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2023 Jul 09 - 2024 Jan 14

teamlab hong kong

This July, Japan’s famous teamLab will be bringing their exciting new universe “Future Park” to Hong Kong to delight kids and adults alike with interactive fun, where technology and art meet. In celebration of FWD Insurance’s 10th anniversary, Future Park will push the creative envelope and let each visitor and participant become their own inner artist and co-create and mold the space.

Tickets are available through FWD Max and

In the meantime, read on to discover which six exciting interactive art spaces will be coming to Hong Kong.

  • Graffiti Beating Mountains And Valleys, Red List

    TeamLab's Future Park In Hong Kong

    Explore this beautiful three-dimensional terrain that shifts and undulates beneath your feet: color in a creature or flower and see the picture you have created come to life and move in front of you! This space teaches kids all about the ecosystem and the circle of life, as well as raises awareness for The International Union for the Conservation of Nature's Red List.

  • Sliding Through The Fruit Field

    TeamLab's Future Park In Hong Kong

    This is a slide where fruits grow. Slide down the huge slope while balls are bouncing around - each of which serves a different function. Blue balls represent water: when this ball hits the seeds they sprout, bud and blossom. Yellow balls, representing the honey bee, when they hit the flowers they are pollinated and flowers become fruit. When a ball hits the fruit, new seeds are sown, leading to new life. This is another beautiful and educational representation for kids.

  • teamlab hong kong

    Hopscotch For Geniuses: Bounce On The Water

    TeamLab's Future Park In Hong Kong

    Here, children jump on squares, triangles and circles floating on the water - each action has a different consequence. For example, jump on the same shape in succession and a fish, butterfly or bird is created for each shape. See what happens when you jump on the same color!

  • teamlab hong kong

    A Table Where Little People Live

    TeamLab's Future Park In Hong Kong

    Explore the three laws of mechanics at the Table where Little People Live. The little people run around the table; put your hand there, and the little people will run to it. Depending on the shape of the object you place on the table, the little people will interact accordingly and either slide, jump or climb on it!

  • teamlab hong kong

    Light Ball Orchestra

    TeamLab's Future Park In Hong Kong

    Roll the ball to produce a sound and change its color! Hit the balls together to create a magical symphony of light and music! This is a truly beautiful experience for kids of all ages, as well as adults!

  • teamlab hong kong

    Sketch Town

    TeamLab's Future Park In Hong Kong

    Possibly one of the earliest installations by TeamLab, it is also one of the most popular. Sketch Town is a town that grows and evolves according to the drawings of children: cars, buildings, UFOs and spaceships are scanned and come to life as they enter the 3-D townscape. Kids can then touch individual components of the townscape on the giant screens to alter their behavior.

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