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Unique Lighting For Kids Room - Ta-Da

A cool light can be a welcome addition to kids’ room if they don’t like to sleep in the dark. Funky lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, from animals to glass balls and jelly inspired. Here’s our go-to guide on some of the coolest, most unique lamps and lighting in Hong Kong.

  • DECOR8

    The Decor8 Kids Lighting Sweets Silicone Jelly Ceiling Lamp is available in many colors. It is the perfect children's lighting for any kids room, children room and playroom. Available in five fun filled colors; cloud white, lemon yellow, lime green, sky blue and magenta red, the Sweets Silicone Jelly Ceiling Lamp is perfect for rooms that need an injection of color.




    If your little ones like animals then this little lamp is perfect for you. With the night light Lying Fawn, a whole dream world opens up! The nightlight gives a very soft and veiled light and will help the little ones to fall asleep without fuss. Lighted or not, the Fawn looks great on bedside tables or on a mantlepiece.


    Petit Bazaar,

  • Unique Lighting For Kids Room - Ta-Da


    The Eno Studio Favorite Things Lamp is perfect for kids who want to create something themselves. Lamps come in white, mustard, black and raspberry. Kids can decorate this hanging lamp by putting in their most favorite things.



  • Unique Lighting For Kids Room - Ta-Da


    If you love your pooch and want a lamp that looks just like him then check out this cutie. This original creation of the architects Clotilde & Julien, is one of the best sellers of ENOstudio. It is made in MDF and manufactured in France. These dog shaped lamps are perfect in any kids bedroom!




    Love animals, love these lamps! Choose from a lion, elephant or a hippo! Lil Nika's products are constructed to be flexible - taking into account children's rapid development and incorporate the discovery of learning. They look like beautiful pieces of origami, stunning for a creative kids room.



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