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Your Daughter’s First Period: Guide On Where To Get Support In Hong Kong

Help Navigate Your Daughter's First Period

Daughters First Period HK

Your daughter’s first period. There’s a lot to navigate when it comes to this milestone in a young girl’s life.

If you aren’t completely sure what to do or say when your child starts going through puberty, and is about to get her first period – you are not alone!

Communication is always key. It doesn’t have to be one big (maybe slightly awkward) conversation but can be discussed over a period of time. Be open and honest, remind her that it is a natural process of growing up, and make her feel as comfortable, safe, loved and supported as you can. Educate her on what to expect, concerns, and empower her to handle the logistics.

Do it in your own way and what feels right for you and your daughter. You can do this!

To get you started, we’ve put together a quick guide with resources, suggestions and links to help you navigate this journey with your daughter, from what to expect, where to get emotional and medical support in Hong Kong, and more.

  • Period Kits HK

    Key Signs Your Daughter Is About To Start Her Period

    A Guide To Your Daughter's First Period

    At What Age Can I Expect My Daughter To Have Her First Period?

    Most girls get their first period when they're between the ages of 10 and 15 years old. The average age is 12, but every girl's body has its own schedule.

    If your daughter hasn't started her period yet by the time she's 15, you should reach out to your healthcare provider for support.

    Some key signs to know when your daughter has entered the stages of puberty leading up to her first period:

    • Mood changes (definitely a bit more sass than usual)
    • Increased stress levels
    • Acne breakouts
    • Developing breasts
    • Discharge in undies
    • Bloating
    • Pain in the abdomen and lower back area
  • Mother Daughter Period Talk

    Some Basic Facts We Can Share With Our Girls

    A Guide To Your Daughter's First Period

    What Is Menstruation Or When You're On Your Period?

    A period happens because of changes in hormones in the body. Hormones give messages to the body. These hormones cause the lining of the uterus (or womb) to build up. This gets the uterus ready for an egg (from the mom) and sperm (from the dad) to attach and grow into a baby. If the woman does not get pregnant, the lining breaks down and bleeds. This same process happens every month.

    What Are Some Symptoms?

    You may experience hormonal imbalances that cause headaches, fatigue, irritability/mood swings and cramping. However, there are some things you can do to ease these symptoms.

    Pads, Tampons, Menstrual Cup Or Period Undies?

    It is best to start with the basics such as pads and then consider branching out to some of the other options if desired. For a more sustainable method, menstrual cups and period undies are also available. If you're going for tampons, Tampax Pearl Light Tampons are designed for beginners and are a great way to start off. In Hong Kong, they are available from iHerb. Period underwear is another great option and they are gaining in popularity, especially among the younger generation for eco-friendly and sustainable designs. Popular brands are Thinx, Modibodi, Culotée and Marks & Spencer.

    Consult with your daughter about what she's comfortable with. If she's hesitant about tampon or menstrual cup use or isn’t comfortable with the idea of inserting one, plan to start with pads only. Purchase a few types of absorbencies (light, medium, heavy, overnight) that will best suit varying flow heaviness throughout her period. You can also offer a variety of brands that she can choose from.

    Choose what's right and comfortable for your daughter's flow.

    What Else Should You Do?

    A key way to appease any concerns is to be prepared. If you feel like your daughter is about to start her period, have a talk with her and prepare a period kit to take with her to school. Pack an extra pair of underwear, pads or tampons or whatever her preference.

    Don't forget the practice of self-love, care, responsibility and respect for our bodies. As we get older, we learn to understand the functions of our bodies through the signals it gives us. And as always, communication is key.

    Remember that each girl is different and so periods will also vary in lengths, timings, intervals and flow. Young girls' first menstrual periods don't last the same number of days as later on. But if something doesn’t seem right, do seek advice from a doctor.

  • Free Periods Support Group HK

    Support Groups In Hong Kong

    A Guide To Your Daughters First Period In Hong Kong
    • Free Periods Hong Kong

    Free Periods Hong Kong is a charity that focuses on supporting individuals who are experiencing menstruation-related challenges. Such challenges include the lack of education, emotional support and financial lack of purchasing menstrual products. This amazing group also focuses on educating others about period poverty and breaking taboos of what society is taught. Families can take part and join menstrual education workshops on their Instagram page.

    Free Periods Hong Kong -,,

    • Luuna Naturals

    This company doesn't just create sustainable menstrual products for girls and women but they also offer a great amount of support in many areas. Over the last 2 years, Luuna has partnered with The Zubin Foundation and has not just provided safe, sustainable period products but has also conducted menstrual well-being workshops for young girls in Hong Kong.

