When it comes to quality early education, no one does it better than Stamford American International School's Early Learning Village. In Infant Care, their whole focus is around how they can be more in tune with the child’s needs. Children are cared for by sensitive educators who are in tune and aware of the critical role of ‘the relationship’ with the child. An ideal program for your little one from 2 months to 18 months.

An Environment For Safe & Experiential Learning

Specially designed for the preschool years, Stamford American Early Learning Village has been built as an environment for safe, experiential learning. At Stamford American International School, there is an opportunity for every child no matter where their passion lies. Stamford is intent on helping each student succeed in their ambition with a personalized approach in a caring, supportive and inclusive academic environment.

The Infant Care Program 

The Infant Care Program is available for babies aged 2 months to 18 months. Their program is flexible to the needs of the family and we can offer 5 days, 3 days or 2 days program from 8am to 6pm. They are open for 47 weeks in the year. The Infant Care Program is available at both Stamford American International School and Australian International School.

Autonomous & Uninterrupted Play

By starting your child in Infant Care during their first months – rest assured that your precious child will be truly nurtured by Early Childhood professionals in a space perfectly suited for those earliest stages of development. At Infant Care, they advocate autonomous, uninterrupted play, which supports natural learning. Love, Care and Respect is the curriculum for Infant Care.


Stamford American welcomes new students all year round. Have a chat with their friendly Admission team or book your place for their upcoming Open House to tour their inspirational campuses and see how life is at Stamford.

Stamford American International School - Infant Care from Stamford American on Vimeo.