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Top Travel Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

Stay Cool, Calm Whether You Head Near Or Far

Beat The Heat At These Travel Destinations

With global warming peaking and temperatures rising, tt’s getting unbearably hot and in some places terribly humid especially during the Summer months. So why not beat the heat by taking a trip to one of these countries listed below. One thing they have in common is cooler temperatures, which give you the opportunity of escaping the heat — even if just for a little bit!

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  • Beat The Summer Heat In Sydney, Australia

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA *Best Travel Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

    A Mix Of The City And Great Outdoors

    While we’re dealing with the sweltering heat here in Singapore, it’s pretty cooling in Sydney during this time of the year. With temperatures ranging from 7 to 18 degree celcius, it’s perfect if the family wants a short getaway to escape the heat. You can even visit Blue Mountains while you’re there, where it’s even cooler than the city and the temperatures don’t go above 12 degrees Celcius all throughout the day.

  • Beat The Heat This Summer In New Zealand

    QUEENSTOWN, NEW ZEALAND *Best Travel Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

    Scenic Routes And Skiing

    Another country located in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand is relatively cold during the middle of the year, and is a wonderful travel destination for the family. In Queenstown, there are so many different activities for you and the fam to experience, including breathtaking scenic trails and picturesque cruises. If you’ve got time (and energy) to spare, why not learn skiing since you’ll be there during their winter season!

  • Beat The Summer Heat At Cameron Highlands

    CAMERON HIGHLANDS, MALAYSIA *Best Travel Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

    Convenient For A Short Getaway

    If you’re not so keen on traveling too far away, Malaysia is actually a great option if you’re looking to escape the heat. Cameron Highlands is slightly cooler than Singapore, with temperatures ranging around 17 to 25 degrees — so you get a slight respite from the heat for a bit. There’s much to do while you’re there, including nature discovery and forest tours, and the kids will probably also enjoy a visit to the sheep sanctuary.

  • Beat The Summer Heat In A Yurt In Mongolia

    ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA *Best Travel Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

    Experience Living In A Yurt

    If you’re looking for an exciting travel destination, Mongolia fits the bill. The activities you’ll find there are less typical than our usual travel destinations, and the weather is relatively cool with a low of 5 degree celcius and high of 25 degree celcius. Besides touring the city and national parks, you can also join a week-long gobi or grassland tour that’s personalized. Remember to include a yurt stay during your trip to fully immerse yourself in the culture and see what the domestic life of nomadic Mongolian tribes is like.

  • Alaskan Holiday To Beat The Summer Heat

    ANCHORAGE, ALASKA *Best Travel Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

    Enjoy Temperatures Below 20 Degrees Celcius!

    The best time to visit Alaska is between the months of June and September, when the days are longer and the weather is pleasant. This is perfect since the heat in Singapore is more unbearable during those months, so a trip to Alaska lets you escape that. Anchorage, Alaska’s biggest city, is a good starting point of your trip since it houses many hotels and visitor resources. From there, you can easily travel to attractions such as Chugach State Park or Denali National Park, one of Alaska’s best national parks.

  • Visit Bergen, Norway To Beat The Summer Heat

    BERGEN, NORWAY *Best Travel Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

    Small But Charming Town

    Bergen is the second-largest town in Norway, but yet has the vibe of a small town and is full of charm. Spend the day exploring their narrow cobblestone alleys and take pictures of their picturesque wooden buildings as you go along. Visit their museums and aquarium if you’re looking for some activities to do while you’re in town, and stop by the lively Fish Market when you’re hungry for some fresh seafood and authentic Bergen dishes. Temperatures during the middle of the year range from about 9 to 18 degrees Celcius.

  • Beat The Summer Heat In Iceland

    REYKJAVIK, ICELAND *Best Travel Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

    Get To See Ice Caves And Volcanoes

    The weather in Reykjavik is perfect, ranging from 7 to 17 degrees Celcius during the middle of the year. While in the city, you can visit their local pools and saunas, take a walk around their city lake, and even visit the well-known Hallgrimskirkja Church. There are also ice cave tours and volcano tours you can sign up for — sounds fun, doesn’t it! There are also tours that can take you to the Snaefellsnes National Park.

  • Beat The Summer Heat At Easter Island, Chile

    EASTER ISLAND, CHILE *Best Travel Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

    A Beachside Holiday With Cool Weather

    Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life with a trip to Easter Island. It isn’t your typical holiday destination, but there is lots to do while you’re there. You can lounge by the beach and relax for a bit, all while enjoying weather that ranges between 16 to 21 degrees Celcius at this time of the year. Be sure to visit their caves and volcano sites, and of course, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of their Moai statues.

  • Beat The Summer Heat In Greenland

    NUUK, GREENLAND *Best Travel Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

    Quiet Town With Beautiful Whale Watching

    Greenland is such a beautiful place, and it’s also quiet enough for you to enjoy some serenity. While you’re in the city you can visit their art museum and national museum, as well as the cultural center. But the highlight of your trip is definitely going to be the Ilulissat Ice-fjord, Greenland’s most visited area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They also have whale watching tours where you can catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures along the coast. Greenland is pretty cold during this time of the year, with temperatures ranging from 1 to 11 degrees Celcius.

  • South Georgia And Sandwich Islands

    SOUTH GEORGIA AND THE SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS *Best Travel Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

    One Of The Most Unique Travel Experiences

    South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is not a common tourist destination at all but is going to be an experience like no other. The weather is brutal at this time of the year, ranging from negative temperatures up to 4 degrees Celcius. Do pack enough thermal wear to keep warm while you’re there. They have tours and cruises available that take you to get a glimpse of the wildlife living there, including vast colonies of penguins, albatross, and fur seals. It’ll most likely be an adventure of a lifetime and a truly memorable experience. Unfortunately, because of the harsh climates, this may be more suitable for adults than kids.

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