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The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong

Keep your little genius busy this summer holiday with one of the cool camps from The Genius Workshop. They offer a wide range of STEM education programs that are fun and engaging. From learning engineering concepts through LEGO at the age of 4.5 to constructing and programming your very own robots at the age of 14, there is a great selection of camps to choose from for your little ones.

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - Creator Camp


    All children love to create their own stories in their minds, but in Creator Camp, you will get to gather your boundless imaginations into a one-of- a-kind digital storybook!
    * Write your own story and dialogues with your teammates
    * Build movie scenes and props with LEGO® and minifigures
    * Participate in voice-acting for your own story
    * Children’s LEGO® story and sounds will be compiled into a digital storybook to take home

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - Super Boss Camp


    Is there a supermarket with a playground, a zoo with unicorns, or a shopping mall designed for kids? Try to be the boss of your dream business to design and build every single detail!
    * Work together with teammates to design products and construct with LEGO®
    * Build a miniature LEGO® model of your own shop
    * Learn about basic business and marketing planning, such as facilities, employees, departments, logo, business cards…etc
    * Children’s ideas will be compiled into a PowerPoint business proposal to take home

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - Transport Tycoon Camp


    We take the bus to schools, MTR to playdates, taxi to parties… There are so many different types of transportations in a city, but who decide how they are operated? Now you have a chance to plan your miniature LEGO® city’s transportation!

    * Learn to operate transportation companies
    * Plan, design, build stations and vehicles with LEGO®
    * Train organization skills in routes planning
    * Solve transportation problems in the city through group discussions

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - LEGO Party Planner


    Birthday parties are fun, but planning your own LEGO®-themed party is extra fun! Not only will you become a LEGO® party planner, you can also invite your family to have fun with what you’ve planned for them!

    * Plan the party rundown and game ideas
    * Build party game booths with LEGO®
    * Create decorations for party and design invitation cards
    * Train teamwork and organization skills
    * Invite family over on the last day to enjoy your LEGO® party with games, drinks and snacks

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - The Animator


    Bring your story to life by becoming the director of your own LEGO® stop-motion animation movie! Be it about superheroes saving the world, Jedis protecting the galaxy, Monster Trainers hunting around the city… You will decide how the whole story goes!

    * Plan your story structure and write movie script and dialogue
    * Construct movie scenes and props with LEGO® and minifigures
    * Acquire stop-motion technique to create your animation on an iPad
    * Learn to add sounds and after effects to your movie
    * TOPICS: Superhero Alliance | Champions League | Space Wars | Zombie Apocalypse | Racing Wheels | Ninja Quest | Knights & Dragons | Sea Adventure | Magical Land | Monster Trainer

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - The Entrepreneur


    All successful entrepreneurs around the world have unique ways of seeing things. Since the most creative and wild ideas overflow when one is young, why not try becoming the youngest entrepreneur of your own business this Summer?

    * Design your products, services, miniature shop model, and construct them with LEGO®
    * Plan your business structure, including daily operations and employments
    * Marketing planning: branding, advertisements, logo and business card design
    * Basic business finance: revenue, expenses, and profit estimation
    * Compile all planning together and create a business proposal
    * TOPICS: Megamall Manager | Toyshop CEO | Resort Director | Theme Park Designer | Superstar Agency | Restaurant Owner | Supermarket Executive | Tech Innovator | Zookeeper | Vacation Planner

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - Coding Playground


    Coding is becoming an important language of the new generation. It might seem boring at first, but they teach it in a fun and interesting way in their coding playground!

    * Participates in interactive unplugged activities that explains coding logics
    * Introduction to Apple’s coding language – Swift, which is used for building apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch
    * Modify a video game with codes
    * Attend a field trip to Apple Store led by Apple staff and their instructors (Happy Valley center only, please check with The Genius Workshop for details)

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - The Transport Plan


    In a busy city, the transport department plays a very critical role. This Summer, you and your team who join this big transport plan will become the important department leaders and run the entire transport department at your LEGO® city.

    * Plan all transportations for a city from scratch, according to population count and their living standards
    * Design and build your transportation with LEGO®, as well as structuring transit routes
    * Resolve daily scenarios of emergencies and special events affecting traffic
    * Design futuristic transportation and apply it to your LEGO® city
    * Practice leadership and teamwork through problem-solving

  • Space Institute


    The Universe used to seem unreachable, but with improving technologies, space travelling has become possible. In Space Institute, you will travel around different knowledges of the Universe.

    * Learn about present and future of space travelling, as well as the solar system
    * Experience solar and other forms of energy used in outer space
    * Design, create, and bring home your own interstellar colonizing ship, planet and asteroid
    * Design and build your own Mars rover with LEGO®

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - Mechanic Coding Workshop


    * Learn about machines in everyday life
    * Introduce simple machines and physics concepts
    * Improve fine-motor and cognitive skills
    * Encourage expressing ideas through interactive teaching method
    * Stimulate creativity in model expansions, games and story
    * Effectively prepare children for interviews

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - Engineering Workshop


    * Acquire in-depth engineering concepts in machines
    * Apply engineering knowledge in creations
    * Inspire creativity in modification challenges
    * Improve concentration and train patience
    * Practice problem-solving and independency
    * Understand 2D-3D conversion

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - Robotics Workshop


    * Construct and code robots to complete tasks
    * Tinker structure of robots to improve capabilities and functions
    * Learn core robot mechanics components
    * Create DIY robotics projects and online portfolio
    * Improve logical thinking through graphical-interface coding
    * Train analytical skills, problem-solving, patience

  • The Genius Workshop In Hong Kong - Game Development Camp


    * Learn foundation of coding in a fun way
    * Train analytical skills through coding logics
    * Develop problem solving skills in debugging
    * Promote attention to details through game structure-planning
    * Exercise imagination in game design
    * Share your own video games with friends and family

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

Unit B, 1/F, Southern Pearl Court, 151 Wong Nai Chung Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, +852 2591 0100.
Unit B, 12/F, Prince Edward The Lamma City, 761 Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon, +852 3107 4343. Unit 1001, Podium, Hang Sing Mansion, 3 Tai Wing Avenue, Quarry Bay, +852 2591 0009.  

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