Best STEM And STEAM Educational Toys In Hong Kong For Toddlers, Kids, And Teens *UPDATED

Learning Through Play—Through Awesome Toys

STEM And STEAM Toys In Hong Kong

Little Steps is constantly on the lookout for creating the best guides for parents and their little ones.  We have completely updated our STEM & STEAM toys guide. These toys are the embodiment of the idea of learning through play—and boy, are these cleverly adorable! Besides allowing them to gain real skills and information effortlessly, STEM & STEAM toys instill the love of learning, problem-solving, and out-of-the-box thinking in kids who would rather be doing precisely that—playing open-endedly, in the most productive of ways!

Best Stores For Educational Toys: STEM, STEAM, CODING, And ROBOTICS Toys For Kids In Hong Kong:

  • Classroom Shop – Variety of STEM, STEAM, AI, Coding Toys For Kids In Hong Kong
  • Toys “R” Us – Wide Variety Of Science, STEM, STEAM, Educational Toys In Hong Kong
  • OSMO Store – Educational Toys With Amazing Apps In Hong Kong
  • My School Bus – Unique Educational Toys In Hong Kong
  • Kinderspiel – Educational Toys And Cardboard Houses For Kids In Hong Kong
  • Apple Store Hong Kong – Go To The Store Or Visit Their Educational Toy Section Online In Hong Kong
  • 4M Educational Toys – Hong Kong Store For STEM And STEAM Toys
  • Amazon – They deliver to Hong Kong and have it all for educational, STEM, STEAM Toys
  • Wise Kids – Science And Building Kits In Hong Kong

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  • Babai Toys In Hong Kong

    BABAI TOYS @ PETIT BAZAAR (Ages 0+): Wooden Educational Toys Brought To You By A Ukrainian Manufacturer

    Wooden Educational Toys For Toddlers

    Babai is a Ukrainian manufacturer of high-qualified toys made of wood. Their gorgeous wooden educational toys include a toddler-focused approach to geometry, game creativity, and more.  All of their toys are sustainable, offer open play (meaning kids get to be creative for their use and are beautiful.  Right now, Petit Bazaar in Hong Kong is donating 100% of proceeds from these toys to Save The Children (in support of children and families devastated by the crisis in Ukraine).

    Babai Toys @ Petit Bazaar,

  • Coding Toys For Kids In hong Kong - Wonder dash

    WONDER WORKSHOP DASH ROBOT (For Ages 8 & Up): Learn Programming And Coding Basics With This Cool Robot In Hong Kong

    Unique Coding Robot That Teaching You How To Code

    Those 8-and-up-old kids have unbelievable opportunities to learn and grow through direct, proactive interaction with a toy that is, in this case, the Wonder Workshop Dash Robot, "a sidekick, pet, or pal in the world created by your child using easy-to-learn code on a tablet." Yes, your 8-YEAR-OLD can influence a robot through CODE as part of seriously awesome playtime!


  • CODE-A-PILLAR (For Ages 3 to 6): Planning, Sequencing, Problem-solving Toy For Young Kids In Hong Kong

    Robot Educational Toy For Toddlers To Learn Experiments And More

    This robotic creature has 8 segments that make up an innovative (and charming) tool for little experimenters. By connecting the Code-a-pillar's segments, the master of its fate makes it move forward, turn right or left in endless combinations in pursuit of set targets or imaginary ones, all the while developing planning & sequencing, critical thinking, memory, problem-solving, and fun-having skills!

    Think & Learn Code-a-pillar, buy at Amazon

  • KIDZROBOTIX (For Ages 8 & Up): Toy For Kids To Learn About Robotics With Delivery In Hong Kong

    Amazing Coding, Robotics, STEM, And STEAM Toys In Hong Kong With 4M

    KidzRobotix is a series of 4 unputdownable toys (literally!): The Fridge Robot walks on your food treasury, the Spider Robot moves up and down its string, the Crazy Robot runs around and flips and the Motorised Robot Hand taps out tunes. The beauty lies in that your kid assembles these little wonders themselves and learns the basics of robotics through a hands-on approach!

    4M, You can also find 4M toys at toy stores around Hong Kong including Toys "R" Us which offers home delivery of all their STEM and STEAM toys.

  • KIDZLABS (For Ages 8 & Up): All Sorts Of Science Kits For Kids With Home Delivery In Hong Kong

    Amazing Coding, Robotics, STEM, And STEAM Toys In Hong Kong With 4M

    KidzLabs features an insane selection of different science or engineering or magic or kitchen or animation or electronics or model-making or anatomy or optical or so, so many other unbelievable kinds of kits that require kids to build the system in question and then see how it operates. It deepens their understanding of the world and breeds curiosity, and we bet you yourself don't know half of this stuff yourself.

    4M, You can also find 4M toys at toy stores around Hong Kong including Toys "R" Us which offers home delivery of all their STEM and STEAM toys.

  • CUBETTO (For Ages 3 to 6): Your Child's First "No Screen" Coding Kit With Delivery In Hong Kong

    Amazing No Screens Toys For Toddlers And Kids Who Will Learn Basic Coding

    I know we just said 9-year-olds have it exceptionally good but look at preschoolers! Cubetto is "your child's first coding kit"—no screens, no keyboard, just wood, coding blocks, and a control board to place the blocks onto. A 3-year-old can be introduced to concepts such as "algorithms," "the queue," "debugging," and more through coding adventures that make them solve problems and seek to learn to make the world more fun!


