It also innovatively incorporates optimal load distribution, reducing the heavy load of books and clothes on the shoulder muscle and spine. With breathable comfortable back padding mesh, this bag keeps your kid cool despite Singapore’s humid weather!

    How much: SG$218

    Where to get: Ergokid, www.ergokid.com

  • Cool Backpack For Kids And Toddlers In Singapore


    Affenzahn means “fast like a monkey” in German. As you watch your kids run around with an Affenzahn backpack, it is not surprising if a mental image of that comes to mind. It is spacious enough for a water bottle, lunchbox and a change of clothes. The bag comes with a reinforced handle to hang it on a hook at school or home. The Affenzahn backpack is easy for little shoulders to carry with its soft and velvety straps covered in velour. As a bonus feature, the bag comes with a pull out tongue for you to add your child’s name tag!

    How much: SG$99

    Where to get: Ergokid, www.ergokid.com

  • Cool Backpack For Kids And Toddlers In Singapore


    The IMPACT Ergo-Comfort Casual Backpack is the only ergonomic brand internationally endorsed and recommended by Singapore Physiotherapy Association and The Chiropractic Association (Singapore). And for a very good reason too! As a reasonably light backpack at 450g, it adds minimal weight to your little one's back. Its minimalist design and assortment of colors available makes it extremely easy to pair with any school uniform or weekend outfits!

    How much: SG$79.90

    Where to get: Ergoworks, www.ergoworks.com.sg

  • Cool Backpack For Kids And Toddlers In Singapore


    Pottery Barn Kids boosts an impressive range of ergonomic kids' backpack in various colors and designs. Durable, well-organized, and water-resistant, their backpacks are outfitted with pockets, straps and gear loops to keep everything in place! Their backpacks are available in two sizes - small and large, with the latter featuring an additional MP3 player pocket cutout for headphone cords for kids who prefer to plug in on their way to school. All their bags also come with a name personalization option!

    How much: From SG$60.90

    Where to get: Pottery Barn Kids, www.potterybarnkids.com

  • Cool Backpack For Kids And Toddlers In Singapore


    Skip Hop Zoo Backpack is an animal-themed school or outing backpack for little kids. Its whimsical design and durable material makes it an adorable and sturdy bag for any occasion! Its dual mesh side pockets fits a juice box or water bottle for easy access. The front pouch is ideal for snacks, and even includes extra pockets for pencils or any other favorite stuffed toy. The comfy padded straps go easy on those little shoulders. With its water-resistant fabric, there is no need to worry about stains and food spills!

    How much: SG$30.32

    Where to get: Pupsik Studio, www.pupsikstudio.com

  • Cool Backpack For Kids And Toddlers In Singapore


    NOHOO definitely offers one of the most adorable toddler backpacks around! With its lightweight and durable neoprene material, the bag is extremely soft and can be easily washed and dried whenever there are food stains or spills. The thick padded straps ensure maximum comfort for those little shoulders, and the breathable back material facilitates air flow amidst Singapore's humid weather. Ideal for kids between 1 to 6 years of age!

    How much: SG$48.82

    Where to get: Lazada, www.lazada.sg

  • Cool Backpack For Kids And Toddlers In Singapore


    Dubbed as the "Goldilocks Bag", Tinyme Junior Kids Backpack is not too big, not too small, but just right for those easy-going kids who prefer not to be loaded up. This "just right" backpack is perfect for carrying around those daycare essentials, some must-have toys, or even a snack on the run! It even boosts bonus features such as an easy access side pocket to hold a water bottle, padded back for extra comfort, adjustable straps, and cute patterned lining. With an extensive range of adorable designs and colors, your little one will certainly be able to find one that fits their sense of style!

    How much: SG$40

    Where to get: Tinyme, www.tinyme.sg

  • Cool Backpack For Kids And Toddlers In Singapore


    Bixbee is known for its patented horizontal bag design that helps to carry weight at your child's waist level, helping him or her in his posture. Each Bixbee backpack is specifically designed for kids' unique measurements, with padded adjustable shoulder straps and padded back panel. The Bixbee backpack is also made with rugged water resistant polyester, making it extremely easy to clean and wash nasty food stains. With multiple bag sizes to accommodate each age group from 3 to 10 years told as well as plenty of designs and colors available, there is definitely a perfect one for your little one!

    How much: SG$53.95

    Where to get: Lazada, www.lazada.sg

  • Cool Backpack For Kids And Toddlers In Singapore


    For a minimalist and functional backpack, the Blafre Roll Top Backpack checks all the right boxes. The roll top feature of this backpack allows you to adapt the bag's size according to your little one's needs, be it for a short trip to the mall or an entire day out with the accompaniment of their favorite stuffed toy. The bag also comes with padded straps for the little shoulders, two exterior pockets for easy access to a water bottle and snack box, as well as an inside pocket.

    How much: SG$97

    Where to get: Smallable, www.smallable.com


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