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Best Guitar Lessons And Courses In Hong Kong *UPDATED

Learn Guitar In Hong Kong!

Guitar Lessons In Hong Kong

Hey rockstars – listen up!  Why not sign your budding Hendrix some guitar lessons and get them on the road to becoming the next great musician. Little Steps has scouted some of the best guitar classes, instructors, lessons and tutors all over Hong Kong to make sure your child is ready to rock.  Flamenco, Rock, Classical – it’s all here!

  • THE LIVING ROOM: Guitar Lessons And Courses In Hong Kong

    The Living Room In Sai Kung is a group of talented Hong Kong-based guitar teachers from around the world. Whether kids just want to learn their favorite songs or dive a little deeper into music theory, The Living Room's teachers have the patience and experience required to teach kids. They also have The Rock School (camps) and Rock Group training programs as well as individual private guitar lessons. Rock ‘n roll!

    The Living Room, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, https://thelivingroom.hk/

  • PARKLAND MUSIC: Guitar Lessons And Courses In Hong Kong

    At Parkland, kids can learn guitar from experienced and accomplished instructors. Get to learn about guitar structure and posture, coordination between left and right hand, finger dexterity, and endurance training. Learn about music theory and notation reading and training. Sign up your little ones today and start them on the guitar.

    Parkland Music, Various locations all over Hong Kong, www.parklandmusic.com.hk/en/music-course/pop-rock/acoustic-guitar

  • PAUL ROTH: Private Guitar Teacher In Hong Kong

    Guitar lessons that come to your door! Paul is a professional guitarist from Australia with a Bachelor's degree and years of international performance experience who comes to you to teach guitar. Skype options are also available.

    Paul Roth, http://teachmetheguitar.com/

  • RITCHIE W: Private Guitar Teacher In Hong Kong

    Learn guitar with customized learning materials and a geometric teaching approach. Ritchie W makes sure kids have fun with the instrument by doing different activities in each lesson. He offers a variety of classes including electric, classical, and acoustic lessons.

    Ritchie W, www.ritchiewguitarlesson.com/

  • CHORUS: Guitar Lessons And Courses In Hong Kong

    CHORUS offers musicians and singers the opportunity to practice and explore their instrument in a band while preparing for a live performance. The ultimate goal is for each band to play live. Each band is composed of 2 to 5 musicians who will practice under the guidance of a teacher. The bands are open to guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboards, and singers. Beginners to advanced are welcome.

    Chorus HK, +852 6718 2585


    Amusix, https://www.amusixprod.com/

    DMA Guitar School, https://www.facebook.com/dmaguitarschool/

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