Explore The Best Camping And Glamping Destinations Worldwide: Your Ultimate Outdoor Escapes Await!

From Amazing Campsites To Luxurious Treehouses

Ready for a family adventure unlike any other? Say goodbye to traditional vacations and hello to the great outdoors with camping or glamping! Treat your little ones to an unforgettable overseas experience, bonding under the stars and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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  • LONGITUDE 131: Australia *Top Camping And Glamping Spots Around The World

    Luxury Camp In The Desert

    Want a glamping adventure? Why not stay at Longitude 131, a luxury camp located in the Central Desert. Here, you'll not only be housed in a beautiful lodge, but you'll also be surrounded by the breathtaking red-rust dune. You can enjoy private tours during your stay, which includes activities like dot painting, outback cycling and even an Uluru base walk. The campsite is suited for kids aged 10 and above, so we'd recommend planning a vacation to Longitude 131 only if you have older children!

    Longitude 131,

  • JASPER NATIONAL PARK: Canada *Top Camping And Glamping Spots Around The World

    Accomodates Tents And Motorhomes

    Camping at Jasper National Park is going to be a fun adventure for the family! Campgrounds here can accommodate anything from tents to motorhomes, and you can go stargazing together as a family at night. Most of their campgrounds even have log cookhouses available in case you can’t start a campfire because of bad weather. In the day, explore and enjoy the vast wilderness, glorious natural beauty and wildlife. Before you head down for your camping adventure, do remember to book your camping spot!

    Jasper National Park,

  • TREEHOTEL: Sweden *Top Camping And Glamping Spots Around The World

    Unique Treehouses With Different Themes

    A marvellous glamping spot, Treehotel is located among the trees of Harads’ forests in Sweden. All their treehouses are truly unique — one’s even built to look like a spaceship, each one different from the other but equally as stunning. The inside of the treehouses is also beautifully furnished, so the family will definitely be comfortable throughout your stay here. Outside, you’re completely surrounded by nature and it’s remarkable.


  • AROUND FOLLIE: South Korea *Top Camping And Glamping Spots Around The World

    Camping & Glamping on Jeju Island

    Jeju Island is a beautiful holiday destination, and the family can even enjoy a camping experience at Around Follie. You can choose between different types of accommodations, including actual camping tents, airstreams, or even cabins if you prefer a more comfortable experience. Regardless of which you choose, they're all situated at the same camping ground, and allows the family to enjoy the peace and serenity of being surrounded by nature. You can even have your very own family barbecue and request for a barbecue set-up by the staff.

    Around Follie,

  • RESCAPE UBUD: Indonesia *Top Camping And Glamping Spots Around The World

    Glamping Resort Surrounded By Beautiful Rice Fields

    A marvellous glamping spot located in Indonesia, Rescape Ubud has bamboo villas for rent. They’re surrounded by beautiful rice fields, so the family can enjoy gorgeous views during your stay. You can also explore and experience the tranquility of the countryside while you’re there, and Ubud Centre is a mere 5 minutes ride away. The villa also has its own private pool, so the family can swim together or simply lounge around.

    Rescape Ubud,

  • TREEHOUSE GREECE: Greece *Top Camping And Glamping Spots Around The World

    Fully Furnished Treehouse

    A magnificent treehouse, it’s surrounded by pine forests, olive groves and valleys overlooking the sea. There are sandy white beaches and islands to explore in the day, while you dine under the stars at night. The space comes complete with a double bed, couch bed, bathroom and dining area. You’ll be able to enjoy comfort even while being so close to the great outdoors, with olive orchards, wine tasting and arts and craft workshops nearby.

    Treehouse Greece,

  • 8POINT RESORT: Japan *Top Camping And Glamping Spots Around The World

    Family-Friendly Glamping in Okinawa

    If you're planning on visiting Okinawa in Japan and want a nice outdoor stay experience, 8Point Resort is a family-friendly place you can consider. This air-conditioned accommodation is truly comfortable and suited for kids, regardless of their age. There are also lots to do during your stay here, including yoga, massages, using the sauna or pool, and even enjoying a barbecue together. You're also surrounded by nature and pretty views that'll greet you every morning once you get up.

    8Point Resort,

  • ECOCAMP PATAGONIA: Patagonia *Top Camping And Glamping Spots Around The World

    Lodge Stay & Epic Tours

    The EcoCamp Patagonia experience is going to be amazing and memorable for the whole family! Here, you'll be staying in quaint little dome lodges, and you can choose between different dome sizes. Besides enjoying the wonderful view from your living quarters, you can also sign up for trekking itineraries to explore the gorgeous area - although they may be suited older kids or teens due to the difficulty of the trekking. There are also other types of activities you can try here instead, including their Wildlife Safari or Puma Tracking tours.

    EcoCamp Patagonia,

  • YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK: USA *Top Camping And Glamping Spots Around The World

    Beautiful Geysers At The Park

    There are 12 campgrounds with over 2,000 established campsites at Yellowstone National Park, and most of these campsites have to be reserved in advance. Some of these campgrounds allow campfires, which will be a fun nighttime activity for the family! In the day, you can enjoy all that the park has to offer, including active geysers and wildlife in an intact ecosystem. The family will have a great time at this beautiful wonder of nature.

    Yellowstone National

  • FOUR SEASONS TENTED CAMP: Thailand *Top Camping And Glamping Spots Around The World

    Luxury Glamping in Chiang Rai

    Chiang Rai is a beautiful location for a family holiday, and while you're there, you can drop by the Four Seasons Tented Camp for a short stay. This luxury camping facility allows you to enjoy the natural surroundings of Northern Thailand in ultimate comfort. The family can also sign up for a series of interesting activities, like interacting with rescued elephants and exploring the bamboo jungles or mountain trails. The resort has various all-inclusive packages available that you can purchase as well.

    Four Seasons Tented Camp,

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