Where To Buy Radio Flyer Wagons In Hong Kong?

Radio Flyer Wagons

Radio Flyer Hong Kong Wagons Kids

Radio Flyer is one of the oldest global toy brands and a household name in America. With such rich history abroad, Little Steps wanted to get the inside scoop on how it all came to be.

You can buy radio flyer wagons at Amazon which offers international delivery to Hong Kong.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Radio Flyer was founded in 1917 by an Italian woodworker, Antonio Pasin. The first wagon was called the No. 4 Liberty Coaster named after the Statue of Liberty, which greeted Pasin on arrival.

Who It's Perfect For:

Radio Flyer was the name of the first metal wagon, made in 1927. The name “Radio Flyer” came from Pasin’s fascination with the radio industry and newly invented airplane.

What Else:​

In 1997, Radio Flyer celebrated 90 years and created the world's largest wagon, which is nine times the size of its’ original little red wagon (27 feet long, with 8-foot-diameter wheels).

Additional Info:​

Today Radio Flyer manufactures more than 50 wagon models, as well as a line of wagon accessories such as seats, canopies and cooler packs.

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