  • UNITBRICKS (For Ages 18 Months & Up): Kids Learn Geometry, Visual & Spatial Skills, Planning, Creativity With This Building Toy For Kids

    Building Toys Featuring Units For Kids

    Unitbricks are beautiful, sustainable, wooden, natural pieces of opportunity for your kid's creativity, but also pieces of information that need to be deciphered to build something up! Kids use different units to create structures of different levels of complexity. The progress is clearly reflected in material, and wooden form and the evaluation process is satisfying for the little architect and their admirers!  You can shop for Unitbricks on this e-commerce store with delivery to Hong Kong.

  • Mochy Activity Boxes For Kids Hong Kong

    MOCHY STEM TOY SUBSCRIPTION (For Ages 2 to 12): Educational Toy Subscription In Hong Kong #ShopLocal

    Subscription Boxes With Educational Toys For Kids And Toddlers

    Life gives you countless opportunities to learn in ways you cannot predict, and Mochy imitates life with its monthly STEM toy subscription. Learners receive a new package every mid-month containing a hands-on stimulative sensory or simple craft, a scientific, engineering, or craft activity, or an in-depth STEAM project, depending on the age of the little subscriber.

    Mochy GROUP,

  • Unique STEAM & STEAM toys in Hong Kong.

    PROJECT MC2 (For Ages 6-15): Chemistry Oriented Toy *S.T.E.A.M. Toy With Delivery To Hong Kong

    Make Your Own Perfume Using Chemistry

    Conduct your own experiments at home or on the go, just like the girls from Project Mc2. Picking up S.T.E.A.M. with Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math. Formulate your own perfumes using cosmetic chemistry with Project Mc2 Perfume Science Kit.  Now you can perform this same cool S.T.E.A.M. experiment at home using just household items again and again. Pretty brilliant! You can find this awesome kit on Amazon!


  • SEEDLING (For Ages 3 to 12): "STEAM" Is Not Enough Letters With These DIY Kits For Kids In Hong Kong

    Creative Kits For Kids In Hong Kong

    Seedling creates D.I.Y. activity kits that plant the seeds of creativity and critical thinking through open-ended tasks in various fields, from sewing to space science and pretty much everything in between. They teach kids about everyday processes they are too young to do for real on their own (like growing and buying organic veggies) and inspire their interest in things ungraspable, even to adults. No wonder these toys need an abbreviation!

  • GEAR BOARD (For Ages 18 Months & Up): Mechanics Basics With Unique Gears For Toddlers In Hong Kong

    Amazing Toddler Toys To Help Tots Learn About Systems

    There's no room for distractions on Masterkidz's Gear Board—only gears and endless possibilities of their combination (including stacking them in layers). This simple toy teaches kids about the mechanics of clocks and bicycles, for example, as they stack the gears to create their own systems and see them in action.

    Gear  You can shop for Gear Boards at My School Bus in Hong Kong.

  • BEASTS OF BALANCE (For Ages 6 & Up): Dexterity, Teamwork, Planning With This Family Game Combining Gameplay And Real World In Hong Kong

    Kickstarter Educational Game For Kids And Families In Hong Kong

    This is definitely a 6 to 66 situation (and above if you understand digital devices). This wonderful, open-ended combination of social real-world play and digital gameplay promotes teamwork, creation, and planning as a sole creator or collaborators stack various artifacts (beasts & commands) into a tower in the real world for their combinations to translate into a unique digital world that lives as long as the physical tower stands.

    Beasts of Balance,

  • OSMO GENIUS KIT GAME SYSTEM (For Ages 6 & Up): Very Popular Coding Kit Toys That Combine Gameplay Apps And Physical Toys And More In Hong Kong

    The Osmo Genius Kit System + Loads Of Apps And Games To Play

    We will never tire of the combination of physical play and digital consequences, which is consistently proving to be equally engaging for kids & adults (hence the fun to be had from teamwork). The Osmo Genius Kit System comes with five games: Numbers, Tangram, Newton, Words, and Masterpiece—It's all of STEAM, all the way!

    Osmo, can find Osmo at Toys "R" Us in Hong Kong.

  • KIBO (For Ages 4 to 7): Programming Basics, Creativity Kits That Teach Coding And More To Kids

    Unique Kickstarter Coding Kit

    KIBO is the prodigious result of 15 years of learning technologies research and testing. First, KIBO engages kids in learning the basics of programming by coming up with a sequence of commands in the form of tangible, easily manipulated wooden blocks. Second, kids use that knowledge and skills like writing, choreographing, engineering, designing, and more to give Kibo commands to turn it into a perfectly custom-made robot!


  • City Engineering & Design Building Toy for Ages 5+

    CITY ENGINEERING & DESIGN BUILDING (For Ages 5 & Up): Design & Engineering Building Kits For Kids In Hong Kong

    STEM Educational Kits To Encourage Creativity

    Encourage an early love of STEM learning with this city building set. City Engineering & Design Building inspires your little engineers can create their own skyscrapers, cranes, bridges, and more with 89 easy-to-assemble pieces. Use the included activity cards to complete design challenges, or create your own city. It’s a unique way to challenge logic, problem-solving, and engineering skills. A great way to encourage the learning of important STEM skills!

    City Engineering & Design


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  • Rasperry Pi - Coding Toys Available In Hong Kong At Classroom
  • Matatalab - Coding Toys Available In Hong Kong At Classroom
  • Sphero - Unique Robotics Toy In Hong Kong Here

Popular STEM/STEAM Books For Kids In Hong Kong:

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