The Woodland Christmas Camp

Ages 3 - 6 Years


This winter head over to the Woodland Preschools for their Woodland Christmas Camp! They offer a multi-activity camp, led by experienced Woodland Camp Leaders, and each day spend at camp will stimulate a child’s natural sense of wonder. Children will have the chance to try something new and to engage in a new favorite activity.

The camp has some exciting activities and your kiddos will have the opportunity to be involved in, crafts, science experiments, physical games, play, storytelling, cooking and also time to be in charge of their own play. At this camp, they will have the great fortune of meeting new friends or reconnect with old friends! 

Click here to register today.

What: Join their Christmas Camp and experience the wonders of Woodland Pre-schools!

When: December 23, 2019 – January 03, 2020


Woodlands Pre-school, Various locations around Hong Kong,

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