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REVIEW: Family-Friendly Wellness At The Farm At San Benito In The Phillipines

Take A Healthy Holiday With Or Without The Kids - Yoga, Sound Baths In Nature, Spa, More!

What a treat!  For those that have yet to visit this famous destination just a short drive from Manila airport – put in on the radar!  Get away in zen-style with or without the kids at The Farm in the Phillipines.  Gastronomic delights made from organic harvest… Rejuvenating spas and treatments… Life-changing holistic wellness retreats.  The Farm at San Benito has all these to boast and so much more.

Nestled in a lush coconut plantation, hidden in the foothills of the picturesque Mt. Malarayat in Batangas Philippines, The Farm is a piece of paradise where health-enthusiasts can go on a transformative wellness journey. It is a sanctuary of holistic healing for those who seek to unwind, free from the demands and influences of daily routines and isolated from life’s busy realities.

Little Steps Founder, Shea Stanley, has visited The Farm At San Benito over the past 10+ years.  She recently returned for a solo trip to experience all the new offerings for independent travelers looking for a true refresh and also get updated on all the amazing things they do for families.  What is unique about The Farm At San Benito is that they focus on whatever kind of wellness holiday you are looking for and cater to individual retreat needs.  This also includes pets and kids!  Many people associate wellness and yoga retreats as adult-only destinations and of course, they offer a slew of options for those looking for this option.  But, The Farm At San Benito has always focused on anyone who needs re-connection and this includes the whole family! Enjoy the Farm’s famous organic cuisine (we can’t rave enough about the delicious food!), fab spa treatments, beginner to advanced detox programs supervised by an on-site holistic doctor (if you choose), and of course, all the kids’ activities!

  • THE VILLAS:  Luxury accommodations coexist with nature, creating an ideal escape. From the verdant views offered by the Palmera Glass Villas to the lavishly upscale comforts of the new 4-bedroom villas, there’s a paradise for everyone, be it friends, family, couples, or solo travelers.
  • THE FOOD:  Completing the path to holistic wellness, is the nourishing, organic, home-grown cuisine! Served from their plantation to the table, experience the guilt-free pleasure of eating to your heart’s content while savoring the premium flavors that only Mother Nature can offer.  Yum!  Kids will love the delicious and nutritious organic spaghetti, potato fries, whole-wheat pastries/bread, and dairy-free ice cream.
  • FOR THE KIDS:  There’s plenty for the kids to see and do: arts and crafts, coconut soap making, fishing, a horticulture walk, kite flying, storytelling, mandala flower arrangement, a jungle bush walk, and powerwalk, palm origami, aqua aerobics, critter hunting, wheatgrass sprouting, and so much more!  There is a family-friendly pool, babysitters (vetted for only the best), and more.
  • FOR KIDS, FAMILIES, TEENS: What Is So Amazing About Taking A Family Holiday To The Farm At San Benito?

    Families looking for a healthy, fun, and transformative family wellness holiday are heading to The Farm At San Benito!  With our recent visit, we discovered a slew of new updates ranging from more options for teens, new accommodation opportunities for families, a slew of unique activities, spa therapies, and holistic options for the whole family.  What's more?  They now cater to pets so everyone is invited on this unique holiday.

    What is new at The Farm At San Benito For Families:

    • Expansion on accommodation options!  Over the past few years, they have expanded their offerings beyond their popular suites and nature-inspired villas.  They have the Lakan Villa (perfect for two couples traveling together, a group of friends, or a family getaway).  The Acacia Wellness Residences are 4-bedroom Wellness Residences that are brand new and perfect for families.  For a group of 6-7, the Mahogany Luxury Residence is a 4-bedroom villa with a private pool and in-room steam/sauna, gourmet kitchen, and more. For those traveling as families of 2-4, couples, and solo travelers - there are plenty of options and a wide range of villas and suites with different price points.  Click here for their full range.
    • Snazzy new Holistic Sanctuary!  This new sanctuary offers internationally trained integrative medical doctors and licensed health professionals who can treat and offer holistic support for adults, kids, teens, and kids including Cellular Screening, Nutritional And Fitness Assessment, Art Therapy, and more.
    • Fun-Filled Digital Detox Activities For Kids!  The Farm At San Benito has always catered to kids.  Activities include Mandala Flower Meditation, kid's yoga, kite flying, organic farm tours, vegetable picking, arts and crafts, and so much more!
    • New Kids Wellness Menu!  The Farm's famously vegan ALIVE! The restaurant offers a super healthy and delicious kids' menu with ingredients handpicked from the resort's organic garden.  Menu items include cauliflower pizza, vegan chocolate chip cookies, fresh potato fries, and more.
    • Acqua Hydrotherapy Sanctuary:  This place is incredible!  We visited it on the last day and wish we could have stayed longer.  This sanctuary is focused on aqua therapy and relaxation.  Families are invited to enjoy it together or mom and dad can escape for their own 2-hour experience.  The focus of this space is on promoting happy hormones and who doesn't love that?  Book up the 120-minute Acqua Therapy which includes Acqua Pressure Pools, Steam And Sauna, Hydraulic Massage Bedsm Cold Bucket Shower, and so many amazing water-based relaxation experiences.
    • Healing Sanctuary Spa:  We were regular visitors to this unique spa which offers treatments in-villa, in-nature, and at their gorgeous spa.  For kids and teens, they have a dedicated spa menu.  They offer Choco Milk Body Scrub, Purple Bliss Body Scrub, Lullaby MAssage, Hilot Musmos (for infants), Teenage Earth Facial Care, Kiddue Manicure and Pedicures, and so much more.  They also have certified fitness coaches available for functional fitness classes for kids and teens.
  • Review Of The Farm At San Benito For Wellness Holidays For Kids And Adults

