Best Places To Buy School Supplies For Kids In Singapore

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Back To School Supplies For Kids In Singapore

The new school year is about to start, and there’s no better way to get your kiddos in the mood for the new term than by bringing them on a shopping spree for school supplies!

Lucky for Singapore families, this city is loaded with rockin’ options to get your backpack kitted. Check out the best stores for school supplies below and get shopping!

  • Smiggle Singapore

    SMIGGLE - Various Locations

    Smiggle is a wonderland for kids who love colorful stationery! They sell all sorts of school-related supplies that your kids will definitely fawn over. From vibrant pencil cases and novelty erasers, to glittery notebooks and decorated water bottles, the kiddos will no doubt have a field day just picking and choosing. Starting the school year with such pretty stationery will definitely put them in a happy mood!

    Smiggle, Various Locations, www.smiggle.com

  • Popular Singapore

    POPULAR - Various Locations

    POPULAR is the go-to bookstore if you want a wide variety of practical school supplies at reasonable prices. They’ve got every type of stationery stocked there, be it writing supplies or desk supplies meant for your kid’s study room. You can even get label makers to create cool labels for your kids' textbooks. For a wider range of options, we’d suggest visiting their larger branches, like the ones at Bras Basah and Marine Parade, to get everything you need for the new school year.

    POPULAR, Various Locations, www.popularonline.com.sg

  • Typo Singapore

    TYPO - Various Locations

    At Typo, you’ll be able to find a balanced mix of practical school essentials and cutesy stationery! They’ve got a bunch of fancy novelty pens and colorful sticky notes that your kiddo is going to have a fun time choosing from. You can also purchase other practical items like pencil boxes and highlighters while you’re there, ensuring your kiddo has all the supplies they need to start the new school term!

    Typo, Various Locations, https://cottonon.com/SG/typo/

  • Daiso Singapore

    DAISO - Various Locations

    The most budget-friendly store for school supplies, everything is price at SG$2 at Daiso! You can get just about anything here, including pens, pencils, erasers, tapes, glue — you name it, they've got it! They also have products like document holders and binders if you’re looking to keep your kid’s schoolwork organized. There’s something exhilarating about going on a shopping spree where everything costs the same — you don’t even have to check a single price tag the entire time!

    Daiso, Various Locations, www.daisosingapore.com.sg

  • kikki K Singapore

    KIKKI.K - Online Store

    Although there are no more physical kikki.K outlets left in Singapore, you can still get their products online! It’s a stationery haven for kids who love girlier school supplies like pastel-coloured pens and notebooks. They also have exceptional planners for different purposes — some even come with a couple of motivational quotes inside! If your kiddo likes personalizing their school supplies, kikki.K does have a monogram service as well.

    kikki.K, www.kikki-k.com

  • Ikea Singapore

    IKEA - Various Locations

    One of the biggest homeware stores in Singapore, IKEA is a wonderful place if you’re looking for reasonably priced lunchboxes, resealable bags or water bottles for your kiddos to bring to school! They also have various sets of colored pens and pencils for children who are big on arts and crafts. On top of that, the place is brimming with homeware like swivel chairs and bright desk lamps that can contribute to a more conducive study room for your kids.

    IKEA, www.ikea.com

  • Art Friend Singapore

    ART FRIEND - Various Locations

    A visit to Art Friend is a fantastic idea if your kid’s favourite subject is art! The store has all the supplies you need for your budding artist, including paints, markers, and even huge canvases. They have one of the widest ranges of art supplies, so your kiddo will probably be able to find whatever they need for their next art project. Of course, they do stock basic stationery if you also want to add simple school supplies to your basket while you're there.

    Art Friend, www.artfriendonline.com

  • Kinokuniya Singapore

    KINOKUNIYA - Various Locations

    This Japanese bookstore carries a wide variety of school supplies in their stationery section. You can find products like Moleskin planners, pencil boxes, mechanical pencils and quality colored pens. Some items even feature really adorable Japanese cartoon characters. While you’re there, you can even pick up educational books that will help your kiddo with more difficult subjects at school.

    Kinokuniya, www.kinokuniya.com.sg

  • Paper Market Singapore

    PAPER MARKET - Great World City

    If your child has a knack for DIY projects, they’ll definitely love Paper Market. Besides selling the more typical items like notepads and planners, they’ve also got a slew of craft essentials like stickers, washi tapes, and all sorts of advanced crafting tools that can be used to personalize their textbooks and files. By decorating their belongings, they might feel more excited to begin the school term!

    Paper Market, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-120 Great World, Singapore 237994, +65 6235 6811, www.papermarket.com.sg

  • Rainbow Carousel

    RAINBOW CAROUSEL - Online Store

    An online store that sells kooky, fun products, you can find products like decorated notebooks with motivational quotes at Rainbow Carousel. They also offer customization of their products, so you can bring your (or your kiddo’s) stationery ideas to life! One cool thing about the brand is that part of their proceeds go to charity, so whenever you purchase anything you’re giving back to society at the same time!

    Rainbow Carousel, www.rainbowcarousel.co

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