For toys and party goodies galore, head to Fuk Wing Street a.k.a. Toy Street by those who know this street market in Sham Shui Po. Whether you are looking for loot bag toys, decorations, birthday gifts, Christmas presents or just want to relive childhood days, Toy Street is the place to be!

Little Steps tips and hints:

*There are so many shops, it is difficult to name any one shop in particular. Shop for toys such as loot bag goodies galore, confetti, pencil cases, glow pens, stationery sets, skipping ropes...the entire razzmatazz is available here at a good price. Also scoop up cool finds for theme parties. These shops have it all and more!

*Explore the many shops on both sides of the street before you buy to get a good idea of the variety and prices...and wear comfortable shoes!

*Most of the shops have fixed prices but still offer great bargains! If you buy in bulk, ask for the wholesale discount as many shops will discount a bit here.

*Carry a large shopping bag or ask friends to accompany you since you will need help in carrying the big bags you will end up with after exploring and shopping.

Happy shopping!