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Exciting Science Workshops & Activities For All Ages!

2024 Apr 04 - 2024 Apr 08

croucher science week hong kong 2024

Tickets are now available for Croucher Science Week in Hong Kong, an annual festival sponsored by the Croucher Foundation. This free festival showcases an engaging lineup of activities designed to bring science into the daily lives of kids and young people. Book yours here!

Since its inception in 2018, the festival has reached over 295,000 students, parents, and teachers, sparking curiosity and deep thought through online events, live programs and demonstrations, and bilingual workshops. The festival’s school program enriches education with school tour shows, online workshops, and a wealth of downloadable resources, all aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of science, technology, and medicine. Thanks to a partnership with the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Science Museum, Croucher Science Week has become a cornerstone event for the community, relying on the invaluable support of teachers, parents, and students to make it a success. Read on for all the highlights! There will also be drop-in activities, teacher workshops, virtual content and more!

Croucher Science Week highlights:

  • Theatre Shows:
    • A Rough Guide to Engineering: Discover the fundamentals of engineering in this interactive show on April 6 & 7. For children aged 10-14.
    • Adventures in AI: Explore the exciting world of artificial intelligence through a live Turing Test, experiments and even a game of tic-tac-toe on April 4 & 5 at various times. For children aged 7-15.
    • Air and Force: Be enthralled and inspired as science meets theater in an extraordinary performance where drama and interactive experiments unveil the wonders of science, through skilled performers who are both scientists and artists on April 6 & 7. Suitable for all ages.
    • Mystery Hunters: Dive into the heart of scientific curiosity with a show that turns the inexplicable into exhilarating learning experiences! Witness gravity-defying, color-transforming, and mind-bending demonstrations that will not only entertain but also empower you to chase your enigmas using scientific methods, leaving you with a newfound admiration for the science that underpins our daily existence on April 4 & 7. For children 7-12.
  • Family Workshops:
    • AeroCraft Adventure: Get ready for a family adventure in aerodynamics at our interactive workshop where you’ll craft paper drones and helicopters! This hands-on activity merges creativity, learning, and the excitement of watching your own designs soar, offering a perfect experience for all ages to enjoy the fun and fundamentals of flight, on April 6 & 7. For children 6-11.
    • Mystery of the Mathematical Menace: An engaging workshop that blends real-world experience with classroom maths skills! This interactive session invites adults and children to team up, solve intriguing puzzles, collect clues, and catch the crafty culprit in a fun-filled mathematical chase on April 6 & 7. For kids aged 8-12.

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