Everything You Need To Know About Traveling With A Baby

Flying With An Infant

Traveling with a baby is never an easy undertaking! But fear not, frequent flyers…with the right planning, you can look forward to enjoyable trips with the whole family! Little Steps has gathered tips, tricks, and gadgets to help ease your jet-setting concerns from packing to jet-lag. Go on now!


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    Flying with a baby is no problem as long as you plan! Before your flight, be sure to request a bassinet seat for your baby (note, most airlines give the priority to the youngest wee-tot). If you have status with an airline (Gold, Silver, etc.) in your family, be sure to book through that hotline to get a bit of extra love. While babies under two do not have to pay for a full fare ticket, they do require a baby ticket, which you'll need to arrange in advance. Prices depend on where you're going and which airline you're flying with. Once your kiddo turns two, you must get them an actual seat.


    At takeoff and landing, be sure to have your baby sucking on something to release the pressure in their ears. Breastfeeding always does the trick, or you can use bottles and pacifiers for little ones, or give older babes snacks (Ella's Kitchen, rice paper crackers, etc.). In-flight, a fabulous tip for toddlers is to slide your wheely bag under your tots feet to create an instant bed. Lastly, be sure to pack an extra set of clothing for your baby and yourself. Always be prepared for unexpected delays with extra toys, food, and formula.


    If you can book an overnight flight, do it! If not, try and get those little monkeys on the destination's timezone as soon as you can. Babies are amazingly resilient when it comes to jet-lag, but we admit it's never fun. On arrival, try to keep them busy. It's tempting to switch back (both for the parents and baby), and you will be amazed what a little sunshine and play can do for getting on a schedule again. Midday is typically when it hits everyone the hardest, so always plan a nap around this time (make sure to set an alarm so it doesn't turn into an eight-hour "nap"). For feeding, work towards the destination's feeding times, but in the first few days, you'll probably need to feed them when they are hungry.


    It is always tempting to load up the suitcase with everything you think you might need. Here are a few tips and tricks for packing lighter. First up, buy your nappies at your destination to save a load of space! Next, take advantage of the amazing kid-friendly service at your hotel/villa. They can buy a lot of products for you in advance, arrange for cribs and carseats, etc. Lastly, there are hundreds of rental companies for larger items (strollers, car-seats, etc).


    Other tips from our mama and papa contributors:

    *  Be sure to look into the regulatory requirements for baby passports. When your child is born, check in with your consulate ASAP if you are planning a trip, so you know how fast they can get it ready for you.

    *  Check with the airline directly for any questions you might have. For example, if you are wondering how much milk (liquid) can be brought onto the flight, you will need to check with the airline, as every destination and airline has different rules.

    *  The question on car seats comes up a lot! For example, if you are traveling to the United States with a baby, you do require a car seat if you are planning on driving. To transport your own car seat, buy the Go Go Kids Travelmate from Bumps to Babes. You can latch it onto your car seat, use your car seat as a stroller or bag carrier, check-it in at the airport, then pick-it upon arrival. If you are renting a car, you can also rent a car seat with the car (tip - they go quick as most rental companies have a limited number available, so do not assume it will be available when you get there - your best bet is to book one in advance). You can also rent car seats and other baby accessories from a global rental company like Bali Baby, Baby's Away (U.S.A.), The Baby Specialist (Singapore), and many others worldwide. So really, you have no excuse not to go light!

    *  Using a large ziplock bag, package up one outfit for each day, including socks, undies and hair accessory. When you reach your destination, your child can easily choose what they want to wear for that day.


    Little Steps has loads of tips and tricks to help ease your trip with a baby in tow! Click here for our travel Pinterest board for more inspiration, and if you have more information that you feel we should add, ping us at [email protected].

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