Infant Formula And Follow-Up Milk Brands Available In Singapore

Which Is Best For Your Bub?

Best infant formula brands and follow-up milk brands in Singapore

Although it’s been said that breast milk is best for your little one, there are instances where moms have to give their infant formula. With the wide range of formulas available in the market today, choosing a brand that best meets your baby’s needs can be an overwhelming task. Little Steps has narrowed down the various infant formula brands and follow-up milk options available in Singapore to help you make an informed and appropriate choice! From organic baby formula options to milk powder for your baby, it’s all here.  Read on…

  • 1. Similac & Gain IQ

    Similac's range of infant to toddler milk has a host of nutrient blends such as its EyeQ Plus system, which includes Intelli-Pro, AA, Omega 3 and 6, taurine, choline and iron. They also have formulas with immunifying ingredients and ProCalci Formulations that help fulfil your little one's specific nutritional needs. Compared to other formula brands, Similac doesn’t contain palm olein oil and has over 80 percent more Lutein, which is crucial for brain and eye development. Click here for more information.

  • 2. Enfamil A+

    Enfamil A+ is one of the first choices for mommies who have swapped to formula milk. Enfa has varied products that meet the nutritional needs of both babies and older kids. Enfamil A+ Stage 2, suitable for babies from six to 12 months, is fortified with DHA and ARA, which are very important nutrients for brain and eye development. Choline, a nutrient that promotes overall mental function, is included in Enfamil, together with GOS, which is a prebiotic. Enfamil also contains antioxidants like Vitamins C and E. Click here for more information.

  • 3. Nestle NAN

    The NAN Opti Pro Premium follow-up milk range and growing-up milk are specially formulated with BIFIDUS BL probiotics that help to protect against potentially harmful bacteria that might invade your little one's digestive system. DHA and ARA, crucial for brain and eye development, are also found in this formula. Click here for more information.

  • 4. S-26 Promil Gold

    S-26 Promil Gold has a unique blend of nutrients that are specially formulated to supplement your little bub's nutrition, especially during the weaning stage. Their blend includes oligofructose – a prebiotic that may promote a healthy digestive system; taurine, which helps develop overall mental and physical health; inositol, which supports important biological functions; choline, DHA and AA to assist with mental development; and calcium, to strengthen bones. What's more, this milk formula is Sucrose-free! Click here for more information.

  • 5. Dumex Mamil Gold

    Dumex Mamil Gold contains the highest amount of prebiotics among all follow-up milk formula brands in Singapore. It also has a custom blend of nutrients perfect for bubs who are starting on solids. Mamil Gold also contains DHA and ARA, which is crucial for brain development; Omega 3 and 6, taurine and choline for mental and physical development; calcium, vitamins A, C, D and E, as well as iron and phosphorus. Click here for more information.

  • 6. Friso Gold

    As with other leading brands of formula milk, the Friso Gold range contains a balanced mix of probiotics and prebiotics for digestive health, nucleotides – an essential ingredient for normal cell function and growth in babies, and DHA and AA, which are important ingredients for brain and eye development. Click here for more information.

  • 7. Bellamy's Organic

    Bellamy's Organic infant formula is whey dominant, which means that it is easy for your bubs to digest. It is perfectly balanced with essential vitamins and fatty acids to provide for your baby’s nutritional needs. With a casein dominant protein base, the Step 2 (from six months) follow-on formula is ideal for babies who are being weaned off breastmilk, or who are starting solids. Bellamy's follow-on formula is made from certified organic cow’s milk, blended with 26 essential vitamins and minerals to provide your little one with a nutritionally balanced diet. Click here for more information.

  • 8. HIPP Organic

    Hipp Organic follow-on milk is formulated to suit the particular nutritional needs of babies from six months. It is GMO-free, gluten-free and contains natural omega-3 fatty acids from organic ingredients. Their range of follow-on milk is easy to digest and provides age-appropriate satiety. Being iron-enriched and with natural calcium, this follow-on milk provides the essential nutrients for healthy growth and development. At present, only the follow-on and selected prebiotics formula are available in Singapore. Click here for more information on the full range of products.

  • 9. Babynat Organic

    Babynat infant formula milk is the result of a chemical-free agriculture, using milk from cows that graze freely, and are fed on an organic diet without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. It contains all the essential nutrients and is sucrose-free, gluten-free and uses no GM ingredients. Its new Optima follow-on range has replaced organic palm oil with oleic sunflower oil. Babynat 2 Optima provides iron, which contributes to the normal natural defenses development, and calcium, which is necessary for healthy bones growth and development. For more information, click here.

  • 10. Karihome (Goat Milk Based)

    Optimising the nutritional advantages of goat's milk, Karihome is made from the highest quality of goat's milk, fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for your bub's healthy growth and development. It also contains Natural Nucleotides, which is crucial for normal cell function and replication, especially for infants below one years old. Click here for more information.

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