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14 Places To Buy Board Games In Hong Kong For Kids, Families, And Adults Too!

Board Game Shops In Hong Kong

Where To Buy Board Games In Hong Kong?

Despite the pun of ‘bored’ in ‘board’ games, board games are nothing short of fun! Plus they have countless benefits such as helping children develop social, cognitive, and problem-solving skills. Another bonus of board-games is they engage every family member ideal for carefree bonding sessions. This is the perfect time to get ‘on-board’ and bring the gaming lifestyle to your home. Little Steps has rounded up the best places to find your favorite board games in Hong Kong!

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What our our favorite board games for kids and families in 2021?

  • Monopoly – Always a favorite
  • Kids Against Maturity – You have played the adult version, time to play the family one!
  • Connect 4 – Great for kids of all ages
  • Spendour – We are loving this right now.
  • Twister – A fabulous active game
  • Uno – Classic and never not fun
  • Jenga – Everyone and every age loves it
  • Scrabble – A perfect holiday family game

Be sure to also check out Lion Rock Press who has gorgeous Hong Kong inspired games for families including puzzles, Bingo, and more.

  • Jolly-Thinkers-Board-Games-Hong-Kong


    1. Bookazine – With tons of locations around Hong Kong plus an option to order online, Bookazine is a favorite for tons of unique games like Bananagrams, Connect 4 Shots, Cheeky Butts, Rummikub, Zingo, Gravity Maze, World Geo Bingo, as well as the classics like Scrabble, Monopoly, Blokus, Guess Who, and Risk.

    2. Jolly Thinkers – Here you’ll find many games in Chinese to boost language skills, as well as games in English for kids like Blockers. Locations to play games are in Wanchai and Prince Edward plus they have an online store.

    3. Toys Club – Fun and challenging games in-store and online for younger kids, adults, and the family such as Taboo, 5 Second Rule Junior, One Night Ultimate Daybreak, Bingo, Hong Kong Dragons and Ladders, Mermaid Island Cooperative Game, and Classic Othello.

    4. CN Square – With locations in Yau Ma Tei and Fortress Hill, their large spaces offers board games along with art supplies and more.

    5. Toys R’ Us – Order board games for kids of all ages online or in one of their many stores around HK. You’ll find games like Penguins Pool Party Puzzle for younger ones, IQ Fit for challenging those smarts, and Othello Travel for long commutes!

    6. – Thousands of board games and card games for kids and adults such as Monopoly, Stratego, Codenames, Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter, Sonic the Hedgehog Crash Course, and more.

    7. Board Game Base – Over 2400 games, old and new, are stocked in store such as Codename Pictures, Watergate, Detective Club, Stockpile Epic Edition, Root: the Underworld Expansion, Point Salad, and Sushi Go Party! Plus they can deliver throughout HK or even in-person at MTR stations.

    8. Monster Geek – Play and purchase games in-store or order them online! Find abstract games such as Quixo Mini, award-winning strategy games like Quoridor, and family games and party games in Chinese and English.

    9. Baby Boom – Find games for younger and older kids, alike, such as Mental Blox 360, Code Sudoku, Rummikub Word, and Raccoon Rumpus.

    10. Book Castle – Find Educational board games like the STEM game Pendulonium and fun memory games like the PJMasks Night Sight Game in one of their 3 locations.

    11. Little Beetles – Games that are perfect for toddlers and younger kids. Find memory games like Caterpillar Clutter or games to help them understand their feelings like Monkey Expressions.

    12. Simply Toys HK – Puzzle board games for older kids such as The Genius Square or puzzle board games for younger ones like Ice Cubed can be found here. Also find the classics in variations like Monopoly Avengers.

    13. Fish Pond – Tons of games available online for shipping to HK such as Upwords, Boggle, Ludo, Rooster Rush, Dinosaur Dinners, and more!

    14. Book Depository – A few games can be found for online delivery such as the Talkabout Game, Dungeons & Dragons, Xcom, and Eldritch Horror as well as fantasy card games like A Game of Thrones and The Lost Expedition.

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