10 Great Activities In Hong Kong To Support Shy Kids

Activities To Help Support Their Emotional Journey!

When it comes to shy or shyer kids, it’s all about finding the right activity that will enable them to flourish. Keep in mind that children are constantly learning to understand themselves and their place in the world. As they grow, their preferences may (and will) likely change. It is important to recognize first what our children’s needs might be and how we can act accordingly, to try to encourage them to try and step out of their comfort zone every once in a while! Here are some ideas on what families can do t0 help their shy kiddos find an activity that they’ll love!

  • Fun With Art

    Kids Can Learn At Their Own Pace In A Calm Environment

    Art is one of the most perfect ways for a child to express themselves in their own way if they can't do so through words, it provides a calm environment, and each student or child can go at their own pace as they explore their creative side. Little Genius House for example provides fully bilingual (Mandarin & English) classes for children under 9 in arts & crafts and digital media classes in photography, videography, post-production, graphic and website design. Another option is Colour My World which hosts a wide range of cutting-edge visual arts workshops for ages 4-18 years, ranging from Fine Arts to the Digital Realm, drawing, sketching, painting, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, fashion design, photography, animation, film-making, and digital painting/illustration and more. There are several classes at the YWCA you can also explore!

    Click on for our ultimate guide on some of the best places for Art, Painting and Drawing Classes in the city.

  • Single-Player Sports

    Individual Sports Like Swimming, Golfing & More

    There are tons of sports and sports classes around the city that shyer kids can take part in that do not necessarily involve being part of a big group. Here are some suggestions:

  • Pets And Furry Friends

    Having A Pet Supports Emotional Learning

    Who doesn’t love pets? Whether it’s a cat, dog, turtle, fish, or hamster  - your child will learn to feed it and care for it, or maybe even have fun conversations with it. It certainly develops emotional learning. And, fostering is also an option in Hong Kong!

    Here is our guide to adopting and fostering animals in Hong Kong.

  • Nature

    Interact With Nature

    Grow A Plant Or Go For A Hike!

    If your kid prefers not to interact with others, there is a good chance they’ll connect well with nature. Basic plant-growing is also a soul-soothing activity, by teaching them how to water the plant, tend to it, and care for it that will also appeal to your kiddo.

    Another option is to take your kids out on a nature walk. Hong Kong has a great number of trails that are family-friendly. For a list of Top Easy Hikes For Kids And Families - click here!

  • Book List Hong Kong


    Immerse Yourself In A Great Book

    Reading is another great activity. Not only is reading entertaining, but it also helps in improving your child’s vocabulary and language skills. Find out what genre appeals to your kid and get them interested in reading more from their favorite theme.

    For ideas on The Best Childrens' Bookstores In Hong Kong - click for more!

    We also have a great guide on books to help kids cope with anxiety - many of which stems from social interactions, that could really help support their emotional learning.

  • Cooking

    Register For A Cooking Class

    They say cooking can be therapeutic and meditative. Nowadays, cooking has become a popular activity among kids too. It can also be a great bonding activity between parent and child. For young, shy kids you can start them off by getting them their own toy kitchenette.

    There are also a lot of fun Cooking And Baking Schools In Hong Kong to choose from, where kids can learn new skills and really immerse themselves in what they are doing.

  • STEM And STEAM Activity Sets

    Play-Based Learning Great For Shy Kids

    This is a great way to spark your shy one's curiosity by conducting home-based experiments. There are a lot of kits available which will encourage young minds to share what they've learnt and discovered through these activities.

    Here is a list of where to find the Best STEM and STEAM Toys In Hong Kong!

  • Singing Lessons for Kids in Hong Kong


    Learn A New Skill

    Music is one of the best forms of expression and as well as a great way to stay calm and relaxed. Shy kids can use this way to either want to learn a new instrument, or simply appreciating a new genre that they can listen to at home.

    There are also a lot of classes to check out. Here is a wonderful list of Music Classes For Toddlers, Kids And Teens In Hong Kong.

  • Kids Photography


    Sky Kids Can Express Themselves Through Their Lens

    Photography allows shy kids to exercise their creative muscle and encourages exploration! It helps build visual skills and allows our children to communicate and hone creative expression in a different way. There are amazing photography courses in Hong Kong that children can attend as well. Read on for the best Photography Courses, Workshops And Classes In Hong Kong. 

  • Girl and boy acting Wizard of Oz


    Sometimes It's Good To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    This seems like a little bit far-fetched to suggest for shy kids. However, drama can give our shy ones a chance to find themselves, hone their communication skills, and gain self-esteem. Look no further, this city has a lot of workshops our kids can attend. Here's a curated list of the Best Kids Drama, Theatre And Acting Classes For Kids.

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