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Top Organizer & Calendar Apps For Busy Families

Apps To Help Organize Your Busy Schedules

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It certainly is not easy to remember every family member’s schedule on top of yours. Don’t worry, a family organizer app can help you out with remembering all the important things and keep your family well-organized.

With these apps, you can create your to-do and shopping lists or keep your favorite recipes at hand whenever needed. You can share events and plans with other family members and always stay connected through these apps. There are apps that even allow you to distribute household chores to your little ones ready to practice responsibility. We’ve also included in there some nifty travel apps (that tell you what to pack depending on how long you’re traveling for and the weather at your destination!) as well as some pregnancy apps and much more!

So, which one should you choose? Read on to check our favorite picks.

  • Cozi Organizer

    Best Family Organizer Apps

    Top Organizer Apps For Busy Families
    • Cozi - Cozi allows users to coordinate the schedules of every family member in one place. The app has a color-coding feature that can assign a color to each family member so that tracking is easier.
      • Cozi is a free app available for Android and iOS.
    • TimeTree - You can share all your plans with your family members and plan and coordinate family events together as a family by creating schedules on a single collaborative calendar. The app has a chat that enables each family member to give suggestions on plans- be it a family vacation plan or the dinner menu. The app also allows family members to share pictures of an event or memorable family moments, making it a wonderful experience for everyone.


  • OurHome Organizer

    Best Apps For Chores

    Top Organizer Apps For Busy Families
    • OurHome - This app uses a gamified approach to motivate kids to complete their tasks without feeling overwhelmed. It has a goal-setting feature so that family members know the goals they have to achieve.
    • Homey - The Homey app lets you manage chores, allowance and rewards for the whole family. Families will get notifications when their chores are due or completed and everything is connected by a family chat.
      • The basic plan for families of 3 is free, but for bigger families it will be priced at HK$18/month. Available in Android and iOS.
  • Todoist Organizer App

    Best Organizer Apps For Busy Students

    Top Organizer Apps For Busy Families

    Todoist - This app is a project planner and to-do list all in one. Made for everyone from students to executives, Todoist is an app that can carry you through school and beyond. Although you can pay to upgrade, the free version offers more than most students are likely to need. The app also allows you to label tasks, by priority, and indicate recurring tasks, like weekly quizzes, so you never miss an assignment.

    Available on Android and iOS.


  • Pantry Organizer

    Best Organizer Apps For Shopping

    Top Organizer Apps For Busy Families
    • Pantry: Life Storage Organizer - An app that organizes the likes of food & grocery lists, medicine, cosmetics and more! You are able to store important data such as expiration dates (inclusive of alerts and reminders), price (in HK$!), packaging quantity and more.
      • The basic plan is free but for a more detailed experience, Pantry Pro can be purchased at HK$23/month. Available on iOS.
    • Pantrist - Shopping & Pantry - Shopping lists as well as easy recipes can be searched on this app. You can also store your own custom recipes for future use.
      • Free to download. If you'd like to share the app with other family members, you can do so by paying a monthly fee of HK$10. Available on Android and iOS.
  • PackPoint Organizer

    Best Organizer Apps For Traveling

    Top Organizer Apps For Busy Families
    • PackPoint - PackPoint is a free packing list organizer for on-the-go travelers. This app will help you organize what you need to pack in your luggage and suitcase based on the length of travel, the weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip. Perfect for families!
      • The app is priced at HK$23. Available for Android and iOS.
    • Wanderlog - You can research destinations and activities, organize reservations by connecting your email, and map out a daily itinerary with start/end times. Everything is stored offline so you can access your itinerary when traveling abroad. Wanderlog is available on the web and on your smartphone, so you can seamlessly plan while at home and on the go.


  • Sprout App

    Best Organizer Apps For Babies And Pregnancy

    Top Organizer Apps For Busy Families
    • Baby Centre - BabyCentre is the go-to app for all the essential tips, tools, checklists, and other features to help your pregnancy and your partner along the way. Most importantly, all health information is approved by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board.
    • Sprout Baby - Track feedings, sleep patterns, growth charts, immunizations and every detail you need that can be stored on one app.
      • The app isn't free but there is a 7-day trial and there are different packages for HK$78 for 3 months or HK$118 for an entire year, download is available on iOS.


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