Helpful AI Companies That Are Changing Learning In The Classroom & At Home

Companies That Are Set To Revolutionize How We & Our Kids Learn

Helpful AI Companies That Are Changing Learning In The Classroom & At Home

Science fiction has entered the chat. What used to exist only in our wildest dreams is now here to stay and the benefits outweigh the risks, especially when it comes to education. Individual learning styles, accessibility, real-time feedback, and assessment are among the advantages AI in education can provide to the learner. On the other hand, AI can increase productivity, lower costs, improve educational quality, and provide multiple revenue streams to educational companies. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Here’s a list of 8 educational companies paving the way for AI inclusion in learning.

  • coursera


    The World's Top E-Learning Platform

    You might have heard of US-based Coursera while browsing through credentials on LinkedIn, or from word-of-mouth that someone got a certificate from Yale or Stanford through it. That’s probably because it is a top e-learning platform that not only provides certificates from world-renowned universities but also undergraduate and graduate degrees. They are gearing up to use AI to create custom course experiences for the learners, including translating their English courses into 17 different languages.

    Coursera, https://www.coursera.org/


    Developing Learning Pods

    Canadian-based Docebo is winning top honors for workplace learning integration with the power of AI. It allows companies to create their learning pods based on what their employees need and the company’s philosophy. And it's only a matter of time before it gets adapted for in-classroom learning (perhaps it's even being developed as we speak). However, companies like Online Courses Australia and Nord Anglia are already using their programs for their students’ online learning and the latter, staff learning. 

    Docebo, https://www.docebo.com/

  • vitru education


    Revolutionizing Digital Learning In Brazil

    Vitru is already dominating digital learning in Brazil, where it’s based. They are currently using AI for their distance undergraduate and graduate programs, including medical school, and are offering their students LLM (large language model) tutors and personalized learning experiences. 

    Vitru, https://www.vitru.com.br/

  • Afya

    Medical School Integration

    When discussing medical school in Brazil, Afya is the first word that comes to mind. Imagine having a constant educational and technological companion while going through medical school - from the undergraduate degree to the medical degree, then residency, medical specialization, and even your daily routine as a doctor. The support goes a long way to assisting physicians with clinical decisions and patient-doctor relationships. Imagine when this can be adapted to in-classroom learning and not just for medical school. 

    Afya, https://www.afya.com.br/

  • TAL

    Making Mandarin Language More Accessible

    China-based TAL (Tomorrow Advancing Life) uses AI-powered technology to teach Mandarin to under-resourced students. The project provides an educational Mandarin learning app for students and is used by teachers as a resource. Aside from this, they are also developing MathGPT, which is a math-focused LLM. 

    TAL, https://en.100tal.com/


    Pioneering Language Learning

    A leader in language learning, US-based Duolingo is partnered with OpenAI (makers of the famous ChatGPT) for personalizing lessons and language exams. However, the features using AI are only available for English speakers learning Spanish or French with their Duolingo Max subscription plan for iOS. These features include Role Play, which is like having a real conversation with a native speaker, and Explain my Answer, which explains to the learner their wrong answer based on grammatical rules.

    Duolingo, https://www.duolingo.com/


    Comprehensive Courseware

    Knewton’s Alta, from US-based Wiley, is an AI-powered adaptive courseware that is directly used by instructors and students. For a subscription of $10.95 per month, or $44.95 per semester, everything that the student needs to learn: resources like reading materials, tutorials, reviewers for exams, exams, and study guides are all in the program. The teacher has a real-time view of their students’ progress and the AI can see if students are off-track or lacking in a particular subject (and if they are, they are directed on how to strengthen their weaknesses).

    Knewton Alta, https://www.wiley.com/alta


    Customized Teaching

    UK-based Century Tech is an award-winning start-up that provides customized teaching and learning plans and adaptable learning paths for students. The app can identify knowledge gaps and based on this, can customize content and learning pace of the students. It utilizes learning science and neuroscience, aside from AI. According to Firmbee, Century Tech is already a part of learning in at least 2000 schools in 50 countries. 

    Century Tech, https://www.century.tech/

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