    Luuna Naturals - 25/F, 12 Queens Road West, Sheung Wan,,

    • The Zubin Foundation

    They offer child counseling to families from minority ethnic groups who might struggle to communicate or provide sufficient information to their daughters about menstrual hygiene.

    The Zubin Foundation Family Centre - Shop 201, Austin MTR Station, Kowloon, +852 2540 9488, ,

  • OT&P Healthcare

    Women's Health Clinics In Hong Kong

    Helps With Menstrual Disorders In Hong Kong
    • OT&P Healthcare

    A clinic that provides personalized checks and treatments for women and young girls. If you have concerns or if your daughter suffers from menstrual disorders, OT&P provides services to help ease and assist young women in these cases.

    OT&P Healthcare - Various Locations,

    • Zenith Medical Centre

    For young women who are struggling with menstrual disorders most especially with hormonal abnormalities, this is a great clinic to check out.

    Zenith Medical Centre - Various Locations,

  • Support Groups In Schools

    A Guide To Your Daughter's First Period In Hong Kong
    • Kotex Period Talk 

    For the last decade, Kotex has helped celebrate The International Day Of The Girl (October 11th) by hosting a tailor-made period education program in local schools all over Hong Kong. The program includes professional advice by nurses, interactive videos as well as a care pack of products and education leaflet. Kotex Hong Kong has pledged to educate a total of 47,000 schoolgirls in one year. Their campaign website also includes basic information, videos anything we need to help educate our girls.

    • Hong Kong International School

    Collaborating with Luuna Naturals, students from The For Girls Club have held period product drives on Menstrual Hygiene Day. They've also supplied pad and tampon dispensers in their campus too.

    • Sha Tin College

    The Student Council has implemented permanent pad and tampon dispensers within the female toilets across the school. Pads and tampons can be accessed by students whenever needed.

  • Consent Book HK

    The Importance Of Sex Education

    A Guide To Your Daughter's First Period

    Sex education is designed to help young people gain the information and skills they need to make the best decisions for themselves about sex and relationships throughout their lives.

    When it comes to discussing puberty and sex, as awkward and uncomfortable it may sound, experts agree that sex is something kids should always be learning about from their parents.

    It is recommended that by weaving sex-related ideas into everyday discussions, parents can layer in more information over time.

    Once you’ve established yourself as open to discussing these topics, your kids are probably going to feel more comfortable talking to you and asking you questions as they get older.

    Here are some topics that you can bring up:

    • Respecting Your Own/Other Bodies

    For example, you may ask your child “What do you think it means to be respectful to yourself and others on social media?"

    Since this generation has a lot of freedom online, it’s a good idea to also chat about internet safety, digital rules and values. You can talk frankly about how sharing nude or sexually explicit photos of themselves or their peers may be illegal and disrespectful.

    Allowing them to show this kind of value will encourage them to understand the importance of respect, boundaries and safety.

    • Consent

    It’s also important to frequently discuss consent in sexual relationships. Most especially for tweens you need to be thinking about how to help them protect themselves against pressure and relationship/dating violence. Conversations around these topics should include: the impact of surrounding themselves with the right friendships, drinking, parties and drugs.

    You can teach your child to be able to evaluate risks and make good decisions. Helping kids understand this is a big part of what sex education is about. And by discussing the right topics at the right ages, you’re setting your child up to do just that.

    An amazing book we suggest to read with your child is called Consent (For Kids) by Rachel Brian. It has amazing facts, fun illustrations with an empowering introduction to consent for kids starting as young as 5 years old.

    • Protection, Birth Control, STIs And Pregnancy

    As awkward as this topic may be, do remember that when talking about birth control and protection, it can provide a better understanding and awareness of the responsibilities of safe sex. Your kids may be nervous about asking you questions or discussing details, but you can talk to them about goals, healthy behaviors and your expectations.

    Talks like this can help prevent unplanned or unintended pregnancies and as well as educate our youngsters about what sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are.

    • Sex-Ed Therapists In Hong Kong

    The Youth Team by AIDS Concern in Hong Kong provides positive sex education that inspires the youth to self-reflect on their attitude towards sex and encourages them to positively deal with important sexual health issues. The Youth Team aims to fill a service gap in Hong Kong to those in need.

    AIDS CONCERN - 17B, Block F, 3 Lok Man Road, Chai Wan, +852 2898 4411,,,

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