Not feeling quite like Annabel Karmel but still want to wow your little one's belly? The answer is a click-away.

Providing ready-made meals for babies and children up to 6 years old, Petit Bowl offers a variety of healthy and nutritious meals for babies and children. Saving you from cleaning up the mess from your own cooking experiments, all foods are prepared fresh and chemical/pesticide free to ensure that you are getting the highest quality meal. The Chefs at Petit Bowl can remove potential allergens from your child’s meals by request, such as wheat, nuts and shellfish. What’s also great is that Petit Bowl can add DHA to meals, giving your child’s brain an additional boost. Vegetarian-only meals are also available.

With interesting combinations such as Tofu and Xiaobaicai to Morrocan Chicken Ball to gluten-free Salmon Superstar, there will certainly be no upturned noses with the wide range of options.