Best Local Artists To Buy Artworks And Prints In Singapore

Support Homegrown Creative Talents

Best Local Artists To Get Artworks And Prints From

Singapore is a breeding ground for creative minds and interesting art all around us – just take a look at the many murals in our buildings! With so many local artists in society who draw and illustrate their unique designs, you can also support them beyond viewing their works at the exhibition, but by also taking their creations home as decorative pieces. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best local artists to get inspiration and prints from, all in the effort to also #supportlocal!

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  • Hafi Jainal

    HAFI JAINAL *Best Local Artists To Get Artworks And Prints From

    Self-Love And Body Positivity

    Colorful and creative best describes Hafi Janial’s works, which include prints, publications and portraits of pets and humans. Her existing prints incorporate fun and drawings related to dating, self-love and body positivity, but if you want something customized, you can opt for her portraits that start from SG$100 per pet and SG$120 per human, so you can celebrate your furry friend, a loved one, or even yourself!

    Hafi Jainal,

  • Ella Zheng

    ELLA ZHENG *Best Local Artists To Get Artworks And Prints From

    Eccentric Movie-Inspired Designs

    Ella Zheng is a talented illustrator and graphic designer, who lives up to her website domain “ellaisweird” with eccentric artworks she creates. From colorful designs of retro motifs to posters inspired by classic movies, there are plenty to admire. You can even take home a print she designed inspired by Wong Kar Wai films, titled “Gazes”, made as a collaboration with Knuckles and Notch.

    Ella Zheng,

  • Heman Chong

    HEMAN CHONG *Best Local Artists To Get Artworks And Prints From

    Established Artist With Pattern Designs

    Mixing colors and patterns, artist Heman Chong is an esteemed personality in the art scene with many years of experience. His creations have been exhibited in many places, including The National Museum of Art Osaka, NUS Museum, and Singapore Art Museum. Some of his prints are available on STPI’s The Corner Shop for sales, which will be perfect as wall decor in your home.

    Heman Chong,

  • Djohan Hanapi

    DJOHAN HANAPI *Best Local Artists To Get Artworks And Prints From

    Reimagined Fairy Tale Princess Designs

    Cover the kiddos’ eyes for this one! Djohan Hanapi is a Singapore-based artist who takes inspiration from fairy tale princesses and gives them an adult makeover in his designs. Some of his pieces are monochrome in black and white, while others have a pop of color to make them stand out. Shop his artwork from the Artsper website!

    Djohan Hanapi,

  • Natasha Hassan

    NATASHA HASSAN *Best Local Artists To Get Artworks And Prints From

    Digitalized Marble Paintings

    A well-known local artist is Natasha Hassan, whose clientele include the likes of North East Social Club, Singapore Community Radio and SingLit. One of her featured works which you can purchase for your home is titled the Processing series, which are digitalized marble paintings. On top of her artworks, she also creates designs for local musicians and events. Keep a lookout for her trademark style!

    Natasha Hassan,

  • Qiyun Woo

    QIYUN WOO *Best Local Artists To Get Artworks And Prints From

    Artwork With Positive Purposes

    For artwork that also reminds us to be good and responsible to ourselves and the environment, look no further than Qiyun Woo’s designs. She has 2 main ones available online – Sustainable Energy and Care For All – which are available as downloadable prints, posters or for use on social media. With adorable illustrations and character drawings, they’re also suitable for kids.

    Qiyun Woo,

  • Anngee Neo

    ANNGEE NEO *Best Local Artists To Get Artworks And Prints From

    Kid-Friendly Designs

    Expressing creativity and versatility with many different styles of design, Anngee Neo has worked with many brands like Esplanade, Changi Airport and National Library Board. If you love her designs, you can also spot them in books such as “The Rock And The Bird” and “Do Gallery Sitters Sit All Day?”, which kids can easily identify with while learning new stories.

    Anngee Neo,

  • Farizwan Fajari

    FARIZWAN FAJARI *Best Local Artists To Get Artworks And Prints From

    Monochrome Designs

    Farizwan Fajari, or known as Speak Cryptic in the art world, is an established artist who has exhibited his masterpieces in museums all over the world, including Singapore, Japan and France. Largely featuring black and white illustrations, his designs are available to buy or reserve online.

    Farizwan Fajari,

  • Reza Hasni

    REZA HASNI *Best Local Artists To Get Artworks And Prints From

    Prints And Woven Tapestries

    If you’re into artwork that blends retro themes with psychedelic designs and patterns, then Reza Hasni is your kind of artist. His works also incorporate inspiration from pop culture, fashion and spiritualism, which will give your living spaces plenty of character. From art prints to woven tapestries, explore his creations on his website.

    Reza Hasni,

  • Brinda Menon

    BRINDA MENON *Best Local Artists To Get Artworks And Prints From

    Designs Available In Various Items

    Brinda Menon uses the pseudonym artyfartybrin to bring to life cute drawings that evoke nostalgia while also providing inspiration about self-worth and self-care to others. The best part? Her designs are available in items beyond just art prints – you can also get them in products like stickers, magnets, envelopes and tote bags!


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