The Harbour School’s Marine Science Center

Hong Kong's Unique School Facility Has An Open Day!


The Harbour School is located in the midst of rich marine biodiversity. This fact shaped the school into a unique educational organization that gives back to the environment. For one, there is the Black Dolphin, a fifty-foot wooden ketch, their sailing “outdoor classroom” for science, math, social studies, literacy, art, astronomy, design, engineering, music, and more. But it’s only the beginning of the learning adventure at THS. Along with a marine laboratory, a touch tank, and plenty of space for exploration through play and creation, the sailboat is only a part of a research facility that is the first of its kind in a Hong Kong school. The innovative THS Marine Science Center allows students and experts to study marine animals and ecosystems in Hong Kong, in all of their intricacies, up close, and in a way that drives awareness and facilitates progress!

Come test the waters and dip your toes into the vastness of marine knowledge during their Open Day on November 23, 2019! Register here!

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    Each term, The Harbour School’s primary students spend a week intensive in their Marine Science Center. The program is based on learning through play and discovery, hands-on experiences with the animals and equipment in the center, and (re)creation. From learning to use a compass to track down the animals in tanks in Grade 1 to building ocean exploration and building their submersible in Grade 6. The program takes them into the depths of marine knowledge at a grade-appropriate level - which keeps getting more comprehensive but stays just as fun. They hang out with the animals and do creative experiments to learn about food chains and webs, dinosaurs and fossils, animal adaptations, electric animals and electromagnetic fields, the marine ecosystems, deciphering topography, and so much more!

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    Middle and High School students can choose courses, research projects, and internships that make the best of the Marine Science Center’s facilities and the guidance of their dedicated team. Last year, student Nikki Wong’s research study on a small, thriving Hong Kong coral species won the third prize in a prestigious STEM competition. More importantly, her astounding and timely research showed that even exceptionally hardy species that developed to tolerate unusually wide temperature ranges are seriously endangered by climate change, which already bleached a fifth of all corals in the past three years. Not only do they spread awareness of this era’s defining issue, but her findings may also help preserve other, less hardy coral species around the world!

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    THS combines a structured approach to math, reading, and writing with an experiential approach in science, history, and the arts. This keeps the students active, creative, collaborative, and forever curious! The benefits of this approach are further amplified through a high teacher-to-students ratio, innovative learning technology, and a diverse faculty with globally recognized qualifications and infectious passion for their areas of expertise. The center’s resident marine biologists were appointed to the board of the Asian Marine Education Association, and THS co-founder became an advisor of its board. The Harbour School is truly making a difference, and so can your little explorers!

  • The Harbour School

    332 Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

    +852 3905 0180



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