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Top Tuition Centers And Tutors For Kids In Singapore

Get Your Child The Best Help For Their School Work

Best Tuition Centers In Singapore - Adam Khoo Learning Centre

Getting extra help for your kids in their school work has become the norm in Singapore. There are many excellent centers and schools which provide a wide range of methods and subjects. Finding the right tutor for your little ones up to their teens can be a trial and error process, but once you have the right one in place, it will be life-changing for everyone. Little Steps has put together a list of top tuition centers to help you smoothen the process.

  • Keystone Online Tutoring Singapore

    KEYSTONE TUTORS: Exams and University Entrance Tutoring In Singapore

    Keystone Tutors offers three major services: online tutoring to ensure they know their subjects inside out and/or are prepared for relevant UK independent school entrance exams; UK schools and university advisory services to help families explore the full range of educational choices available and boost their chances of achieving their aspirations; and online group courses, where kids do online exam revision and extra-curricular courses like creative writing and financial literacy.

    Keystone Tutors, One George Street, 10-01, Singapore 049145, +65 3157 6543,,

  • THE LEARNING LAB: Tuition Centre And Tutors In Singapore

    The Learning Lab is the leading national provider of academic enrichment and tutorial services for primary, secondary, and integrated program students in Singapore. They develop and run premier academic programs for English, Chinese, Math as well as the Sciences at the preschool, primary, secondary and pre-tertiary levels. Their holiday camps for kids are also a big hit among parents!


    The Learning Lab,

  • KENT RIDGE EDUCATION: Tuition Centre And Tutors In Singapore

    Kent Ridge Education is a leading education chain in Singapore with over 100,000 students. They provide a wide range of academic and enrichment programs for various groups ranging from 18 months to 18 years old. Their tuition program is geared towards helping kids achieve their fullest potential in key examinable subjects in school like English, Math and Sciences. Their professional tutors are commited to not only cover curriculum, but ensure that analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills are also honed.


    Kent Ridge Education,

  • ASPIRE HUB: Tuition Centre And Tutors In Singapore

    Aspire Hub Learning Centre is an educational hub for holistic education in Singapore. Rather than focusing merely on excellence in general across the board with their students, the tutors here work on customizing lessons for each student based upon a diagnostic test of their strengths and weaknesses. With full-time tutors, called personality coaches, they ensure personal development as well as professional growth for their students; this is certainly crucial in Singapore’s highly competitive educational landscape.


    Aspire Hub,

  • EDUNAMICS: Tuition Centre And Tutors In Singapore

    At Edunamics, their team of professionals is enthusiastic about helping kids through learning activities designed to build on their strengths while improving weaker areas of academics and cognitive skills. Their individual approach covers Literacy and Math curriculum from preschool onwards within the local school and international systems. They also help kids with a wide range of specific difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, and sensory and attention disorders.



  • MIND STRETCHER: Tuition Centre And Tutors In Singapore

    Since its establishment in 2002, Mind Stretcher has grown drastically with centers in almost every neighborhood islandwide. With various awards and accolades, it has been reputed as one of the strongest names in the tuition scene in Singapore. Moving forward in this digital age and aiming to improve the way they deliver their lessons, Mind Stretcher introduced the MS e-Study Buddy, a dual purpose teaching and learning app specially developed for their teachers and students. Mind Stretcher's stellar track record in producing top students has made them the education center of choice for many parents.


    Mind Stretcher,

  • LEARNING POINT: Tuition Centre And Tutors In Singapore

    With 4 centers and 20 years of experience under their belt, Learning Point started with an ambition of wanting to teach kids how to read and appreciate the English language. Now, they've expanded to include Science and Math programs that are held and implemented on a regular basis to keep up with the local education and enrichment scene. Learning Point prides themselves with having quality and passionate teachers that will provide the necessary guidance to excel in school.


    Learning Point,

  • Best Tuition Centers In Singapore - Adam Khoo Learning Centre

    ADAM KHOO LEARNING CENTRE: Tuition Centre And Tutors In Singapore

    Conceptualized with the belief that all children can achieve great things, Adam Khoo Learning Centre is synonymous with infusing the power of belief in their curriculum. With classes for Kindergarten through Secondary covering English, Math, and Chinese, it is one of the most well-known tuition centers in Singapore and especially a fav with parents looking for PSLE tuition. Their centers are based on the philosophy of “Happy Children, Happy Results” and the belief that empowerment and encouragement are keys to academic success.


    Adam Khoo Learning Centre,

  • MAVIS TUTORIAL CENTRE: Tuition Centre And Tutors In Singapore

    Mavis Tutorial Centre has been providing tuition services for Primary, Secondary and Junior College students since the 1980s. With its specilized in-house curriculum and top-notch tutors, the Centre employs unconventional teaching methods to fix the inherent deficiencies in traditional rote learning; this has proven to be more effective in helping kids acquire and retain knowledge. Mavis is also one of the more affordable tuition centers on the island.


    Mavis Tutorial,

  • SCHTUTORS: Tuition Centre And Tutors In Singapore

    Schtutors is a tuition agency which was set up in 2008 with the objective to help parents find quality tutors. Unlike other tuition agencies in the industry, Schtutors only recommend MOE current and ex-school teachers. Their past clients include schools principals and tuition centers. Both group and one-on-one tuitions are available.



  • THE LANGUAGE BOUTIQUE: Tuition Centre And Tutors In Singapore

    Providing personalized one-to-one home tuition that caters to every child’s specific learning needs, The Language Boutique’s highly qualified teachers create fun and interactive English, Math, Science and Mandarin lessons for students aged 3 to 18. Its enviable reputation with delivering excellent results has made it one of the most sought-after tuition companies. Their lesson times and locations are flexible, which makes it an ease for parents. It is also the preferred provider of English support for kids by international schools in Singapore.


    The Language Boutique,

  • MATH VISION: Tuition Centre And Tutors In Singapore

    Founded in 2007 by Math teacher Divesh Shah, Math Vision equips students with skills to tackle both Math and the Sciences, be it whether they need a little guidance in those subjects or are preparing for examinations like the ICSE, IGCSE, CBSE or IB. Their dedicated and qualified teachers are committed to sharing the burden of schoolwork and also ease kids into the examination process. They also provide counselling and advice on applying to schools and also universities in the UK.


    Math Vision,

Additional Info:​






Ace Tutors,


Tuition Park

Ann Tutor,

My Home Tutor

Champion Tutor,

Singapore's Private Home Tutors,

Top Tests Prep,

Scholars Academy,

Stanford Tuition,



The Language



Seriously Addictive Maths,

Tutor Chen,

Elite Tutors,



JC Economics,



English Tuition,

Brain Matters



Teach Me


Main Image Credit: Stanford Tuition

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