    FOR SOLO TRAVELERS, COUPLES, GIRL GETAWAYS: Why Everyone Should Visit The Farm At San Benito?

    3-Night Wellness Trip Review

    The Farm At San Benito is the perfect place for a re-boost and a place where you can easily stop the rush of life, re-ground, and reawaken as a solo traveler, a couple, or as a small group!  This is what Shea did and came back to Hong Kong feeling refreshed and fabulous!

    3-Night Wellness Trip At The Farm At San Benito!

    • DAY 1: A quick trip from Hong Kong (so many flight options), Shea was picked up at the airplane exit by the team and taken quickly to her private car.  The drive to the resort is a simple 60-90 minutes.  On arrival, she was given her planning for the next few days.  She visited ALIVE!  to enjoy a vegan farm-to-table dinner and rested up in her eco-luxe Palmera Villa.


    • DAY 2:  The day started with sunrise outdoor yoga (offered free for everyone and with top-notch instructors).  She then visited the Holistic Sanctuary to have her Nutritional Assessment and Cellular Health Screening.  Both of these treatments helped the clinic determine her 3 days of custom treatments at the farm.  After review, she visited the new Pescatarian restaurant for a light lunch before going back to the Healing Sanctuary for her first treatment - Colema!  A bit nervous, she was pleasantly surprised with how nice the atmosphere was and how incredible the staff were taking her through it.  It was super easy and afterward, she felt light, happy, and refreshed.  They answer all your questions and make it super easy!  The rest of the day was spent lounging by the pool, enjoying alfresco dinner, and going to bed early!


    • DAY 3: Day 3 started with an early breakfast, outdoor yoga, a walk around the pools/pond/nature areas (complete with plenty of peacocks), and a bit of chill time before heading back to the Healing Sanctuary.  The morning treatments included experiencing The Vital Dome (infrared technology and super relaxing) and a unique Healing Session with one of their long-term gurus.  Lunch by the pool was followed by a very luxurious Hilot Lakambini treatment at the spa.  The afternoon was spent with the Angel Of Water treatment (a water-based Colima which is recommended as the Day 2 treatment for Shea).  The evening was spent surrounded by nature, listening to the gongs at a very special Sound Healing group session at the Amphitheater.


    • DAY 4: Day 4 (also the day Shea flew back to Hong Kong) was perfect!  Early morning outdoor yoga, breakfast, a Liver Compress/Kidney Compress (relaxing detox treatments using local ingredients), and finally a visit to the new water-based therapy hub to enjoy a Water Wellness Treatment.  At the aqua center, she enjoyed their Infrared Sauna, pressure-oriented water-based activities, onsens, jacuzzis, and more.  This is a very special place and one she definitely will be spending more time at in future visits.  She checked out and the car zipped her back to the airport where she boarded her short flight back to Hong Kong.  For such a short visit, she was feeling fully refreshed and ready for the new year.
  • WANT MORE? Book A Program Or Customize Your Own!

    The Farm At San Benito offers something for everyone!  You can stay for 1-night, request your own customized itinerary, or book one of their unique retreats or programs!  They have put a lot of effort into putting together programs people both want and need.  Check out the below!

    Unique Programs At The Farm At San Benito

    Programs For New Parents + Fertility

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

An easy two-hour drive south of the Philippine capital of Manila, The Farm is an award-winning 18-acre resort on a former coconut and coffee plantation offering something for everyone, including kids and spa time for mom! Exquisite villas that overlook stunning scenery…

Who It's Perfect For:

The Farm offers personalized pre-natal, post-natal, adult, and kids activities and programs.

What Else:​

Nannies are available for mom and dad to enjoy “date night”.  Want to shed a few post-natal pounds? The Farm offers personalized post-natal programs from the rejuvenating Wellness Retreat to more regulated detox programs that include treatments like the Weight Loss Body Wrap and Kidney Cleansing for a head to toe glow for the new mum.

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

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