Top Places To Visit During Christmas Season

Expect Christmas Decorations, Festive Markets, And More!

If you’re planning for a trip this festive season and still aren’t quite sure which holiday destination to pick, fret not, because we’ve rounded up a list of countries with the best Christmas vibes. It’ll be perfect to spend your holiday season and New Year’s break there, surrounded by streets and stores that are filled with Christmas decorations and activities.

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  • SANTA CLAUS VILLAGE: Finland *Best Countries To Visit During Christmas Season

    Get To Meet Santa Claus Here!

    Are your kids especially excited about Christmas? If yes, you’d definitely need to visit Santa Claus Village in Lapland! It’s open every day of the year, but will of course feel the most joyous during December. You'll get to meet Santa Claus in person, and even say hi to Santa’s reindeer in the village. On top of that, you'll get to peek into the life of Santa’s elves at the Elf Academy, where the elves will share their tips and tricks on how to become Santa’s little helper. What can be a more magical place to celebrate Christmas than Santa Claus Village? You'll be having a really memorable Christmas experience here!

    Santa Claus Village,

  • NEW YORK CITY: United States Of America *Best Countries To Visit During Christmas Season

    Beautiful Christmas Lights Everywhere In The City

    There have been so many films featuring New York City during Christmas time, and the background is always filled with plentiful Christmas lights and decorated Christmas trees! See this in real life for yourself by taking a trip to New York City, where you can immerse yourself in the Christmas vibes while roaming around the city! Do remember to add Rockefeller Center to your itinerary, as they have the tallest Christmas tree there and also an ice skating rink where you and the family can have fun together!


  • PRAGUE: Czech Republic *Best Countries To Visit During Christmas Season

    Lovely Christmas Scenes And Scenery

    Even when it's not the Christmas season, Prague is already beautiful and absolutely picturesque. So you can only imagine how much more charming the place will look and feel during Christmas time! Taking a nice stroll through Wenceslas Square or Old Town Square is a must, because they've set up Christmas markets there. Whether you're holidaying with your friends or family, soaking in the atmosphere of the Christmas markets together will feel magical, and you can also buy Christmas treats to snack on as you stroll. After that, you can all also slowly walk through Charles Bridge for more scenic views.

  • LONDON: England *Best Countries To Visit During Christmas Season

    Christmas Markets, Christmas Carnivals & Ice Skating

    London is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Christmas, and rightly so! Besides being an amazing city to sightsee and shop in, they also take Christmas really seriously and go all out with decorations and festivities! Take a nice walk down Regent Street, where you'll get a magnificent view of the city's Christmas lights.Then, head over to Hyde Park for their annual Winter Wonderland carnival! Bookings are required for tickets, and you can choose which shows, rides and games you wish to check out while you're there! It's going to be an amazing experience with lots of fun and laughter. End the night ice skating at one of London's many outdoor skating rinks to feel the magic of winter!

  • HONG KONG: China *Best Countries To Visit During Christmas Season

    Best Christmas Shopping

    Hong Kong is an amazing city to shop in even when it's not Christmas time, but it makes an even more exciting of a shopping destination when you have to get Christmas gifts for friends and family! Their main shopping areas are filled with marvellous malls and shops of different kinds, so you'll surely be able to find unique and creative gifts for loved ones. Besides, Hong Kong isn't overly cold during the winter season, so it's perfect if you're trying to avoid negative temperatures during December. Their city is pretty big on Christmas as well, so you'll see that the beautiful city is pretty lit up at night with a huge array of Christmas lights everywhere.

  • ZURICH: Switzerland *Best Countries To Visit During Christmas Season

    A Winter Wonderland With Wonderful Christmas Vibes

    Switzerland is an amazing place to visit during the Christmas season, maybe even one of the top of this list! They're known for their mountains, snow and chocolates, so you can be sure you'll be getting the full winter experience while you're in Switzerland! The best part is that the folks living in the city are tremendously excited about Christmas themselves, which will add to the bustling atmosphere towards Christmas time. Besides visiting Christmas markets, you can even join guided Christmas walks! It's truly a unique and wonderful way to be spending your Christmas season.

  • MUNICH: Germany *Best Countries To Visit During Christmas Season

    Christmas Markets And Mulled Wine

    Munich is one of the prettiest places to visit during the Christmas season. There are countless Christmas markets that you can visit, and they'll really make you feel the Christmas spirit even as you're casually strolling around and checking out the different stalls. Do remember to stop for some mulled wine and gingerbread to complete the experience! You can also pick up some Christmas decorations of your own at the market, or purchase several Christmas-themed knick knacks to gift to friends and family as souvenirs when you get home.

  • COPENHAGEN: Denmark *Best Countries To Visit During Christmas Season

    Christmas In The Gardens And Zoo

    Copenhagen is not one of the most conventional destinations you immediately think of for the Christmas season, but it's a beautiful place to spend your Christmas season nonetheless. Besides a bustling Christmas market in Tivoli Gardens, you can also enjoy Christmas at Bakken, the world's oldest amusement park. That's a lovely place to spend some time at, enjoying the little stalls along the way and also sitting on some rides. The zoo is another unique place you can enjoy the Christmas experience at, as there'll be Christmas markets there, and the entire zoo experience will be a magical, Christmas-filled one!

  • SANTA CLAUS: United States of America *Best Countries To Visit During Christmas Season

    Small Town With Big Christmas Spirit

    A small town with fewer than 3,000 residents, Santa Claus, Indiana may not be one of the top destinations to celebrate Christmas in, but it'll be one of the most memorable Christmas experiences if you do decide to visit! The town's name itself is already absolutely festive, so you can imagine how enthusiastic the folks there will be about the Christmas season. Besides The Land Of Lights Christmas display that you'll get to see there, they also have a variety of other Christmas-themed events going on during the festive season, and Santa even hosts buffet dinners at Santa's Lodge which you can enjoy.

  • HONOLULU: Hawaii *Best Countries To Visit During Christmas Season

    Unconventional Christmas Experience

    Hawaii wouldn't be the first Christmas holiday destination you'd think of, would it? But it's perfect if you're looking to combine both a beach holiday and Christmas holiday at the same time! It's also an ideal destination if you live in a colder country and wish to evade the cold for a little bit. Just because the city doesn't get snow, it doesn't mean the place will be lacking any Christmas spirit! There'll be the Honolulu City Lights, a wonderful Christmas display that lasts a whole month, with a 15 meter Christmas tree as a terrific centrepiece. They've also got their own version of Santa, who's more dressed down in shorts and a shirt, a really cute concept for a place where it doesn't snow during Christmas. We'd recommend visiting Hawaii if you're up for a different, more unique Christmas experience!

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