Starlit Voice, Hong Kong’s premier theatre and performance training provider, offers your child more than just a drama lesson. They go out of their way to make certain that their students walk away with a well-rounded theatre and performing arts experience, and they take great pains to allow their students the freedom to explore and strengthen their own talents while, at the same time, enhancing core skills for theatre and performance.

Not only will your child receive tutelage from an industry professional but they will also be able to pick from a wide range of disciplines including:

* Public Speaking 

* Interview & Audition Prep

* Acting/Dancing,

* Physical Theatre

* Musical Theatre

* Creative Writing 

* Private Tuition (create bespoke lessons tailored to your child's needs)

* Holiday Programs

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Their Drama School Hong Kong (DSHK) programs provide more experienced performers with an ideal chance to truly hone their skills through specialized curriculums and professional standard productions. Click the video below to understand the DSHK program better!

The programs at Starlit Voice are infused with an incredible sense of energy and creativity and are delivered by highly skilled and passionate, professional practitioners drawing upon a wealth of drama and performing arts experience.

They are proud to offer a platform and an opportunity to all the artists, actors, musicians, dancers, directors, writers, speakers and performers who wish to take to the stage in the pursuit to find their voice!