Take a breath of fresh air leaving the work to Alen Air Purifiers and their helpful team!  Learn all about the air you breath during a simple and free in-home demonstration. Setting up an air quality assessment with the Renaud Air team is a breeze. It only takes thirty minuets for them to demonstrate the power of their machines - you can watch as the purifiers clean the air right before your eyes!

How it works:

Call, text or email Jason on [email protected] to set up an appointment.

They will come to your home armed with today’s air figures and the purifiers as well as machines that can determine the pollutant levels inside and outside of your home.

Check out the size, shape and sound of the Alen Air Purifiers in your home and most importantly, see how they improve your indoor air quality even after just 10 minutes. 

The Renaud team will explain the air quality figures carefully, taking time to compare their numbers to the WHO guidelines with Hong Kong Government official figures of safe air quality limits. You’ll have ample opportunities to ask questions and the helpful team is happy to oblige.