Molo is inspired by kids in their designs and they in turn also inspire kids to nurture their imagination. A perfect balance of give and take that makes the brand resonate with its growing audience. "Giving character to even the smallest of personalities," Molo's designs are bold, funky, witty, playful, yet maintaining a distinct Scandinavian raw style.  The 2019 Spring/Summer collection is inspired by exploration in travel. Kids see the world differently; their imagination is more vivid and free. So why not let them see the world from their own perspective and allow them to express their individual style and personality.


The boys:  

The boy’s collection links the past and the future with long-extinct animals roaming freely in the city and robots singing "we are the humans". Another theme suggests adventures with surfboards, off-road buggies, wall-climbing grips, sailor stripes and treasure maps. Others evoke pure summer fun with bumper cars, comical fish n' chips, and overall beachy vibes.


The girls: 

Girls can celebrate the wild beauty of nature with mountain flowers, big cactuses, galloping horses and funny animals. On their way to the beach, they pass by whimsical carousels, cool mountain cats, and a deep blue underwater world of corals. Meanwhile, Molo believes that girls who are goal-oriented and strive to do their best warrants an award. What better way to recognize their good work than through the rosette-adorned pieces that express your "Well done, girl!" compliment!


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