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To the surprise of many, a family lawyer can play an important role for many other reasons other than divorce. Family lawyers do in fact wear many hats. Oldham, Li & Nie (OLN) can help with a diverse range of legal issues, including family immigration and estate planning in addition to divorce.

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Below, Stephen J. Peaker, Partner and Head of Family Law Department at Oldham, Li & Nie, outlines the many ways a family lawyer can assist you.

  • Divorce and Legal Separation: The primary role of a solicitor is to helping you come to a resolution of your marriage. This includes filing for divorce or legal separation and drafting/submitting all the necessary paperwork to the Family Court. If your family law matter is litigated, your family law solicitor will assist by appearing on your behalf in Court. If it becomes complicated, your family law solicitor will help you hire a family law barrister to appear on your behalf. If you are not involved in a litigious divorce, your solicitor help you prepare for mediation and negotiate a settlement for you.
  • Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements: The Prenuptial Agreement will outline the terms agreed between you and your future spouse on the financial division upon the unlikely event of a divorce. If you’re already married, your divorce lawyer can advise on a Postnuptial Agreement and help you negotiate and draft the agreement. 
  • Deed of Parenting or Deed of Guardianship: A Deed of Parenting is a legal document that states that you and your spouse are the legal parents of the children and can be important in situations when you traveling cross-border and are questioned by immigration. A Deed of Guardianship sets out guidelines for the caring and well-being of minor children in the event both parents pass away or are involved in unforeseen circumstances which do not allow them to care for the minor children.
  • Wills & Trusts: A family law solicitor can advise in helping you prepare a Will and/or trust. Prior to and after a divorce, individuals may want to change the terms of the Will as there has now been a breakdown of the marriage. 
  • Immigration Issues: If there is a change to your immigration status due to a divorce, they can advise in writing to the immigration office on your behalf. Another example where immigration becomes a key issue is when certain Court orders are in place that prevents your ex-spouse from exiting Hong Kong with the minor child of the family. Their matrimonial team assists in helping those orders be brought to the attention of immigration officials and ensure the orders are followed by the ex-spouse.

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OLN can help with a diverse range of legal issues, including family immigration, estate planning and divorce.

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Anyone looking for legal advice for their family!

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The firm currently has more than 40 lawyers, admitted in one or more jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, France, the UK, the US, Australia, Canada and Japan.

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