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Do Your Bit For The Planet By Switching To Cloth Diapers!

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As parents, our motivations for using cloth diapers – the environmental and health benefits for our precious babies as well as the savings – are easily understood. So what’s stopping us? Modern parents are busy and don’t want to deal with diaper changes and leaks all the time.

Whether you’re just starting out or are already a cloth diaper expert, check out Just Peachy’s online store here! Each pack includes everything you need to succeed with cloth diapering, including diaper covers, bamboo-cotton and hemp-cotton inserts that will take you from newborn to potty training, and even quick start videos guides for beginners.

Just Peachy‘s modern cloth diapers take away the usual stresses around cloth diapering, these clever diapers even pull up! Its patented design provides maximum absorbency and improved leak guards to make leaks and poopy blowouts a thing of the past. Confused about which cloth diaper system makes the most sense for your family? Just Peachy is convertible between pocket and all-in-two style so you can have the best of both worlds. You can do your bit for the planet with these super cute diapers while saving tons of money too.

As we all know, disposable diapers are bad news for the planet. Every year, 20 billion disposable diapers go to landfills in the US alone according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. What’s more, every disposable diaper ever created still exists today,  as they take up to 405 years to bio-degrade, says the NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. By switching to 1 cloth diaper a day, you can save over 1,000 disposable diapers from landfills for every single child, so a little goes a long way!


  • Cloth Diapers Just Peachy Hong Kong

    Getting Started With Cloth Diapers

    Cloth diapers use the natural absorbency of fabric to retain liquid and a waterproof layer to prevent wicking onto clothing and furniture. Cloth diapers usually need to be changed more often than disposables, but this is healthier for your baby’s skin.

    Insufficient absorbency or a poor fit are the two main causes of cloth diaper leaks. Many cloth diaper brands use cheaper to produce synthetic materials that absorb quickly, but not very much, so they need to be changed very often. As parents are often afraid of putting anything on too tight, many cloth diapers can leave gaps in the tummy and legs when not fitted correctly, allowing liquid to pass through.

    If you are a bit overwhelmed with all the cloth diaper options, Just Peachy, has Asia’s biggest selection of cloth diaper brands and offers trial packs too. The trial pack includes 1 Just Peachy cloth diaper set plus 2 cloth diapers from different brands and systems so you can figure out what’s best for your family.

  • Vicki Chuard Just Peachy Hong Kong

    Meet Just Peachy's Founder, Vicki Chuard

    Vicki Chuard, founder and creator of Just Peachy cloth diapers is a Canadian mama of two who grew up in an eco-conscious environment where incorporating “reduce, reuse, recycle” into everyday life was the norm. When pregnant with her first child, she became acutely aware of the need to protect the world she was bringing her baby into and minimize the toxins we expose ourselves to every day.

    She started with part-time cloth diapers and part-time disposables, but her son suffered from bad eczema, mysteriously localised around the bum area. She tried everything, but as she slowly moved to full-time cloth diapering, she realized that her son’s skin was healing. Speaking to health care professionals, she learned that sores caused by sensitivity to the chemicals in disposable diapers were more common than she'd imagined.

    After over 6 years of testing some of the most loved cloth diaper brands on her two little ones, and helping families start and troubleshoot on their cloth diaper journeys, Vicki designed her own cloth diaper, Just Peachy, to tackle the most common challenges she saw to cloth diapering. Her goal was to create the most effortless reusable diaper solution so that we as a society can normalise cloth.

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    A Unique Hybrid Cloth Diaper

    Just Peachy's patented diaper design addresses some of the most common challenges associated with cloth diapers. Thanks to its extra stretchy wings, elasticity on the front and back panels, and added leg gussets, Just Peachy not only prevents leaks caused by an awkward fit on your baby but is the world’s first diaper that can be pulled up too! For those who can’t decide whether they want a pocket or all-in-two/hybrid diaper, Just Peachy can be converted so you can also adapt your diaper to your baby’s needs as they grow.

    Just Peachy replaces commonly seen synthetic materials with bamboo cotton and hemp cotton inserts, both included in every diaper set, to maximize absorbency and performance without the use of harmful chemicals so that they can last hours longer than the average cloth diaper (anecdotally, we’ve heard up to 5 hours with just one of the two included inserts!). This eco-conscious business donates 1% of its sales to environmental nonprofits to create a healthier planet too.

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