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Unique Extracurricular Classes For Introverted Kids In Hong Kong

The Best Classes For Children That Prefer To Be More Reserved

Introverted Kids Classes Hong Kong

All kids are individuals. Some are loud and some are more reflective. Discovering who your child is can be a wonderful journey and may help you find yourself as well. If you find yourself searching for unique experiences or activities for a child that may be more introverted, here at Little Steps we have compiled a list of suggestions of what is available right now in Hong Kong. Don’t forget that every child is different and there is no one correct answer or personality for the ideal child and that not everyone will enjoy an activity in the same way. Social activities are a fantastic way for a child to bond with like-minded enthusiasts and the more solo activities are perfect for when they would like some more quiet time.



    Chess is a great game of concentration and strategy and joining a chess club is a superb way of creating social interactions through a common interest. The Chess Academy in Kennedy Town offers after-school classes and holiday camps plus hosts tournaments. Created by two Grandmasters, The Chess Academy is now considered the most comprehensive international chess program in Hong Kong.

    Active Kids - The Chess Academy, Nan Sang Building, 86 Belcher's St, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, +852 3480 4199info@activekidshk.com, thechessacademyhk.com


    Singing can be exhilarating, therapeutic and scary all at the same time. Learning how to sing in a group is a wonderful skill that can produce all kinds of experiences for every type of child. Whether it is a school choir or the Island Glee Club, if your child enjoys singing this a great way to encourage that passion. The Island Glee Club holds various classes in Central, Parkview, Pokfulam and Sai Kung for children aged 3 – 18 years old.

    The Island Glee Club, +852 9389 5880, info@theislandgleeclub.comhttps://www.theislandgleeclub.com/


    Coding is an essential language of the times and many school offer coding and robotics as part of the curriculum now. If your child is an enthusiast or could benefit from more experiences, there are plenty of good coding classes here in Hong Kong. Cobo Academy was founded by a former Microsoft engineer and now offers a wide range of classes and holiday camps both face to face and online for kids aged 4 -17 years old.

    Coding And Robotics Classes For Kids In Hong Kong

    Cobo Academy, +852 39051111, hi@coboacademy.comwww.coboacademy.com


    Hong Kong is filled with excellent martial arts classes for all ages. Learning a martial art can build courage as well as increase your strength and coordination not to mention inspire the next generation of movie stars like Jackie Chan. Choosing the right class for your child may take a little trial and error but there are certainly great options in our city. For Kung Fu, check out the various classes at Mindful Wing Chun in Central.

    Martial Arts Schools In Hong Kong

    Mindful Wing Chun, On Lan Centre, 8/F, 11-15 On Lan St, Central, Hong Kong, +85266207050, info@mindfulwingchun.com.hkwww.mindfulwingchun.com.hk

  • Meditation Centre Causeway Bay


    Meditation is something we could all benefit from understanding further. For kids in Hong Kong, life can be stressful and hectic. Meditation is a great way of embracing the introvert characteristics of your child. Kadampa Meditation Centre in Causeway Bay offers meditation classes for children and the accompanying adult to find the best way to meditate and relax into their inner self.

    Kadampa Meditation Centre In Causeway Bay Hong Kong

    Mindfulness And Meditation Guide To Hong Kong

    Kadampa Meditation Centre, 1/Floor, Causeway Tower, 16-22 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2507 2237, info@meditation.hk, www.meditation.hk/en/


    Lifelong Labs offer excellent camps and 1:1 classes to bring out your child’s imagination and creativity. Whether they are interested in digital photography, movie production or web design, these classes offer a unique opportunity to spark ambition and skill. Behind the lens of these classes is Mo a practicing artist and experienced educator and Harvard graduate.

    Lifelong Labs, +852 2540 2484/ +852 6690 3044 (WhatsApp), 5/F Gough Plaza, 33 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong, info@lifelonglabs.org, lifelonglabs.org/dreamaker


    Fencing can improve your balance, coordination and endurance whilst developing fantastic physical and mental strength not to mention excellent sportsmanship. Fencing also teaches discipline and respect. The Hong Kong Fencing Master offer numerous classes for children, teens from complete beginner through to competitions. The head coach is a former Olympian who understands how to get the very best out of his students. Classes are available online and in person.

    Hong Kong Fencing Master, various locations, +8526900 1070, info@hkfencingmaster.com, https://www.hkfencingmaster.com/


    Music lessons provide more than just the ability to play an instrument. Understanding the language of music and how to read it has been proven to increase a child’s memory, patience and creative ability. Playing an instrument can be both a social and solo activity which can lead to the formation of incredible friends. Again, finding the right instrument and teacher are crucial and may take some time to find. Be patient and listen to your child. Scroll through an unlimited selection of teachers and classes on Music Sage and M.int Academy 

    Best Music Classes For Toddlers, Kids, Teens In Hong Kong

    Music Sage, contact@musicsage.io, https://musicsage.io/

    M.int Academy, 19/F, Casey Aberdeen House, 38 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, +852 3596 7094, info@mintacademyhk.comwww.mintacademyhk.com

  • Surfing Hong Kongs Exciting Summer Surfing Lessons


    Hong Kong has some incredible beaches and some great beginner surfing areas. Again, surfing can be a solo or social activity. It demands physical strength, stamina and intelligence. Learning how to surf will give your child a greater understanding of the ocean. It can also be both very rewarding and relaxing. Big Wave Bay is a great beach to start at and Hong Kong Surfing Lesson offers experienced teachers that are passionate about surfing and the water.

    Thrilling Surfing Fun At Big Wave Bay, Shek O In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Surfing Lesson, +85261990904, info@hongkongsurfinglesson.com, http://box5806.temp.domains/~hongkou3/


    Elephant Community Press hold writing workshops for students aged 4-16 years old to encourage creative writing skills. They also provide the ability for young writers to publish their very own stories. Their experienced team will courage young writers through every step to bring out their imagination and boost writing confidence. Workshops and camps can be help both in-person and online. Check their website for the schedule.

    Elephant Community Press, Unit 704, Lap Fai Building, 6–8 Pottinger Street, Central, +852 3487 3153, https://www.elephantcommunitypress.com/

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